Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • wizard20740
    07-01 03:46 PM
    My wife's ead was filed in April even though hers was due for expiry only in Oct 2008. Yday her ead was approved (her online status read "card ordered".

    I have also read about one other case in , where the poster had filed too early but still received approval. Only problem is the new ead is valid for a year starting from the filing date, not 1 year from the expry of the old ead.

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  • satyab7
    04-26 03:15 PM
    Keep up the good job guys ....

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  • makemygc
    06-22 11:31 AM
    What do you think? Any guesses?
    Ok I saw your second posting now. Hmm..I'll try

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  • kvranand
    08-18 04:19 PM
    This process will extended the life of H1's by another 3 years for those who are in their 6th year of H1 with priority dates in their 6th year. :)


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-23 03:58 PM
    You need an I-140 approval notice. If not, type in the receipt no on USCIS website and obtain the status update which will state that the petition is approved, and see if they accept it. I can't guarantee that that they will accept it., but I have used it in the past in another scenario (MTR) and they have accepted it.

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  • mchundi
    12-17 08:42 PM
    Most of the states had processed RIR cases till May 2002. N.J (05/2002) and
    NY (10/2001) before all the applications were sent to BEC. So most of the
    Applicants with these dates must have already got their Green Cards . Some of my friends with these dates have already got their GC some 1 year back.

    It is Non-RIR cases which had 04/2001 processing times with NJ , NY being the states which were backlogged. It is these applications which would be
    causing these delays. How many percentage of EB1 , EB2 , EB3
    (Employement Category) applications might be in this process. ? If there are
    less number of applications then Processing Dates may move forward to
    2002 / 2003 for India.
    Based on the serial numbering in the pre BEC scheme, there are an average of 1k-2k peteions from california alone for the 2002/2003 years. Many Indians amongst them. Thanks the BEC's most of them locked their PD's (hopefully).
    If u look at the distribution for the fiscal year 2005, EB-2 did not use much of the surplus AC21 numbers. So why is EB2 retrogressed for India and China now. As somebody indicated in other threads, the USCIS may have suspended the AC21 act. But if they did that it wud not have moved to 2003 at all. So nobody really knows their formula.
    Unless the state dept releases the statistics for the fiscal year 2006, we dont know what actually is happening. One thing though, they need to further break down the ROW EB3 and establish cutoff dates for other countries as well.
    What about EB-3 (Inda). Hopefully it will move to 2002 very soon. After that i think it has better chances of moving up than EB-2 (India) if the USCIS is following the strict 7% limit.


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  • zCool
    06-11 04:23 PM
    Change the title fool.. lot of ppl are waiting for this.. they might think it's OUT

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  • snarla
    06-29 01:59 PM
    My lawyers asked me to use the OPT number on all my forms where it asked for A# number of FileNumber ... I did not have a A# number on my I140


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  • gc_chahiye
    10-26 03:52 PM
    W... For regular applications, they don't even have a column asking for any valid reason.

    Right. The Initial Evidence section of the I-131 form. Under section I part C 1 b. on page 4 (page 4 in PDF, page 3 printed on that doc) does mention this:

    An explanation or other evidence showing the circumstances that warrant issuance of an advance parole document; or

    but the very next line is that the alternative to this is a copy of the USCIS receipt of your 485. So just USCIS receipt (or even receipt number) should be good enough for us (or if you filed all three together, dont even need that).

    Anyway to OP: ask your lawyer to apply, you should not face any problems getting it.

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  • cchaitu
    11-06 04:19 PM
    The question is: is a copy of I140 is that important to use AC21 . From the posts on IV forums I got the impression is you dont even need a copy of I140. The important thing is to apply for change of attorneys immediately after changing the job. If you get any RFE - you will get on the employment verification - then you need to show you have a job that is same/similar as the one in labor certification. If you know the job description (generally most employers attorneys share this info to make sure that you have relevant experience) then make sure your new job is same or atleast mostly similar.

    In your two options you mentioned using EAD for one job and H1b for another. I read somewhere that this cannot be done (I dont have the link but I think this is from Murthy chat). Once you use EAD your satus will change to 485 waiter with EAD - seems like you can change back to H1b - but having two statuses at the same time is not possible. This is my understanding based on forum reading (not a lawyer).

    Thanks Kishdam for your quick reply


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  • Ann Ruben
    04-20 05:44 PM
    Yes to both questions. You should also submit the fee rec't for the cos.

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  • arihant
    05-25 07:34 PM
    There was no provision for validating visas in the US, at least not in our Brownback amendment. I am not aware of that being a rider on any other amendment -- but I wouldnt' rule it out

    We will have to do a post-final-bill-with-amendments analysis.

    Please hold on till that becomes available.


    It was in Cornyn ammendment.


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  • sanprabhu
    07-19 01:32 PM
    I hope USCIS comes with premium processing of EAD. Or they should come with i-485 premium processing so that AP and EAD can be issued withing 15 days or something.

    That way they can make some money over this flood of applications and I am sure many of us want EAD badly for our spouse because they have job secured.

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  • roseball
    04-19 10:49 PM
    The reason you did not get an approval with I-94 is that it seems your current status is valid only till May and I am not sure if your attorney included the documents (I-20) mentioning that you will be enrolled in Kaplan from June - Oct......USCIS wont approve a H1 with I-94 if you do not show evidence that you have valid status till Oct 1st.....


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  • pavish
    09-12 11:12 PM
    i had tb 5 years ago,and i am perfectly ok but in x-ray still has scars.what should i do?i have a lots of tention ?becoz in gc medical exam is compulsory .even though i am perfectly ok now still have scars.plz suggest me what should i do?

    X Rays can differentiate between active TB and scarring. Scarring seen on X Rays will not hold up your GC application

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  • ras
    08-01 10:37 AM
    one of the stories posted on the thread about lawyer negligence.

    [B]Hi ,

    One of my cousin was working for a consultant firm from 5.5years and their company lawyer filed his labor in 2005.Whenever he called his lawyer for status checking,lawyer always replied that his case is pending.When he checked his case status online last week,he came to know that his case was closed.Reason was lawyer did not respond to notices from uscis in october and november 2006.And whenver my cousin emailed his lawyer, lawyer always responded only over phone and not by emails.So can anyone suggest,as to how to go about this case?Does he need to sue his employer or lawyer for misleading?Is this the master trick of employer or lawyer?And now no option for substituted labor too!Can his case be reopened again or will he have to file his labor again?


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  • jonty_11
    07-17 10:56 AM
    Guys please do not think of this site as one from Rajiv Khanna (immiportal) or other Chat forums...this is a grassroots organization that consists of people like you and me who are devoting their time to work for the EB community causes.

    Do not let their efforts go to waste due to lack of funds. Contribute.

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  • ameryki
    01-08 09:15 PM
    If you are not using EAD why renew it? Unless you are one of the people who applied under the new scheme (free EAD and AP for life), you are just wasting $340 + $305 = $645 (per person).

    You can easily wait till you move to new place before applying - if at all you want to apply. If your EAD & AP have expired, I am not sure if the new EAD/ AP will be considered as a "new" application or a "renewal".

    free "EAD and AP" for life what are you talking about??

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  • skillet
    05-24 01:57 PM

    For the last two days, the Senate floor focused on the procedural motions as to whether the Senate should take up and continue S. 1348 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. People know that this is the bill which the Senate passed last year and was killed in the House. S. 1348 is this bill which was reintroduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. By agreeing to proceed and go into debate, the Senate floor at least overcame the opposition by a few anti-immigration Senators.
    On May 21, 2007, the Senator Reid introduced, for himself, Senator Kennedy and Senator Specter, a motion to substitute the text of the S.1348 by the bi-partisan compromise which was produced by a bi-partisan group of Senators and White House during the weekend. Accordingly, there was no serious debate about the controversial issues in the compromise during last two days other than Senator Dorgan's motion to amend the Senator's Reid's amendment to substitute S. 1348 to kill temporary worker program. The floor rejected his motion and his motion was defeated yesterday.
    The debates on controversial issues in the compromise bill are expected to be heated up from today after the Senate floor passes the Senator Reid's motion to substitute the S. 1348. A series of amendments to the substituted bill are expected to be introduced from today on. This means that those who oppose the controversial poisonous elements in the compromise bill must mobilize their forces to pressure the Senate to amend these poisonous proposals in the compromise. This is the most important time for people to arise and act!
    It appears that the restrictionist Republicans opposed the CIR last year on the issues of relief of illegal immigrants including temporary guest worker program and legalization of 12 million illegal aliens in the country. Since then, as affected by the pressures from in and outside of the country, including the swift of position in the Christian forces, Hispanic forces, White House, and other forces, these core groups of restrictionist Republicans shifted their strategies in such a way that they give concession to the issues relating to the illegal aliens including guest worker program and legalization of illegal aliens, and instead focus on strategy to overhaul immigration system to achieve control and reduction of the number of immigrants allowed to come into this country and more importantly to control the types of immigrants allowed to immigrate to this country in terms of the ethnic and racial backgrounds, and immigrants from non-English speaking countries. Underlying the point systems, concept of control of chain of immigrants, and removal of certain family-based immigrant categories are the hidden agenda of the restrictivonist and right wing Republican forces to control immigrants and more importantly immigrants from certain part of the world. This hidden agenda is disguised in the name of the country's need for immigrants who can contribute to the nation's economy. The center of development of this concept and proposal was the Heritage Foundation, the think-tank of the conservative Republicans. This agenda has been pushed forward for the last few years through its arms in various communities, including some immigration groups. They penetrated into some immigrant groups, particularly employment-based immigrant groups, to divide the immigrant community and their supporters.
    By now, people have learnt the hidden agenda of the conservative and restrictionist group, and the opposition to the poinonous agenda that are conceived in the compromise is growing fast. It is clear that the country and the immigrant community have to pass a comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year. The way to achieve this goal is to contact with the legislators en masse to remove the poinonous segments in the bill and the hidden agenda of the restrictionists and pass the bill. Accordingly, the amendment process is extremely important to achieve the overall goals of passing the CIR and passing the CIR without poisons. This is achievable since this is the Democrat Congress. This reporter assures the readers that should the Senate fail to pass such workable bill, there will be no, repeat no, CIR legislation enacted this year and in the next few years.
    Please copy and send this message to any one or any organizations via email or web posting or fax as quickly as possible!

    02-12 10:48 PM
    i think you can use experience from your OPT if you have any even if it is with the same company.

    11-18 04:57 PM
    It�s been long since I got head ache..but today I had every reason to get.

    I tried taking an appointment for h1B for December. Here is my experience�

    1. After entering the receipt details it took me to available dates calendar. In this screen there was no option to pick an specific date for appointment. This screen was same as the screen we get when we check for available date without entering receipt number.
    2. I pressed �Continue� and it later took me to DS156.
    3. Filled the form and it took me to screen which displayed my name against a check box with 3 option. The screen says..�select the form to edit/complete..� 3 options I can see are DS156,DS157 and petition details. No matter how many times I edit the information I can�t get the choice to pick the appointment date. Basically I have filled up the form without knowing the appointment date.
    4. If I try to download the appointment letter it says..�You cannot download until you specify courier address��.

    Has anyone experience similar problem�?? Any work around�.??

    Any help is greatly appreciated�thanks in advance�

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