Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • snathan
    05-18 10:37 AM
    Probably he is talking about the conditional green card one gets after marrying a US citizen

    In this case, I guess there is only two options. Either wait patiently or lose the GC. Even after getting the GC there is certain time period. If the person file for divorce, it will trigger investigation and there is a chance to revoke the GC.

    If she desparately wants GC the only way is to work out with her husband.

    anyway check with the lawer.

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  • jackisback
    03-12 07:24 PM

    How do you what are the top 10 PT MBA programs? Where can we find ratings for PT MBA programs?


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  • maddipati1
    10-26 02:24 PM
    First, listen to this looking at the video.

    Then, listen with eyes closed or looking away. com/watch?v=aFPtc8BVdJk

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  • Rajkrish9
    10-30 11:07 PM
    Hi All,

    I need urgent help and suggestions for my situations..

    I have been working with company A since March'2006. They applied my GC processing with substitute labor of Nov'2004 and got I-140 approved.

    In July'2007 applied I-485 which is pending for myself and my wife as well.

    EAD card has arrived recently with 2 years of validity till Oct'2010 both for myself and my wife. AP is also approved recently.

    With all this I am still on H1-B until 11/15/2008. Since it is going to expire, I have asked my employer to file for my extension.. They came up with very vague options and questions which I have posted down in bold with 1 and 2.

    1) We have filed your PERM application for the new position which qualifies for EB2. Please note that since you have an approved I-140, have filed your I-485 and have an EAD card, we will no longer need to maintain your H-1B status. Instead, we will withdraw your current H1 and save the remaining H-1B time left on this H1 for use in the future (if the need arises).


    2) If you wish to maintain your H-1B status, then (since your position has changed and we have filed a new PERM application on your behalf), we will need to amend your H-1B visa. Please complete the attached questionnaire at your earliest convenience and revert to me with a copy of your latest I-94 card. Please note that this is not an extension and so there is no need to file the H4 extension for your wife/family.

    Please advise which option you want to go with. I strongly recommend option #1, but it is entirely your choice if you want to go with option # 2 and maintain your H-1B status. Please let me know how you want to proceed with your H-1B status.

    If anybody come acrossed similiar type of situation or experienced already let me know and this would really help in taking the decision.

    It's very emergency..



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  • factoryman
    06-19 06:17 PM
    Only one booster DTAp once every 10 years. That's all. Man it pains me. After you file, file a medical ethics complaint with INS. Or get his email. I will write to him.

    I just came back from doc..and he charged 400 dollars (xray will cost more in next few days. Anyways, he says he need to administer Tetnus 3 times (6 months apart).
    I am not sure what he will say in report (which i get in couple of days). But my question to you all is :

    When Shots are given with time lag, Is 485 processed normally or RFE happens or do USCIS just wait for all shots to be completed and submission of report by doc before they process anything?

    Please Reply

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  • alien2006
    09-13 07:54 AM
    For completeness, I think you should open a poll for EB3 ROW as well since they have a substantial number of members.


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  • permfiling
    09-08 11:42 PM

    Your response to this post is harsh/mean.

    Can you give a single reason why not these guys shouldn't port or stick with their EB-2 priority date?

    We should wish EB-3 dates also move and the guys get their GC before porting EB-3 to EB-2, otherwise EB-2 will retrogress (that�s the truth) and those are eligible to port will do it.

    It seems you missed the step of porting while filing I-140 (EB-2). Now, ask your attorney about the options.

    My response is not supposed to be mean. I too wish that eb3 progresses. Well if by all means go ahead and do the process if the law permits but won't those cases get more complex?
    The lawyers are hungry to get more $$$ as the case is complex and the processing as well.

    member of North California Chapter
    Donated $500 to IV
    EB2 PD 2005

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  • f_b_2007
    07-19 10:10 AM

    NSC received my application July 2nd (concurrent filing 485/EAD/AP..)

    1. When do the 90 days wait start counting? From July 2nd? (that would mean I should receive my EAD by 1st October.

    2. I read walk in centers is a service not provided by USCIS anymore. However, cannot find conclusive information (many people say they still do). What will happen then after the 90 day period? How can I get my interim EAD if it does not arrive on time?

    Thanks for your answers and for answering to new thread :-)


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  • newyorker123
    09-28 10:06 AM
    I had filed an FOIA for a copy of my COMPLETE ALIEN file. I found my I-140 approval as part of those documents.

    It might not be a bad idea to file FOIA again to request the entire Alien file and not just the I-485 file. That is likely to give you the results you're looking for.

    I can see Approval stamp and date on my I-140 application. I just dont see I-140 approval notice(like the I-140 receipt they sent out). If I want to use AC-21 or use porting to EB-2 is my I140 application with approval stamp is good enough ??

    Again my original question can I submit another FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice???

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  • FredG
    January 2nd, 2005, 06:40 PM
    A piece of black velvet or similar material would fix that, and isn't too expensive if you stick to one or two.I picked up small pieces of black and white non-reflective velvet that do a nice job. Any local fabric shop should carry it. Not cheap, but it won't break the bank. They might have remnants that would be large enough.

    Contribution Poll [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Contribution Poll


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  • sapota
    10-26 05:05 PM
    In part 4 where it asks info about proposed travel; my form had the following :

    "Business travel as needed; personal travel - visit family and friends abroad."

    So something generic like this should work as well.

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  • coolvigo
    11-15 11:53 AM
    I live in maple grove and I did not get it in last group since I changed employers in begining of this yr. But I do have PD from Aug'05.

    What about you Libra?


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  • wandmaker
    12-07 12:33 AM
    Moral of the story : take passport for FP, infopass, etc. all the time.

    It will definitely help many of our fellow IV-ans.

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  • tabletpc
    08-23 02:53 PM
    Based on the information you know about immigration and discsion u have been having with frinds ,attorneys, websites..etc. What do you think about the probability of I-140 premium starting date...!!!

    I guess 485 getting current does not help much without getting i-140 approved.


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  • kaisersose
    10-15 10:15 AM
    Technology and money do not matter. But the job role and responsibilities matter.

    You need a good attorney who will accompany you to the interview if you are not clear about the job role match.

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  • lifestrikes
    03-10 10:10 AM
    Report: U.S. needs immigration boost of high-skilled workers - (


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  • rp0lol
    04-13 01:29 PM
    Congratulations.. Keep supporing IV in future.

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  • sunshine2007
    08-27 04:49 PM
    I sumited my wife's & my I140 and I485 together in this July 2nd, 2007. I'm the primary applicant and in EB3 category. I already got receipt and the requesting for fingerprinting. If i file a divorce now does it going to have any effect on my processing?

    this is very important.

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  • coolgc
    05-08 02:54 PM
    Thank you, Ms. Reddy for your prompt reply.
    Do I have to file another I-485? How does it work? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    07-18 07:19 PM
    :D May be we can invite Guns 'n Roses and have them sing "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE". Just Kidding

    10-23 08:50 AM
    If I don't receive a response from USCIS before Jan 15, can I work till I get the notice ? or my employer is required to terminate my employment on Jan 15 according to the recapture time as mentioned on application ?

    Your employer should terminate you from the job on Jan 15, as you will not be authorized to work after that.

    I would like to apply for B2 transfer so I can stay for 2 months and travel around US. I also own car, house, and a ton of personal belongings etc. My house is under water (I mean I have $390K loan left on the house which is probably worth $250K). I might have to take it into foreclosure and eventually file for Bankruptcy and the process might take anywhere between 3 months to 18 months in present situation. I plan to leave US with in 2 months as I want to complete the mandatory 1-year outside before I could be eligible for new H1 visa but I might have to come back multiple to US for legal purposes during foreclosure or bankruptcy. Can I request a long term B2 visa (like 2 or 5 year) ?

    COS will get you max of 6 months of B2 - If you apply B2 at consulate in your home country, you *may* have a chance of getting multiple year/entry B2 visa.

    If my employer does terminate my job on Jan 15 2010, how early should I file for B2 transfer ?

    Make sure COS application reaches them before Jan 15th.

    If my employer say that I can legally work till I get notice from USCIS, when should I file for B2 transfer ?

    Dont work beyond the date requested in your H1B extension.

    what are the typical costs of filing for H1b to B2 transfer ? (application fees, attorney fees etc.)

    Minimum of 1K attorney fees....

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