Saturday, May 14, 2011

the world ends with you ds

the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You
  • The World Ends With You

  • mrkramer
    Apr 25, 01:27 AM
    EDIT: @ EricNau - what do you guys not understand about "she was doing 65mph is a 70mph zone" which she then lowered to 55mph after brakechecking me????????


    Assuming the weather was good, she probably shouldn't have been in the fast lane going below the speed limit, but that doesn't give you any right to be driving 20 mph above the speed limit, and then intentionally trying to cause an accident.

    Someday you will cause an accident, and hopefully you don't get killed or kill anyone. Maybe you will be lucky and get your license taken away first though.

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  • Furze
    Oct 12, 12:46 PM
    Unless it's a RED macbook pro, then it should be at least 20% to good causes. With 120GB hard drive, just imagine how much awful U2 music you could have.

    Please CAN IT!

    CAN IT!

    My god we cant talk about anything on this board without the core 2 duo macbook/pro crew coming to mess up a thread THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH LAPTOP UPDATES

    CAN IT!

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You
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  • zombierunner
    Mar 23, 03:05 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    What so you guys think about having the new iMacs in an all black colour option ... Kinda sexy if you ask me .. Matte black ofcourse!

    the world ends with you ds. the world ends with you ds.
  • the world ends with you ds.

  • racer1441
    Apr 4, 12:38 PM
    Good on the cop. Criminals are scum. Got what he deserved.

    the world ends with you ds. Good, then you have the moral
  • Good, then you have the moral

  • 0815
    Apr 25, 01:32 PM
    Umm, you do realize the processor can be 10000000x faster, the system is still completely hammed by the 5600rpm hard drive they put in there. Most tasks are faster on an Air then a 17" Pro. And if you're doing heavy lifting get a Mac Pro. People who bought the new processors don't enjoy the benefits 90% of the time.

    You must be a spec sheet reader, not someone who intelligently analyzes what they buy.

    I don't care anymore about speed of the processors. All of the newer generations are faster than what I need - the only upgrade that is worth it for me is going full SSD. I upgraded one older MacBook with an SSD and it's the best upgrade I ever did - worth more than any other upgrade, it is amazing who that old MacBook got from 'good too use' to 'feels insane fast'. Application startup time can't be measured anymore (some apps took >15sec before, now it's less than one second). From that experience, I would rather take a slower processore but the best SSD I can get.

    I know, there are some use cases where the processor speed counts - but just for compiling code and running other apps, I don't care anymore. The big bottleneck these days is the harddrive.

    the world ends with you ds. You can still easily find the
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  • Wonder Boy
    Aug 24, 09:06 AM
    I see Apple stock going up on this news. $100 Million is getting off easy. Could have been a LOT worse.

    I agree. 100 million doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Now that Creative will sell iPod gear, Apple will get it back. Plus everyone can put this behind them so they can release the damn videoPod.

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You for DS
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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 16, 10:27 AM
    Yes because everyone loves to carry around external breakout boxes with their sleek portable Macbooks.... :rolleyes:

    And $10? For Thunderbolt? You are DREAMING. You can't even get a decent USB2 hub for $10.
    Yeah because everyone loves to carry around an external hard drive with their sleek portable MacBooks. :rolleyes:

    God forbid you carry around an inch long adapter in your laptop bag. Is that too much for you?

    Oh and here's some adapter prices for you:

    Twice the performance of USB3? That would be Thunderbolt's maximum possible data rate. No single consumer hard drive on earth supports that kind of speed (let alone even USB3's top speed) so I haven't a clue what you're getting at. Why would someone pay MORE to get a drive that is no faster than a USB3 drive? LOL, are you kidding me bro? Do you think USB 3 peaks out at it's max 5 Gbps? YOU are the one dreaming if you believe that. Here's some more evidence for your FUD:

    USB 3 would completely choke in that situation let alone in a simply hard drive speed comparison. Give me a break. Here's another example for you to look at for some REAL WORLD USB 3 speeds:

    In reality with USB 3 you get about 480 Megabits as opposed to the promised 5 Gpbs meaning Thunderbolt will be even faster than two times.

    They would almost certainly have to as demand determines price/availability and there is nearly zero demand for TB devices at this point in time while USB3 are backwards compatible with the vast majority of the computers on the planet. My sales figures are based on the relative cost of drives with Firewire interfaces (the closest example that already exists to Thunderbolt in terms of technology versus low demand) against drives that only support USB2 and/or USB3. There is always a large premium for a drive with a FW interface, even today when a fair amount of computers exist with FW interfaces (i.e. SOME demand). So you are just ASSUMING that they will cost $250 more than USB 3 drives. OK, let's make that clear. You have no evidence to support that your $250 price difference has any validity other than the fact that FireWire drives were more expensive when it's already been explained twice and back why Thunderbolt won't be as 'exclusive' as FireWire. It's going to be on every Ivy Bridge chipset just like USB 3.0 is. Everyone's going to be using it, it's another checkmark for them to list. Why do you think PC manufactures still sell machines with eSata?

    Therefore TB compatible drives will likely cost considerably more money than USB3 drives for the SAME underlying drive. You will pay a premium for the interface just like Firewire to offset the higher costs of low production numbers created by little demand compared to USB3/2 interfaces. There will be no speed advantage on a consumer drive because no consumer drive even comes CLOSE to the limits of either interface. So unlike YOUR $10 scenario, I didn't just make a number up out of thin air. Furthermore, the scenario is hardly half-baked given USB drives are already common at places like Best Buy (I personally already own TWO 3TB USB3 drives) so the unlikely 'friend' in the stated scenario would be more likely to already own a USB3 drive than a currently non-existent TB drive that will undoubtedly cost MORE when it does finally arrive.LOL, words can't describe how wrong you are. You think HDD speeds cap out at 480 Mbps? Maybe in your 'practical world' where you enjoy using inferior technology because it's 'what you're used to' that's the case. But for everyone else Thunderbolt will be a massive performance gain. Let alone when external SSD's really start hitting the market. USB 3 will really be proven for the piece of trash that it is and get wasted on all bandwidth comparisons. USB 3 is capped at a theoretical transfer rate of 5 Gbps. Thunderbolt is currently at 10 Gbps and can scale up to 100 Gbps in the future.

    TB is more suited to high-end professional use where maximum overall data throughput (probably across multiple banks of drives per interface) and low overhead is desired (e.g. professional video, future high-speed server banks, live audio, etc.) The average consumer doesn't want to pay $50-100 more for FW800 drive interface over USB2 today (nor is their computer even likely to have FW if it's not a Mac) even if does have a benefit over USB2. They certainly aren't going to want to pay a potentially larger premium to get the same relative performance (perhaps with a bit of CPU overhead differences) versus USB3 with today's drives that don't come near USB3 levels, let alone Thunderbolt.Same relative performance? LMAO

    Thunderbolt is suited for the future of high data transfer speeds that SSD's are capable of. Who wants the bottleneck to be the port on their computer? Because that's all USB 3 is going to be.

    Be my guest and continue to insult and rant and dream big of TB heaven where USB doesn't exist. I live in a more practical and logical world.
    Your 'practical world' when you were just talking about how no one will pay a premium for USB 3. Well the reason why no one's going to pay a premium for USB 3 is because it's a garbage update over USB 2.0. Thunderbolt will scale to the future. USB 3 is going to be trapped in limbo no matter what new peripherals come out down the road and given that it took them 8 years to release it a couple of years down the road when Thunderbolt is scaling even faster than USB 3. The only thing USB 3 is going to be used for down the road is nothing that USB 2 couldn't handle.

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  • GGJstudios
    Mar 18, 03:50 PM
    It doesn't need to be a virus. They're relatively rare issues these days even on Windows. Malware is about stealing identities (big money) not hackers playing games with machines
    Identity theft is not malware and it's not targeted at just Mac or Windows. It can be done without using computers at all. There is no antivirus software that can protect a computer from the user's own stupidity or gullibility.

    the world ends with you ds. the world ends with you ds.
  • the world ends with you ds.

  • Ivan Malagurski
    May 4, 12:38 PM
    One more amazing Apple product :)

    the world ends with you ds. One of the best Dual Screen
  • One of the best Dual Screen

  • Nevadadrifter
    Apr 22, 04:48 AM
    BRB guys. Going to go re-read the article so I can find the part where it says Apple is taking away everybody's hard drives.

    the world ends with you ds. hmm world ends ds game ive
  • hmm world ends ds game ive

  • Wonder Boy
    Aug 24, 09:06 AM
    I see Apple stock going up on this news. $100 Million is getting off easy. Could have been a LOT worse.

    I agree. 100 million doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Now that Creative will sell iPod gear, Apple will get it back. Plus everyone can put this behind them so they can release the damn videoPod.

    the world ends with you ds. DS game, The World Ends
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  • Max on Macs
    Oct 12, 01:42 PM
    I hope people like Red, because this is definitely the iPod to buy... goes to a great cause, and doesn't cost you anything more.
    Red's not so bad, but I'm afraid to say that even if all of the money and some went to any charity at all, I'd rather have the pink one.

    the world ends with you ds. Like the real thing,
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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 02:04 PM
    I kindly ask you to not put words in my mouth I've never written. I've never called you 'moron' or 'stupid' or using foul language about you. 'Keep your insults for yourself next time' is not a very kind thing to say, and I am actually wondering whether I should report you to the moderator.

    I'm sorry, you're right, the other guy was saying we were "stupid", you were saying we were "addicts" for using a MBA to play games on. Much better and not insulting at all. :rolleyes:

    As for my own "Keep your insults to yourself", please do report it. I don't even see what is "not nice" about telling you to not insult people here. I am not an addict because I play Civilization on my MBA, no matter what you think about it.

    Just remember I didn't report you and the other guy for both making fun of people who game on MBAs.

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You
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  • Chundles
    Sep 9, 01:44 AM
    Is 20% speed improvement a lot for a core 2 designation?

    The designation "Core 2" comes from the fact that it's a whole new architecture in the chip. The original "Core" processors aren't based on the Core architecture, they were based on the Pentium M. The Core 2 processors (Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest) are based on a 65nm dual-core 64 bit architecture - the desktop and workstation chips are based around the mobile Merom architecture.

    Core 2 promised about 20% more performance at the same power requirement as the Core chip at the same clockspeed.

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You DS
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  • macintel4me
    Sep 4, 07:05 PM
    I'm confused. Movie downloads for $10?!? What happened to the whole "Jobs is hammered by the movie industry into movie rentals only" ?!? This CANNOT possibly mean renting a movie for $10!! :eek:

    My bet is that it's low-res/iPod quality video for purchase. Apple/Steve Jobs have yet to get into the home theater business. So far it's been the mobile entertainment business only. Movie rentals (or purchase for that matter) at home theater quality is a whole other enchilada.

    Watching 320x240 movie on my 42" plasma would sort of suck and not be competitive as others have metioned. Would I buy a $10 movie to watch on my iPod? mmm....probably a few to keep me entertained on the treadmill and my son entertained on roadtrips.

    the world ends with you ds. The+world+ends+with+you+ds
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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 19, 09:06 AM
    They should respond with an original product line.

    And yes there will be people who say "apple isn't the first to come up with idea X". Nonsense. Apple takes several new ideas (some their own making, others not) and brings them together to make a new product. Apple takes a risk that their large investment will pay off and that a new product line will emerge. They do not do small production runs with these new products.

    No one else made a tablet with the bells and whistles of the ipad that came together with the user experience one expects now on a tablet and produced it in such large quantities hoping a new market would emerge with great demand.

    Apple could have simply said netbooks are the safe bet, lets do that. But they didn't.

    Going forward, every tablet is going to be similar. That is fair enough. But when I look at the samsung devices, I feel like there is nothing really new about the user experience. It looks very similar to the ipad; more than one would expect. Creative companies would at least try to do something original.

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You
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  • Ugg
    Apr 18, 10:02 AM
    I don't know if i can. Give me some time. But doesn't it make sense that if u stop using something that killed disease spreading insects that the insects will continue to spread the disease?

    Repelling bugs with Grapefruit (

    Safe Enough To Drink

    That's why the CDC is pushing hard to develop a completely natural insect repellent made from a chemical called nootkatone, which is found in Alaska yellow cedar trees and citrus fruit.

    Dolan says nootkatone "is nongreasy, dries very quickly, and it has a very pleasant, citrus-y grapefruit odor to it."

    He recently demonstrated its effectiveness as a mosquito repellent, rubbing some on his hand and then sticking it into a cage containing 50 hungry mosquitoes. When he holds the treated hand near mosquitoes, they try to get away in the opposite direction as fast as they can.

    Even after five minutes, Dolan has no bites on his nootkatone-treated hand.

    Nootkatone is also effective against ticks, and scientists think it will work against bed bugs, head lice and other insects, too.

    Moreover, nootkatone is so nontoxic you could drink it. In fact, it's already an approved food additive, officially classed as "Generally Considered Safe." It's also a natural ingredient in some foods.

    The US became great, not because it relied on old ways of doing things, but because it created new ways that were more efficient.

    Malaria has been a big problem for decades and you want to know why? Because it affects mostly poor Africans, people who don't have megabucks to pay for exotic cures. Now I realize that the chemical producers of the world would rather that everyone take their word as gospel and pretend that the harmful effects of DDT, BPA, Benzene, Formaldehyde, PVC amongst others are highly overblown and that if we just believe in the chemical companies and their shills, we'lll be living some sort of magical 50s sort of life.

    If you'll read the article, you'll notice that the CDC owns the patents for nootkatone. Business is only interested in helping people when it fattens their bottom line. As a result, when it comes to things like malaria, it often takes government intervention to jump start issues.

    So what do you want? A nation that always strives for the best solution or one that is only interested in getting by as long as it makes them money? It doesn't take a genius to see that by constantly supporting outdated technology, the US will soon be left behind.

    Once again, what kind of world do you want to live in?

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You 2
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  • iGary
    Sep 12, 02:33 PM
    This update/release is lame.

    the world ends with you ds. The World Ends With You (DSi
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  • aurichie
    Apr 19, 07:44 AM
    Google actually doesn't, being an industry newcomer and all (they only appeared at the end of the 90s in the industry). That is one of their Achilles' heels.

    They have plenty of patents. It wasn't until the 90s that the patent madness really started with software. Google is also leading the bidding for a large portfolio of mobile patents to protect them against Apple and Microsoft.

    Apr 19, 09:34 PM
    The Economy is IMPROVING!

    McDonald's hired 50,000 workers today! :eek:

    (*gets up and starts clapping...*)


    Apr 11, 07:55 AM
    Sweet! I wonder how long until Apple will patch it!

    Apr 28, 05:36 PM
    Yes it's all willy-waving, which was in fact my point.

    and to Mr Winters - you haven't met me before, that comment you refer to isn't one of mine. Also it's wise to be careful who you try to belittle with 'boy' references, you have no idea who I am or how experienced or qualified I am compared to you.

    I don't know you. I do know that you have no idea what the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers and the Project Management Institute is. I do know that you have no idea what Certified Cost Engineer, Certified Forensic Claims Consultant, and Project Management Professional certifications are.

    As ever, if you're new here, don't try to impress (or troll) by waving experience or qualification around to justify your opinion.

    As I mentioned, Experience or Education isn't necessary to refute the post "Microsoft is DEAD". A 3rd grade education and a tad of common sense would tell you that..

    We all know MS isn't dead when making 5.23 BILLION profits,

    Obviously, WE all don't. My original post was not addressed to you but to Mr. BR Lawyer whose exact post was "Microsoft is DEAD"... Please go on though and tell me about how "WE ALL KNOW"....

    Sep 12, 02:21 PM
    let the whining begin

    May 3, 11:34 AM
    ...that if each Thunderbolt port can support six daisy chained pieces of kit, if each one of those was a TB-equipped 30" monitor, we could have a 27" iMac with a 13-screen setup and 387" of screen real-estate?!! I need to buy a bigger house!!!!

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