Saturday, May 14, 2011

sony ericsson xperia playstation play

sony ericsson xperia playstation play. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – An
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – An

  • peharri
    Sep 14, 09:27 AM
    Does this option in the iTunes7 intaller hint at the imminent release of the iPhone?

    No, it doesn't. This is for phones like the ROKR and some other recent Motorolas that run a version of iTunes.

    BTW this probably explains the nano firmware "revelation" too, we're probably looking at several applications (iPod, nano, ROKR, and other firmware) built from the same code base.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 16, 01:51 PM
    Whats the speed of thunderbolt? and will it be faster then sata 3.0

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  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Gets

  • w00master
    Nov 13, 02:07 PM
    You should try it!

    They didn't break the rules.

    Looks like some of these apologists don't even read the developers side. In fact, I'd count on that fact.


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  • RacerX
    Aug 23, 08:53 PM
    The courts could have said prior art, case dismissed or patent stands, Apple owes Creative $10 for every iPod sold since day 1.Well, looking at the rough numbers, this settlement has Apple paying about $1.70 for every iPod ever sold.

    I would have (personally) rather seen Apple take the same stand that IBM has taken in the SCO case... but I understand Apple's position on this too.

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  • we mean Xperia Play.

  • EagerDragon
    Sep 10, 08:40 PM
    I understand the need for a mid level consumer tower, but right now
    50%+/- of the market is looking at notebooks.

    The cluttered, wire infested desktop is also none too popular with many people.
    That's why the AOI iMac is so popular.

    The MacBook is already more powerful than the majority of desktops MOST
    average users have in their home.
    The mini does a respectable job filling the affordable hassle free niche.

    Heck, if you don't count the extra RAM cost, the Xeon powered Mac Pro 2.66 Quad is priced neck and neck with the mid level MacBook Pro.
    That's amazing when you really think about it.

    Even so, I do see a place for a Max mini of some sort starting
    with at least the power of half a Mac Pro Tower for $999.00

    If the iMac would come with a top of the line graphic card or as a BTO, it would be even more popular.

    But the top gamers want more than one card with SLI and that means a different form factor.

    I agree something is coming, but it does not have to be a mini. It could be a modified Mac Pro enclosure with liquid cooling for the graphic cards, CPU(s) and chip set. Mini or Maxi not sure. The system will also need to support overclocking of the CPU and Graphic cards. We will find out soon (prob October) for the holidays.;)

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 20, 10:07 AM
    It *is* private now. This information isn't broadcast anywhere but your own personal computer in the form of an encrypted backup file. The information won't go anywhere but with you and your property.

    However, if your iphone gets stolen, the GPS log is likely the least private thing you need to worry about. The thief will have access to your entire contact list, browsing history, etc..

    Agree to that, but why is it being collected without permission?

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  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  • nagromme
    Sep 5, 01:59 PM
    A start to movie downloads is for sure.

    But anything else might be postponed, so we must try to remain calm :)

    (It's all the OTHER rumors that interest me more. I highly doubt that iTunes movies will meet my standards at first--though I'm happy to see a step in that direction. If they're less than DVD quality they'd better be close AND very cheap. And until the selection rivals Netflix it won't see much use from me.)

    Re Core 2 Duo

    The iMac may get the headline (if a larger size is truly coming) but they could well update iMacs AND MacBook Pros simultaneously. Makes a good announcement that way.

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  • OdduWon
    Sep 26, 11:25 AM
    i'm sure glad i didn't renew my contract with cingular yet now i can use my upgrade to get the new telepod! :D

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 19, 11:00 PM
    So the Beatles didn't use an Apple? And Woolworths Australia does? Don't be so biased.

    I never said Apple going after Woolworths for their logo was a good move.

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  • Counterfit
    Oct 27, 03:53 PM
    i mean isnt it normal in the US to have an 8litre car? here <2 Litre is normal:D
    Uh, 8 liters is huge ANYWHERE. Aside from trucks, the biggest production engine I can find in a sedan from a U.S. company is the 6.1L Hemi in the Dodge Charger/Magnum/Chrysler 300C SRT8, and those are still big by U.S. standards. The vast majority of engines are sub 5L, and even most of those are under 4L.

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Sep 5, 02:04 PM
    So this tells us as much as we already knew really, only confirms the movie service. Now the question the service for streaming to your home TV via a new set top box or is this service for the iPod...or both.

    I don't see how Apple can legitimately sell the service for iPod unless they are going to come out with a WS iPod. The novelty of watching video on the iPods 2" screen has worn off.

    That said...glad I sold both my 4gb nano and the 2 giger I got with the Mac to School promo. A black anodized nano would be cool. Just hope they come out with some male colors. The iPod mini colors were so fraking wimpy.

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  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  • akadmon
    Sep 14, 12:11 PM
    Can someone explain to me why Apple would release new MBPs at an event named after a retired Russian female shot-put thrower?:confused:

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  • Satori
    Apr 11, 01:50 AM
    They'll change the key and force a firmware update on any airport express user who wants to update itunes.

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  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  • myca
    May 3, 11:54 AM
    Surely I'm not the only one who's noticed that the i7 is slower than the i5, and that the Radeon HD 6970M is slower than the 6750M.

    Whaaaaa? :confused:

    Hold up
    6750M (

    6970M (

    Similar clock speeds, the 6970 has twice the amount of pipelines.

    Also from what I've seen in the store the highest clocked i5 is 3.1, and the i7 is 3.4.

    I'm really tempted, but these iMacs need to keep target display mode so I can feed my PC rig in there, otherwise my desk just doesn't have the space for a second display (could always get the 21.5 inch and a second 1080 display I guess).

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  • Luca Boccaccini
    Aug 28, 12:51 PM
    wake up then, because it won't happen for awhile.
    The current enclosure is very nice, so why change it?

    Hi gugy,

    I agree with you: MBP are really nice, but.... the Macbook's keyboard design is simply gorgeous. Clean, with those rounded corners.
    Not to mention the magnetic latch.:rolleyes:

    It would be a leap forward a better design. And a greater coherence through the entire -book line.


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  • Multimedia
    Sep 1, 03:58 AM
    Same here. I'm not waiting beyond Paris, but I won't be able to afford an MBP, unless I bought the current models on eBay proceeding an update.

    Ugh... it would just be so much simpler if Apple "revealed their hand" all at once so i knew where I stood. No point in delaying a MB update, it's already been out longer than the average MBP cycle.There isn't going to be a MacBook update until late Fall when they have enough Meroms to feed the MacBook line with exactly the same speed and L2 cache Meroms. So if you're waiting for Paris to see if there will be Merom MacBooks then, you can forgetaboutit now. Ain't gonna happen 'til the MBP & iMac pipelines are saturated.

    Merom C2D processors are on allocation for a few months. LIMITED SUPPLY guys. Means MacBook is next to last to get Meroms followed by mini at the end of allocation time - probably November-December time frame.

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  • DeaconGraves
    Mar 23, 04:50 PM
    1) If you can pull up an app about where DUI checkpoints are, recognize where one might be, and craft a proper route around the checkpoint, then you probably aren't above the legal limit. I would almost want to use this app when I am sober to avoid any obnoxious stops on the way home.

    2) Gizmodo brought up a good point. What's the difference between this app and people tweeting about DUI checkpoints?

    3) In connection with point #1, I'm not understanding the arguments that the app should be pulled because the app would be essentially pointless. When have apps been pulled because they are pointless?

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  • hleewell
    Apr 30, 06:51 PM
    I love Thunderbolt. Its fast, slim, elegant, occupies small footprint. Intel & Apple should have 3rd party manufacturers lining up offering these peripherals months ago before the latest batch of MacBook Pros are released. Western Digital versions of Thunderbolt HDDS are going to be released real soon - which is kinda too little too late to bask in the 10Gbps hype. No matter, I still want my own 32GB thumb drive running at 10Gbps. The one thumb drive to rule them all :0

    sony ericsson xperia playstation play. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
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  • JMP
    Apr 30, 01:27 PM
    Why do they want OS X users to feel as if we were on an iPad!!!???
    If I wanted/needed one, I'd buy one. What the hell !!!???????:mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Dec 30, 09:50 AM
    Yes, this sticky obtrusive and uninstallable piece of junk that constantly plagues people in the PC world (not to mention it radically slows your machine down. I recently installed Flash player on the PC side and without my permission McAffe was installed....ARGGGHH. Now they want to infect the Mac world....PLEASE NO!

    May 4, 09:57 AM
    So I read that if a monitor, such as an imac in target display mode, is part of a thunderbolt chain of devices, it must be the last in the chain and is not hot-swappable. Correct me if I'm wring but that is what I remember reading about it here on MR I believe.

    This reminds me of the days of scsi. So if I want to use a thunderbolt monitor, I need to turn the computer off and back on at the start and end of the session in order to connect and later disconnect the monitor.

    Are devices connected to a hub in the chain ending with the monitor still hor swappable?

    I'm looking forward to thunderbolt drives. The monitor thing doesn't look too appealing for portable macs at least. For a mac mini or tower it isn't as much of a problem.

    Mar 17, 10:01 PM
    And this idea that nothing can be done on the Mac until a virus or other malware exploit shows up on a news site is absurd.
    Prove otherwise.
    There are plenty of tools out there, for instance, to point out dangerous web sites that could be a threat to a computer.
    Name one tool that can detect a Mac OS X virus. Just one.

    Aug 28, 12:52 PM
    I think my new rule will be to automatically place anyone using that line on my ignore list.

    It lost its funny a long time ago.:rolleyes:


    Mar 20, 02:53 PM
    Let's re-read them together, shall we?

    Those are two different arguments of the same coin and one can infer a lot by the attitude of what is said. Besides, I notice you didn't quote anything by cwt1nospam as I mentioned (given his direct flaming nature, I don't blame you since it proves what I said).

    Again, this problem only exists in pirated software or software from less-than reputable sources. As has been said many times, you can avoid trojans by being careful where you get software and what software you install. No antivirus is necessary to protect against trojans; only some common sense and prudent thinking on the part of the user.

    It's been said you can avoid STDs by being careful as well. It's no substitute for protection, IMO. You can't undo what's been done sometimes.

    Really, I'm sick of this thread. You're turning mountains into mole hills here all just to defend the status-quo while all I originally said is that the "it can't happen to me" attitude most Mac users have towards all forms of malware is a definite weak spot. No one is saying OSX hasn't been a great place to avoid the problems of malware. It's one of the reasons I continue to keep OSX machines around despite my distaste for Apple as a greedy company and their pathetic lack of hardware options and high prices. That doesn't mean I stop being careful when using it. Something like Web of Trust for Firefox isn't a bad idea regardless. Visiting sites that do harm to Windows machines isn't a great place to be no matter what OS you're using and I'm going to leave it that.

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