Sunday, June 19, 2011

Download Wild Arms ISO

Filgaia (known as Fargaia in the Japanese) is a fictional planet in which all of the Wild Arms Series events and stories take place. In many ways, Filgaia is much like Earth, except the planet home to different and oftentimes more fantastic flora and fauna. Filgaia is quite different from game to game. The layout of continents and their geography are in constant flux. There are a small amount of dungeons and towns which seem to reappear from title to title but for the most part it is a different world in every game; The people who live on Filgaia also in a constant state of change.
 Despite this, there are elements of Filgaia that are constant. Humans are the main inhabitants of Filgaia in each game and there are other species who originate or migrate to Filgaia, such as the Elw, Guardians, Metal Demons, Crimson Nobles, and certain kinds of Monsters. In some games Filgaia itself is known as it's own living organism. Filgaia-organism is also usually presented in a state of decay with greenery giving way to deserts and rock -- although the balance
between the two can vary greatly. The technology can vary between medieval swords and shields to advanced technology such as space ships and often times there is a mix between extremes. Magic is also present in each Wild Arms title and either comes from Ley Lines across the planet or from the Guardians.

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Download Wild Arms ISO

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