Thursday, June 2, 2011

Danielle's Picks! (late add)

Since summer has kicked in, I kind of forgot about doing my "picks" of the week. It occurred to me on Monday (see I'm late again) that I was hardly blogging. You would think summer would do the opposite effect...seeing as there is more time during the day to waste...but no. All next week I will be out, spending a week at WINDY GAP IN NORTH CAROLINA! I'm so thankful I get the opportunity to spend time away from home, with high school kids, back at Young Life property and get crazy! There will probably be a heavy post when I get home about how much I miss the food, community and good weather (this is your warning). As I'm thinking about what to pack for that trip, I wouldn't mind packing for a trip to the beach. Here's what I picked out:

I'm a bit obsessed with Anthro, so what.
I'm going tomorrow. 
I will walk out with something. 

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