Tuesday, June 21, 2011

some summer updates!

First, happy first day of summer! Mom sent me that reminder today and I thought it was officially summer 2 months ago when Texas weather was 90+ degrees, I think we may skip a season here or there. 

Secondly, you may recall when I blogged about my summer 2011 goals and I've being getting more out of the way each day! I've also taken some pictures so I can show full proof!

5. PAING SOMETHING: rock for a friends garden and I'm in the process of creating a mixed media project with a book I bought at Recycled Books
12. GO FISHING: at Windy Gap they have a pier and I attempted to fish, didn't catch anything, but its the effort that counts, right?
14. SHARE GOSPEL: Windy Gap opened that avenue up very easily to share with high school girls and at work I've had some good conversations

15. GROW NAILS: yes, its silly, but so difficult for me to do. Currently, their a slate gray color with black lines (I would not make a good hand model)
18. EAT HEALTHY-ER: hence the "ER", I have felt a lot better this summer cutting out more soda's and bread and chips, but I can't give it all up!
25. GO TO YL CAMP: I went, as y'all know!

29. NEW PLANT: for less than $5, our balcony has a new friend(s)! 
30. GO TO FT.WORTH/DALLAS: when my sweet friend Christine came to town, I had to take her to Ft. Worth and we didn't get time for Dallas, but next time she comes we will or in the meantime I'll just go because it's close enough
More goals are in the process and will take longer, but most I could shoot out in a day! 

I'll be keeping you posted as the hoooott/sweaty summer continues!

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