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  • voldemar
    12-31 02:30 PM
    If your wife wants to work, then, of course, both of you have to be on EAD.That's not correct. Primary applicant could be on H1 and dependent use EAD. When dependent starts using EAD it doesn't affect primary applicant.

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  • chanduv23
    10-29 07:27 PM
    The primary goal is to get people start meeting their lawmakers. We are happy that the response has been very good and people are willing to meet local lawmakers

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  • GCBy3000
    07-24 12:09 PM
    only members who have not yet contributed use this thread to tell others why you have not made a decision on contribution. Again contribution to IV is not mandatory.

    We have 20K members and 1-2k contributors. So this thread should see at least 15k members with their views on IV.

    Below are some posts you could use. This will help.

    1. I dont want to contribute.
    2. I want to contribute but not now, may be later.
    3. I am planning to contribute.
    4. How to contribute, I dont know.
    5. I will contrubute right now.

    etc etc.

    I know, not even a single response will be posted to this thread. :)

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  • immm
    08-10 02:04 PM

    Associated Press
    U.S. Seeks to Curb Illegal ImmigrationBy SUZANNE GAMBOA 08.10.07, 1:34 PM ET

    WASHINGTON - A crackdown on illegal immigration will have to go forward without help from Congress, the Bush administration said Friday, asserting that an executive-branch-only approach is better than doing nothing.

    Two Cabinet secretaries - Homeland Security's Michael Chertoff and Commerce's Carlos Gutierrez - said they had hoped to have new tools to combat illegal immigration before moving further to cope with the problem. But Congress could not agree on comprehensive legislation.

    The officials said they'll rely instead on tools already in their arsenal, some of which are already under way, including a plan to administratively sanction employers who hire illegal immigrants.

    At a joint news conference, Chertoff and Gutierrez put the onus on Congress for any consequences that may be suffered by employers as a result of the stepped-up enforcement effort.

    "Our hope is that key elements of the Senate bill will see the light of day someday, but until Congress chooses to act we are going to be taking some energetic steps of our own," Chertoff said. The steps will "significantly strengthen our hand with respect to immigration enforcement."

    The White House emphasized that its package of enforcement changes was all it could do under existing law - the same law that President Bush has repeatedly called unacceptable.

    "Although the Congress has not addressed our broken immigration system by passing comprehensive reform legislation, my administration will continue to take every possible step to build upon the progress already made," Bush said as the changes were announced.

    Presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino said Bush has used his executive authority in the past to improve immigration enforcement, such as by strengthening border enforcement. She was pressed on why - if the new changes were such a good idea - Bush hadn't made them already.

    Perino, talking to reporters at the Kennebunkport, Maine, seaside home of Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, said the president held off on sweeping administrative action while pushing Congress to pass better legislation to address the matter. With that effort now sidelined, she said "We're going as far as we possibly can without Congress acting."

    The administration rolled out a proposed rule that will require employers to fire employees unable to clear up problems with their Social Security numbers 90 days after they've been notified of such discrepancies in so-called "no match letters." Employers who fail to comply will face possible criminal fines and sanctions.

    "This regulation lays out a clear pattern for doing the right thing which will afford protection for employers," Chertoff said. The new rule will be effective in 30 days.

    Recognizing that the crackdown could hurt some industries - particularly agriculture, where more than half of workers are believed to be undocumented - Gutierrez said the Labor Department will try to make existing temporary seasonal agriculture worker and non-agriculture worker programs easier to use and more efficient.

    In addition, Chertoff said he will try to use the department's regulatory authority to raise fines on employers by about 25 percent. Current fines are so modest that some companies consider them a cost of doing business, the agency said in a summary of the new enforcement effort.

    The administration also wants to expand the list of international gangs whose members are automatically denied admission to the U.S., reduce processing times for immigrant background checks, and install by the end of the year an exit system so the departure of foreigners from the country can be recorded at airports and seaports.

    The Homeland Security Department will ask states to voluntarily share their driver's license photos and records with the agency for use in an employment verification system. The sharing is meant to help employers detect fraudulent licenses.

    Some of the initiatives are similar to proposals contained in the recent immigration measure which failed to pass in the Senate, though they are not nearly as sweeping.
    He said the billions of dollars that Congress added for immigration enforcement and the administration's "enhanced commitment" on immigration enforcement will secure borders.

    But Sen. Chuck Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said the administration "can talk until they're blue in the face" but "I won't be happy until I see action that's more than just a press conference and words on a piece of paper."

    The Senate legislation was opposed by many conservatives who complained that people don't trust their government to start new immigration programs since existing immigration laws are not enforced.
    Some lawmakers have kept up efforts to tighten the border. Last month, the Senate added $3 billion to a homeland security bill and devoted the money to U.S.-Mexico border security.

    Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed


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  • willigetgc?
    01-21 12:15 PM
    I am speculating this. Elite people in USA predicted this situation in early 90s and they put Country quota. We all knew that countries like UK, Germany, France are Staunch Allies of USA for many decades. So USA did not want those country persons to wait years . India was least favored country in past due to many political reasons. Though it is changing now still USA may like to give preference to many of their close Allies. Canada had TN Visa but India does not have similar thing. If this is a speculation then it is possible to change Country Quota. I strongly believe that it is easier to increase GC quota or recapture bill than removing country quota.

    The country quota extends to all the nations and is not specific to few countries (India, China....) UK, Germany, France have country limits too, its just that their countries are not oversubscribed like India, China...

    Country quota has no place in employment based green card system. The skill set that I have and that my employer seeks has nothing to do with the country that I was born in!

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  • hasil
    01-05 09:00 PM
    My wife came last May on H4 visa. I am on EAD and working with different company from Feb 2008. She had Advance Parole but she used H4 as it was simpler.


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  • joelly
    04-17 06:12 PM
    :eek: I don't get it.

    How can someone call themselves anti-immigrant? Those people who belong to the Anti-Immigrant group is actually an immigrant themselves somewhere in time.

    We all surely knows who is native american, right?

    Lets not forget, America was and continues to prosper because of hardworking and honest immigrants..

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    05-01 10:07 AM
    Thanks guys for all your responses....

    I got the paperwork from my attorney for my wife's 485 as they want us to be ready so that if dates are current, we just mail the paperwork without having to start at that time.

    However, my wife is pregnant and i am not sure if medical examinations are possible. What are my options ?


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  • kpchal2
    07-11 04:36 PM
    can you please tell me when you applied for the cards and when they approved the cards.

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    09-03 10:45 AM
    Well..I was just saying my friend is a devotee and it worked for him..i did not mean to imply positive or negative ideas about anyone's religious beliefs in whatever form..

    Some one mentioned how lawyer screwed up and he landed in EB3... I am EB3 bcos my company does not do EB2s for developers...infact, I have never met anyone who they did an EB2 for. I guess its one of the banes of being in a big consulting firm, where they have to follow the letter of the rule to the T and cannot doctor the requirements of the job to the qualifications of the applicant. I infact managed 4 contractors, all EB2. Its both ironical and sad that how this system is mis-used.
    Anyway..well, no worries - I believe if you believe in yourself and your abilities and God, everything will come to just fruition!


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  • guitarbam
    01-24 08:17 AM
    I just got my Labor approved a couple week ago and now i want to file I-140 premium processing. But my lawyer's not allow me to do that coz once my I-140 approve i can't file my 8 th year extension. My 7th years H1B will expire on Aug 30, 2007.

    I'm very confused now, on my understanding once i get my I-140 approve, i'm eligible to get my H1B 3 years extension.

    FYI: i chose CP opotion, is that make me not eligible to get my H1B extension once my I-140 approve?

    Please help and Big thanks

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  • synergy
    12-11 01:15 PM
    I agree with this....File a new labour and you need to get the 140 approved. Once it is approved ,you can reclaim your old priority date for 485.

    dont file a second 485. Wait for teh second I-140 to be approved, then just interfile this into the old one. Did you already request your older PD when you filed this new I-140? Thats the stage where you typically request teh older PD, though you can also do it when you request to interfile.

    New I-140 getting rejected should not have an impact on the old EB3-I-140 as long as the denial is not something that can be a reason for denial of the older one. So if this is denied due to ability-to-pay, or not qualifying for EB2, you are still ok as long as you had qualified properly for that older one. In many cases USCIS has gone back and looked at teh first I-140 when a new one is denied, to see if the older one also has the same problem.


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  • quizzer
    11-21 12:34 PM

    SR can be opened by company HR or lawyer if the service center processing time exceeds your receipt date by more than 30 days.

    As sunny said, when NSC moves their processing time to more than 21st Jan 2007 ( I assume ur RD is 21st DEC and EB3)...your lawyer can call the normal 1800...number and raise a SR.

    it's a simple process and lawyer should be knowing how to handle this.

    I see people getting decisions within 30-45 days after SR.

    Mine came in about 27 days.

    let me know if you have any questions.


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  • visaspirant
    10-22 06:04 PM
    Thanks a ton Elaine! Your help is very much appreciated.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-18 12:15 PM
    Is there a chance of USCIS coming back and saying that they will not take applications for I485 after July 31 2007 for whatever crap reason?

    Do you think they will do that after all this noise ?

    NO WAY !

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  • java4yogi
    09-04 12:32 PM
    We do have the licence and bank accounts based on the h4 status.

    My main question was when we can apply for SSN if the employee is right now in US on H4 visa and Change of Status to H1 is approved. Whether the SSN can be applied before Oct 1 is the main thing !

    Thanks for the replies though, might help others in the same boat :)


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  • redcard
    09-27 07:49 PM

    Dont see anything you mentioned about shortage of workers on Marketplace.

    It would be great if we can get some support from David Heenan like Richard Florida.

    Its just a thought,, maybe every IV member should buy this book and send it to their senator as a holiday gift..I am sure that most of these guys will not read it..but even 50% read or their staff read it, it will make an impact..

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  • Saralayar
    07-08 07:09 PM
    Depends on what you are looking for and what your priorities are:

    1) Ask what work you will get? Ask to speak with the team members of the team you will work with and get your role clarified.

    2) compensation. How much $$$$ they are paying more wrt current position or wrt other offers you may have in recent future.

    3) As someone said correctly, get to know the work culture and the team make sure you don't end up being chained to work.

    The advantage is that you can rise quickly (not much competition) & stable job.

    So see whats important for you.
    Guys, this forum is not the place to discuss about individual companies. If you have any questions related to immigration to US, you can start a thread for it.
    Administrator, please delete this thread.

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  • alien2006
    11-17 11:52 AM
    I had a similar problem when I applied for my OPT, not once but twice. The one year EAD had a wrong date, the issue date and expiry date was the same. The second time, they didn't give me the correct start date, so I sent it again. No filing fees since it was their mistake.
    You souldn't have anything to worry about.

    08-20 08:53 PM
    My priority date Dec 2005
    I140 approved
    I485 filed at NSC-August 2007
    Still waiting.................

    06-24 10:54 AM
    Thanks janilsal.

    We got married in a temple and returned the license to the County Clerk's office.
    We can't mention martial status as married due to family reasons.
    We are fine applying with martial status as single independently since both of our PD is current now.
    Will they find this discrepancy martial status during background check? I'm unsure whether these will appear in the background check in the first place.
    Please advice.

    Thank you!

    It is better to contact a attorney or other relavent family/marraiage law counsulars. It is very important. USCIS treats if vigorosly this issue, as marriage realted fraud is very high in immigration benefits, particularly in FB catagory.

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