Monday, May 16, 2011

solar power plant diagram

solar power plant diagram. Solar Power Plant Schematic
  • Solar Power Plant Schematic

  • Moyank24
    Apr 4, 11:43 AM
    I've never seen a mall security guard carrying a gun.

    Me neither. I wonder if the suspects were armed...or at least how smashing glass doors escalated into gunfire.

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  • Solar Cell.

  • Eidorian
    May 3, 12:27 PM
    If the monitors cannot daisy chain, you need a hub for the port(s) to which you connect multiple such displays.Thanks, I was just curious.

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  • Power Plant Diagram - Page 2

  • rtharper
    Sep 14, 10:08 AM
    (I'm not saying it will happen, or that I'm expecting it, but I'm just surprised it's so easily dismissed by people who comment daily on how Apple should enter the cell phone market, DVR arena, PDA front, etc and - for the most part - scoffed at the intro of a consumer music player...)

    The big distinction I would draw is that those are consumer products, not professional-grade hardware. Apple could co-brand but what would everyone's question be? "So, who actually made it?"

    solar power plant diagram. simple solar power diagram.
  • simple solar power diagram.

  • RollTide
    Apr 30, 09:28 PM
    I really hope to see 512 mb vram on the base 21.5, but that will probably never happen.

    Maybe in 5 years :rolleyes:

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  • Coal-fired power plant

  • ChrisA
    Apr 4, 12:18 PM
    Seems unfair to kill someone for robbery. Yes they're breaking the law, but only deserve a prison sentence. Do you really really think someone should be shot and killed for attempting to steal a few laptops and smash a few windows? If you do then man you have issues.

    If it were only robbery you are correct. In fact the guard would be in jail now. But these guys shot at a guard. When you do that the crime changes from robbery to attempted murder. It is also a really stupid move because I'd bet a bunch any armed guard spends some time at the shooting range. Many of them are off duty cops or ex-military police or have gotten training some place.

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  • Concentrating Solar Power

    Sep 5, 02:44 PM
    It's Showtime. Obvious reference to movies. What do (consumers) want? What does apple like to sell? HARDWARE. Steve will introduce some sort of on-line movie service. I have no idea what it will be, other than different from other options. To me, the on-line movie store is not a bit sexy.

    What will be sexy are the other three devices he will introduce that will use that service...

    1) True Video iPod. With some sort of wireless transfer method. There is no point in on-line service (for apple) if it ain't mobile.

    2) The Apple Movie Machine, probably looking a lot like a Mini, to interface wirelessly to your computer with your TV seamlessly, using an improved Front Row. It will have DVR capability and ability to work with streamed high quality video from iTunes movie store.

    3) 23" iMac with a TV tuner, and the ability to pickup streamed movies from the ITunes movie store, and built-in DVR capacity upon which to view those nice movies.

    solar power plant diagram. solar power diagram house.
  • solar power diagram house.

  • sushi
    Aug 23, 10:28 PM
    Apple makes money off of iTunes - they won't tell us how much, but it is a money maker (all be it insignificant compared to the iPod)
    I think that you mean Apple makes money off of iTMS (iTunes Music Store). And yes, it would be interesting to know how much they really make.

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  • Solar power prospects

  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 10, 05:47 AM
    The iMac is huge (relatively speaking), are you telling me such a huge enclosure won't be able to dissipitate an extra 30W or so? It is only around 30W more!

    Like it or not Apple will have to somehow fit the Kentsfield into their lineup, cos their advertising campaigns are going to look very lame when Dell simply cops their "switch" campaign style and come out with a "PC" with 4 heads and a "Mac" with only 2.

    When Kentfield replaces Conroes and every $999 Dell ships with quad core, it is quite hard to justify buying a dual (in Apple's case, a $2000+ quad)

    I completely agree with you: Apple need to get Kentsfield/Conroe into their lineup somewhere. They are the best bang/buck chips Intel are making so it seems insane that they aren't already using Conroe.

    As for thermal constraints... Well, I was a big proponent of the iMac getting Conroe and am still quite shocked they went with Merom. There was a lot of discussion before the new iMacs were released as to whether the case could handle Conroe. I think it could, and I still do. But with Kentsfield you are literally sticking TWO Conroes in there when there is some doubt as to whether it can handle one. The 24" iMac could maybe handle it, but I'm doubtful the smaller sizes could. They currently use 32W Meroms, with Kentsfield we would be talking 100W+. Maybe even as high as 130W since Conroe is 65W and Kentsfield is two Conroe dies in one package.

    I personally think that a mid-tower is the only option for Apple to incorperate Conroe/Kentsfield into their lineup. Kentsfield is certainly too hot and takes too much power to go into any of their existing consumer models. It wouldn't go in the Pro since they use the Xeon chipset and will be using Clovertown.

    As you say, once PC manufacturers get their hands on Kentfield the consumer Macs are going to look very anaemic.

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  • Power station schematic

  • kas23
    Apr 4, 12:09 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2 like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C134 Safari/6533.18.5)

    No loss to society here. Go Mall Cop.

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  • solar power plants in canada.

  • Squire
    Sep 5, 06:16 AM
    If anyone at Apple HQs is listening, please give us a revved up/priced down MBP. Merom + 160 GB/7200 rpm hdd at $1999 would be sweet. I don't care to watch movies on anything less than a 50" screen, and I sure as hell am not moved to tears by an 8GB nano that is priced at 75% of a regular iPod. C'mon Apple, it's not too late!

    If they release MacBook Pros, I wonder if the top end models will come with a Blu-ray option. I know people have dismissed this before but I just noticed that Sony has released "The world's first Blu-Ray disc enabled notebook." Will the 17" MBP be next?


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  • wnurse
    Aug 24, 08:48 AM
    I think you are seriously underestimating how expensive these type of patent battles can be. Check out the following story:

    So SCO obviously expected its legal costs to spiral beyond $31 million to make a special deal with its law firm to cap costs. The fact they are willing to give as much as 33% of any potential winnings with the legal firm indicates that the final tally could easily approach $100 million if not for the cap.

    It is quite clear that Apple would have made life very, very expensive and excruciating for Creative's legal team. $100 million in legal costs is not unrealistic considering that you not only had the original suit, but countersuits by Apple involving 4 bonafide patents.

    What would creative legal cost have been. I seriously doubt apple legal cost would have approached 100 million but for the sake of argument, lets say it did, would creative cost also have approached 100 million. Could creative have paid that much?. If apple legal cost could escalate to that amount, creative would have dropped the case long before the cost approached that amount. Creative does not have 100 mil to blow on lawyers. Either way you look at it, apple legal cost would not have approached 100 mil. The point of the settlement was not to avoid legal cost (as many of you fondly point out, apple has 10 billion in cash, why should legal cost even worry them?). No, the problem was that creative might have won. Then apple would have had a problem.

    solar power plant diagram. diagram of solar power system.
  • diagram of solar power system.

  • reflex
    Aug 31, 03:35 PM
    If they don't announce/release new MacBooks, my plans are severely screwed.

    Same here, although I'd probably just get a current Macbook if that's the case. I decided I won't wait beyond Paris Expo.

    Although I might still be tempted to buy a MBP if Apple offered a 160GB hd for a reasonable or it were easy to put one in there.

    solar power plant diagram. FPL mirrors FPL Process
  • FPL mirrors FPL Process

  • MacinDoc
    Sep 5, 10:43 AM
    Wow, AppleInsider is making a lot of predictions! (And it's usually the most accurate source because it tends to be rather conservative). Either it's going to be an exciting month, or there will be a lot of disappointed MacRumors readers...

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  • Moura Solar Power Station

  • evilgEEk
    Sep 19, 02:21 PM
    This is excellent news! Hopefully the other studios will stop being greedy little buggers and get on board with the iTS.

    I haven't bought a movie yet, mainly because there just isn't anything that I'm interested in the current selection that I don't already have on DVD. The other reason is that I'm more concerned with audio quality than video quality and I currently have no way of getting digital audio to my receiver, and I have no interest in watching a new movie in stereo.

    Those of you that have bought movies, do they have artifacts? If yes, is it bad? I'm more interested in those that have played the movie over their SD TV rather than on your computer monitor.

    I can't wait for the iTV! :D

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  • solar power tower diagram.

  • Porchland
    Aug 31, 01:10 PM
    Apple Insider was saying the movie price would be $14.99 -I would not pay that much to watch a movie on a small screen... no way, unless I had a hour long commute to work on a train... can't believe there are that many people like that out there!

    This may be on the rosy side, but I assume that $14.99 for new titles and $9.99 for catalog titles means higher resolution. Otherwise, a movie is 7x the cost of a TV episode with no added value, which just doesn't sound like something Apple would do.

    The higher resolution would allow you to (somehow) play the episode directly to your TV and burn a copy on DVD. The biggest problem is size. It would take as long to download a 2-hour movie in HD (or even SD) as it would to watch it.

    I hope Apple gets this movie thing right.

    solar power plant diagram. Diagram indicates when grid
  • Diagram indicates when grid

  • hc8170
    Oct 27, 10:33 AM
    I have nothing against Greenpeace or the message that Greenpeace is trying to send about the environment. If Greenpeace's presence (or more specifically, Greenpeace volunteers' presence) at other public events is any representation, I am not surprised at their behavior.

    Heck, every trade show I ever go to has girls with their tits half hanging out wondering the halls handing out leaflets nowhere near their particular stand.

    Sad to see so many people now happy to have people's free speech stamped all over.

    In response to the previous post above, perhaps Greenpeace should think about limiting its volunteers at public events to "really hot" girls dressed "appropriately", I am sure its message would be better received.

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  • used in power plants.

  • jwhitnah
    Sep 19, 04:59 PM
    Studios are scrambling and re-evaluating there offers right now to get on board.

    I would like to see the break down. Who is buying, how many are the buying each, what are they buying? Seems to good to be true. I am skeptical. May just be a one shot thing, due to curiosity or hype. Let's see how the do their 2nd week.

    solar power plant diagram. Q. diagram of a nuclear power
  • Q. diagram of a nuclear power

  • YEMandy
    Sep 12, 03:30 PM
    You can return or exchange it but you'll have to pay a 10% restock fee ($25 or $29 depending on which one you bought). If you bought the 30GB just stick with the "old" 5G. If you bought the 60GB version then $30 is worth the price for another 20GB of storage. But my question to you is, what were you thinking buying an iPod the night before an Apple Special Event focusing on "it's showtime?"

    You can return ANY apple product for a FULL refund if the product was updated within 10 days of the original purchase date!! Or you can get money back if the price was lowered!

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 22, 01:09 PM (

    Oct 12, 01:09 PM
    A red nano would look pretty hot. That might just be enough motivation for me to finally buy one.

    Of course convincing the wife to let me buy one, now that's different. ;)

    Apr 22, 08:51 AM
    How about this:

    When you are born, you are given, in effect a serial number. which is yours as a human being for life.

    When you buy any digital media, this is linked to our number for life.

    This means for as long as you live, and whatever device you buy, you can access this media always.

    So I buy and iPad and I pay for the "RIGHTS" to watch/own a movie.

    I have paid my money and now that movie is mine to watch any time in the future on whatever device I buy in the future.

    Apr 11, 07:03 PM

    Thanks James Laird amazing work.

    I've been able to install ShairPort on my iMac.

    Here you can find some instructions ( to do the same on your mac(s).

    It's relatively easy, you need just some very basic terminal experience.

    Thank you ! Helped me a lot. Much faster with your help !

    To everybody who doesn't see the point with this hack :

    Let's say I don't want to have any extra program than iTunes running
    -> AirFoil doesn't fit.
    Let's say I want an unlimited (>5) amount of people to be able to play their music with my Mac as an Airport Express
    -> Home Shairing doesn't fit.

    This hack does.

    Sep 26, 08:21 AM
    I personally think that this sux. The Cingular store here is a huge joke. You could walk in there and no one would even notice that you were there. They will sit there in their cell phones and talk, laugh and carry on with there personal life and not worry about making a new customer. Also there customer service, every time I dealt with them, was just horrid. I was a BellSouth/Cingular customer for almost 10 years and had billing problems at least 2 months out of the year. I would call in and explain to them the problem, the supervisor would look over it and tell me I will have a credit on my next bill. Well sometimes the next bill was 3 months down the road, is that how you deal with your customers? I think not.

    I call up Verizon and tell them I have a problem, on last thursday, I talk to a supervisor and we get the issue worked out. She asked me when I would like my credit applied, as soon as possible or on my next billing cycle. I told her as soon as possible, I had my credit applied to my account saturday.

    I know this got a off topic, but switching back to a crap company like Cingular is not in my future, no matter if they call me up and offer me a free iPhone to come back to them.


    Mar 30, 01:13 PM
    Go back five years. I tell you "Someone told me that I should use iMovie to edit the movies that I made with my video camera. Where can I buy it"? You say: "You should go to an app store". I say "What on earth is an app store?"

    No, that wouldn't have happened. You would have said "You should go to a computer store". "You might try a games store, they might have it". You would never have said "You should go to an app store".

    You would not have said "What on earth is an app store?". You would have said "Where is it?" because you would have known it is a place that sells apps/applications. Why? Because it is descriptive. And that is the point of the argument.

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