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sony ericsson xperia x8 price philippines

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 02:02 PM
    Yeah, it is. USB 3.0 is not that big of a step up from USB 2.0 so those that really need the extra bandwidth will not bother with it and go straight to Thunderbolt. Simple as that. Leave your rinky dink Toys R Us low bandwidth peripherals to USB and leave the big boy peripherals to Thunderbolt.

    Sure you have, you've completely ignored my other post then changed the subject to reading comprehension to smokescreen the topic at hand. Oh and give me a break with your non-insult ********. You have been making jabs about short buses and taking comprehension classes over a Thunderbolt and USB discussion. If anything you are the one that needs to take some classes, maybe not on comprehension but I'm sure you get the idea.

    Actually let's do a real recap:
    You agree with a claim that Thunderbolt will be Mac only
    I respond with an article that simply states it won't be
    You respond with the reason it won't take off as manufacturers will have to add it separately
    Econgeek tells you it's a completely different scenario because they don't need a license through Apple
    I tell you Intel will be supporting both
    You then start with your strawman argument and ignore a portion of what I stated
    You also follow that up with some insults
    I respond with video proof of why Thunderbolt will be popular with many devices
    You ignore then respond with more insults
    Honestly, can you try to post without arguing against claims I never made? That is at least 3 times now and it shows a lack of honesty or reading ability. I am not sure which.

    I never said it was going to Mac only (though you have accused me of that twice). I agreed with the insinuation that it could be. I never said manufacturers would have to add it separately. I did say that the article you posted said only that it would be available to all and that it didn't say all would add it. Mainly, I said that, because you know, the article doesn't actually say that.

    I think we are done. No point in debating someone that doesn't understand what he is reading and also makes up things to reply to. Arguing against someone that uses strawman arguments or misses common subtleties in language is bad enough. Arguing against someone that is making up things to argue against is pointless.

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  • jonhaxor
    Mar 30, 12:23 PM
    No one refers to McDonald's as Burger Store. Their brand name is so strong that people actually say McDonald's because that logo and name is pretty much seared into everyone head.

    i do .. it's kinda catchy .. my 2yo calls it "old mcdonalds" because of .. you know .. that song

    language is use .. didn't we learn anything from Wittgenstein?

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  • moxxey
    Mar 22, 05:25 PM
    And if you are looking for specs from unannounced products from Apple, you are going to quickly get used to being disappointed.

    Mate I've been following MacRumors for many years. I don't need a description of the website.

    You miss the point entirely. The site is all about speculation, fact or fiction, about forthcoming products. However, there's nothing in this "news" piece that's worth speculating. Nothing we can't figure ourselves.

    It's still news whether it's classed as a rumor or not. However, there's no substance of worth in this news. That was the point.

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  • hrmpf
    Sep 8, 08:32 AM

    new ipod patent (

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Apr 20, 03:03 AM
    I don't mean the parents, I meant those who run McDonalds.
    Yes, murder them all. Just tonight as I was driving by a McDonalds, three corporate execs ran out, caught me at a red light, and forced a Big Mac down my throat. Thank god I didn't drive by the Krystal's, too - those soggy little gut bombers would have put a hurting on me.

    Not you, the poster you were quoting was being sarcastic. I was drawing your attention to his sarcasism.

    I wasn't being sarcastic. I was making his post(s) seem even more ridiculous than they come off as being, considering I don't think anyone in the history of time has ever been forced to eat at burger joints morning, noon, and night.

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  • Tom Sawyer
    Apr 30, 07:54 PM
    Then I wouldn't plan on ever going back to an iMac.

    Definitely no plan to. Apple (SJ) is far to enamored with glossy screens to give anyone options on the large displays/iMacs. I'm still surprised they actually brought the matte option back to MBP's.

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  • Number 41
    Mar 23, 05:26 PM
    If any of you had ever lost someone or had someone that you loved seriously injured by a drunk driver - you'd want this app pulled.

    0 good can come from drunk driving. I don't know anyone (intelligent person) who would say otherwise. Constitutional or not, who in the world would want to encourage a drunk person to get behind the wheel? ..which is exactly what these apps do. I'm sure that there's a percentage of drunk drivers who have ventured out on the roads only because they had the convenience of these apps - when otherwise, they would have gotten a ride or sobered up first.

    I stop listening to anyone who ever utters the words "Constitutional or not..."

    Our basic freedoms as Americans aren't worth conceding for any reason whatsoever, no matter how noble the goal may seem from a distance.

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  • damienvfx
    Sep 14, 12:12 PM
    Here we go again,
    High expectations for another event.
    Just take the event this week as a lesson.
    Showtime, we got:
    Movie Store
    Update ipods

    All related to Itunes and audio video experience. That's why was called "Showtime"

    Now we have a new event coming up at a Photokina, photographers event.
    What should we expect?
    Aperture update and maybe something else relate to Photographers needs.
    That's all folks!

    Stop dreaming about Iphone, Mac Book Pro etc. it won't happen.
    MPB's will be update on a Tuesday just like the Imac was couple weeks back. No special event for that.

    Iphone if happens will be either have their own event or at MWSF.

    Then later people get upset with Apple and don't understand why. Reality check guys.

    You need to stop capitalizing that "i". Seriously.

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  • mgguy
    Apr 25, 12:09 AM
    She should have pulled out her gun and blown your effin head off:p.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 20, 09:10 AM
    You're right. Apple doesn't use an Apple for their logo. :rolleyes:

    Also the fact that its pretty obvious that Steve Jobs is obsessed with the Beatles.

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  • yojitani
    Sep 1, 07:20 AM
    Well, just to add to the Core2duo speculation, I got an e-ad from Dell this morning advertizing the Inspiron E1705 with the Core2Duo shipping Sept 15.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 20, 05:59 AM
    What does he say about the coming New World Order that Bush and Obama keep talking about, and also the coming North American Union + Amero?

    It's a bit early to be auditioning to be Trump's VP, no?

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  • HiRez
    Sep 19, 04:08 PM
    I don't think Apple is aiming for the uber-geek with $25k worth of home entertainment equipment. IMHO, they will never be able to compete in that market.

    I think they are reaching for the average joe blow that has a servicable $400 TV that he bought at Wal-mart, and maybe, just maybe, has a stereo hooked up to it. The average Joe doesn't care, and can't tell, that it's Dolby Surround and not Dolby Digital.I disagree. Dolby Digital is no longer reserved for rich �ber-geeks. Many "regular Joes" have a Dolby Digital setup now, and you can get a Dolby Digital receiver (all 5 normal channels powered) for under $100.

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  • adversus
    Apr 20, 01:26 PM
    I want to thank you all for providing me such wonderful entertainment on my lunch break!

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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 9, 07:13 AM
    Until Leopard is out we wont see the true value of these babies. Also by then some of the apps will take advantage of the muti-cores and multi-cpus, and the changes to the OS will allow applications not written for more than 1 core to take some advantage also. So like I said Leopard will be the one showing the true potential of these babies. Can't wait!!!!!!!:cool:

    The fact that the new iMacs can't address more than 3Gb of memory and are therefore operating on a 32bit logic-board makes me doubtful as to whether or not these systems are really 64-bit capable... It seems like some kind of hybrid 32/64bit system.

    Will the C2D iMacs be able to run 64bit code, despite not having the 64bit address space (and being able to access over 4Gb or RAM)?

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  • cleric
    Apr 22, 01:45 PM
    I think the big advantage to this downgrade will be buying clearance and refurbished Nvidia-based MBAs for 25% discounts... Unless Apple somehow fits a standard voltage SB CPU in the 13" MBA, I think most will be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m at discounts.

    Exactly what I was thinking I'd much rather have the 320M it makes youtube and other graphics accelerated apps so much better than the 9400M, can't imagine downgrading to igp.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 1, 06:34 AM
    Over on the 'other' rumor board. AI details how a user who ordered a single core mini, got a pleasant upgrade to a dual core, 100GB HD and most importantly a superdrive.

    Why give us a 100GB HD and a superdrive on the most basic machine, because they want us to have plenty of space for the movie downloads and there will be an option to burn these files to DVD.

    Couple this with a widescreen ipod, released now and a nano possibly later but with a screen comparable to current 5Gen. That way they get maximum coverage for the new movie store ie. all models play video and anyone prepared to buy the 6G out of the way before they introduce the new nano.

    Its a common tactic of the industry to release the highend model first where it potentially is in competition with lower models. Last years nano and 5G where so far apart, there wasn't a worry about releasing the junior model first.


    Wasn't a silent upgrade. Apple bollocksed up the order.

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  • sixth
    Aug 28, 02:25 PM
    MY cat told ME directly....MBP's will be upgraded tommorrow...she knows all...haha

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  • hyperpasta
    Aug 31, 12:01 PM
    ...and 5 years later, with no major innovations since iPod Video...

    I'd count the click wheel as an innovation... but you're right, Apple needs to innovate again.

    Nov 14, 10:23 AM
    I'm just a regular iPhone user...not a developer. I just want my phone work. And I want the apps to be fully vetted and tested before they are available for download. RA's action doesn't make me dislike the iPhone, Mac computers, or Apple. In fact, quite the opposite. It makes RA look childish. I say...good riddance. Oh, and I'm also now less likely to purchase other software from RA. Just sayin'

    That's a shame, Mike, because RA's mac-based apps are fantastic. I use them all the time at the small community radio station I volunteer at. I admittedly have not tried their iphone app.

    Like you, I am also not a developer, just an end user. And as an end user, Apple's mishandled control of the gatekeeper role is incredibly frustrating. As an end user, if a program I'm using has a bug that can impinge on my ability to use it, I like to have a responsive system that fixes that bug. A responsive developer is important, but so is a responsive gatekeeper, if that role exists. Apple has repeatedly shown themselves to be a failure point in a system of their own devising.

    To a certain extent the issue isn't even if RA's use of these images was in violation of the SDK (though, of course that is a big issue), but, again as an end user, how is the system that's in place functioning to resolve the issues that matter to the common customer of the developer and Apple? Unfortunately there are very visible breakdowns in the process and I want to see those treated as serious bugs and fixed accordingly.

    Apr 20, 01:03 PM
    This is really, really, REALLY bad for Apple. Bad publicity - and quite alarming.

    I've had every model iPhone, had iMacs, iPads, iPods and even I am concerned. This is not okay.

    Lawsuits are coming.

    Just wonder how long it will take and if it will be class action or not. Days? Weeks? Months? Probably not months.

    Sep 11, 09:57 AM
    I'm hoping for iMacs because I could care less about downloading Movies. Hell the only TV I download are the free eps. Unless you can get me 5.1 surround, DVD quality for a monthly fee that is less than Netflix... well, Netflix is still king to me. :)

    Especially since DVDs ar easier to copy than these files would ever be. Not that i copy DVD's or anything.

    I predict the following:

    iTunes Movie Store with... 1080 HD movie downloads.
    Updated Cinema Displays.
    New Airport Extreme with 802.11n (for streaming the said Movies wirelessly)
    iPod updates, either slightly modified nano(new cases+more compacity) and/or updated video iPods with higher compacity for said HD movies.


    I really do think theywill be available in 1080, and that will be a very big deal.

    blueray? hd dvd? who cares i can just get them on itunes.

    Well, an 8 meg connection is adequate to stream the HD trailers in 720p. I honestly don't think that Apple would bother offering the movies in any higher quality, as the codec scales nicely, and most HD sets are 720p or just that ED crap. When a set says 1080i on the side it usually means that it can decode a 1080i signal, not that it can display it. If you have a 1080i capable TV, you'll know it cause your ass will hurt much more than the guy who buys the 720p set.

    Apr 25, 01:38 PM
    The unibody was already a giant leap forward. How much better can Apple get?

    that's what i thought about the Aluminum PowerBooks... but i was wrong.

    Sep 14, 08:14 AM
    New version of Aperture!.. Saweeet

    or more likely a new Apple iSLR

    16 Megapixels
    full frame sensor
    Adaptive lens mount supports all Canon and Nikon Lenses
    60gb removeable 1.8" hard drive
    3" OLED screen
    Shoots in a new Apple RAW format
    eye tracking for focus
    Spot metering
    1/8000 shutter with 150,000 shutter life
    Full weather sealing
    Magnesium body
    6fps (up to 25 raw frames)
    Depth of Field Preview
    Pop up flash
    802.11 Wifi
    GPS built in
    Optional Battery Grip
    Scrollwheel navigation for menu system
    Apple iScreen Digital Image processor
    64 Segment Metering and Spot Metering
    Supports Compact Flash

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