Wednesday, June 15, 2011


silent and calm
normalcy is a feeling
ticking like a bomb

ill wait in patience
as shadows draw near
keep my location

tingling in my spine
unrest in my mind
as i count down the time

full color emerge
there is no escape
infinite electric surge

stare into the light
as i look deeper
my addicted sight

becoming a hollow shell
nothing to provide
i will let in hell

my last sanity
in the palm of my hands
goodbye fantasy

hell is taking hold
we fight for control
but i have to let go

newly acquired body
no more resistance
ive become somebody

spotlight control
stark contrast
free of soul

everyone stare
you want to be me
but i dont care

new found power galore
as i reach down
you want more

immortalized symbol
i have become
the deed is done

text ed
model zr
art director julien hakym

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