Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 22, 04:17 PM
    I'm sure this has been addressed but I'm tired/wiped to read the whole thread. What about the quality of the music? If one song is stored that all users stream from, is it lossless?

    Someone mentioned only having 5 authorized systems for your media. I recall a few years back that Jobs, et al stated/supported burning your iTunes media to a CD-RW then re-importing it back into iTunes, stripping any copy protection. There were scripts that ran automatically, re-writing to the same disc until the selected songs were done.

    Personally, I like my media on my system and iDevice(s). I don't need all of my music on my iPhone, and I have an iPod classic 60GB in my Infiniti with all my music connected via USB. I'm more interested in MobileMe revamping.

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  • Repo
    Apr 30, 03:59 PM
    The hardware giant has confirmed that Sandy Bridge was designed with an integrated content protection to prevent piracy of high-end digital quality.

    Please explain.

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  • Mitch1984
    Sep 14, 10:31 AM
    Well let's see, the picture is a camera, so I believe it will somehow relate to pro users and photographers.

    Thus I believe it will be:

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  • SeaFox
    Sep 26, 09:58 PM
    AllTel is IS95 ("CDMA") not GSM.

    The only two national operators of GSM networks in the US are T-Mobile and Cingular, though there are a small handful of regional networks dotted around the country.

    Not in all areas. In northern Wisconsin I got roaming signal on my GSM phone, and AllTel is the only carrier in the area.

    Actually we're both right ( Alltel does not offer GSM service to it's customers, but owns and maintains a large GSM network they aquired from another carrier.

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  • 0s and 1s
    Sep 13, 09:25 PM
    I pray to Shiva that the picture is not authentic.

    A chrome back on a cellular phone? Surely they can't be serious?? :(

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 11:01 AM
    Fail. It says I can withdraw by turning off location services. It still collects even though location services are turned off. Try again Applogist.

    All I've seen is one paragraph claiming that. Until someone shows data from when location services was turned off it's hard to run with it.

    Applogist? Jesus, that's such a sad bastardization of words. I'm trying to apply reasoning to this and have people understand that they've likely agreed to something because they don't read the ToS or SLA.

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  • Fraaaa
    Apr 22, 12:00 PM
    Awesome. I want a current MBA, but they're a tad too much right now. This will lower those prices.

    I don't see why this will it make cheaper. Beside MBA price lowered drastically from the previous iteration and had good sales recently because of it - so, don't hope too much about it.

    I'm happy for newcomers if they will get a SB MBA. I'm still set for an Ivy MBA :)

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 9, 10:33 AM
    He is talking about reliability data from at least the last 10 years, Aiden...
    You mean Powerbook hinges, iBook logic boards, MacBook Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS) (, eMac logic boards (, Powerbook memory slot, White spots and lines on Powerbook screens, chipping paint, cracked cubes, iMac G5 video and power problems,Apple repair extensions (,...

    I see your point!

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  • NeroAZ
    Apr 20, 12:10 PM
    Is this true?

    I though that an in car GPS just receives the signals from the satellites and works out your position. How can that be tracked? :confused:

    They do just receive, not transmit, however they also keep track logs.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 01:12 PM
    Let me clarify, i made my decision before this news was posted here. I really dont see nothing wrong with waiting on this refresh especially if it will be a huge step forward(which i believe it will be).

    Its fine, but if you need it get it, if you dont then wait, at the end of the day this is a rumor.

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  • CapturedDarknes
    Nov 13, 10:20 PM
    99% of these are in a huff self important 'tempest in a teapot' stories;
    its not required-nay not even helpful to be a fanboy to point this out-just 2 good eyes and a brain;
    Alway been complainers, always will be;
    If the rules are clearly spelled out and they dont follow them-then they shouldnt be crybabies in public
    CAREFULLY read APPLEs developers rules
    follow them
    dont try to breach them

    Amen! You are on the dot! Everyone (including developers) complain about their app not getting approved for one reason or another, and yet it's always because they breached the Developers Guide for the App Store. Just ******** get a printer and print the damn pdf out. Then, step two, READ it. Then, before you go and submit the app, use it yourself and see if it follows the guidelines.

    It's like high school, when the teacher gives you a RUBRIC to FOLLOW, when you FAIL, it's because you didn't follow it. So shut up, or nut up. And build a better app. Hopefully one that doesn't say "that's what she says". :mad:

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  • SFStateStudent
    Apr 4, 12:59 PM
    What sort of criminal brings a gun to a robbery? The sort of criminal that is willing to utilize their gun to get away at all costs. Human life is not sacred to criminals that carry guns; whether it's their own lives or the lives of innocent people; or the lives of law enforcement or the lives of security guards...:mad:

    This was NEVER your run of the mill "smash & grab" but a premeditated crime w/guns...

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  • zero2dash
    Jul 14, 10:44 AM
    Conroe benchmarks posted on AnandTech ( are really good.

    The overclocking features are even more impressive.
    The $316 E6600 with a 2.4ghz cpu clock speed was air overclocked to 4ghz stable. ON AIR. I shudder to think of what they could do with liquid cooling.

    This brings me to think another thing - conceivably Apple could forego the whole "Quad Woodcrest" setup (which will undoubtedly cost a boatload) and they could simply take a Core 2 and (with Intel's help) overclock it with the current air flow setup of the G5 case, and probably double cpu clock speed at a cheaper price.

    But they won't do it. :( a) retail systems (save for the overpriced Dell XPS lineup) aren't usually overclocked and b) it would screw up their whole price scheme. It does bring up another interesting point though...people could coincidentally *possibly* overclock their [Core 2] Macs (since the technology is there in the cpu itself)...for the first time ever? We could see iMacs potentially being overclocked to outperform a Mac Pro. (if someone figures out how to do it that is)

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  • stainlessliquid
    Oct 27, 02:59 PM
    Considering that Apple doesnt make jack inside their computers, maybe they should be going after the other companies that provide Apple parts? I think that would embarass Apple more since I dont think Apple likes people to know that inside every Mac is abunch of PC parts.

    They could blame Apple for going with those companies, that would put pressure on Apple to switch to a greener company and would put pressure on those companies to be greener themselves so they please Apple.

    And yes a computer will never been totally environmentally friendly but people are managing to COMPLETELY miss the point of what they want. Other companies like Dell have stopped using parts that have certain very harmful "ingredients" since there are more than enough substitutes that work just as well and dont harm the environment. The only thing stopping other companies is cost and laziness, and considering the premium people pay on macs its actually rather absurd that Apple refuses to use environmentally friendly parts. They arent asking for the impossible and if it looks like they are singling out Apple then its because Apple is literally one of the last major companies to adopt a policy of not buying parts or recycle the things that contain these things. If Dell and pretty much every other major PC maker can use these parts and recycle then I would love to see someone try to explain why Apple is somehow incapable of doing the same. Its like if people bitched about cars polluting less but getting the same performance and having virtually the same price, do some people just like to screw the environemnt?

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  • zenmac
    Jul 15, 07:51 AM
    Have anybody seen a benchmark which compares the core 2 duo with the actuall core duo?

    I can only see benchmarks between core 2 duo and AMD CPU's and standard dual core Pentium 4 cpu.


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  • Old Smuggler
    Sep 13, 10:03 PM
    all i know is i refuse to buy it unless it has these features

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  • Cinch
    Sep 5, 01:06 PM
    But with every attempt, the chance of success increases significantly. Lets keep our fingers crossed. :)

    I think a simpler explanation is that certain things are never meant to be together.

    Video on demand are NetFlix currently fill the niche, if there is a niche. Whatever Apple do, it has to be simple and easy i.e. it doesn't require lots of thinking..a lazy person can operate. This is the living room not the office where I don't care to navigate my computer to search for movies to watch.


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  • bossass
    Sep 26, 12:00 PM
    This is fine. I'm sick of those cripplers at Verizon.

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  • vi2867
    Oct 12, 01:02 PM

    Since there are no formal announcements schedule. Apple will just bring down the store, and the new products will appear.

    They've recently done this when they announced the Mac Book, and the updated iMac Core 2 Duo's...

    Apple always keeps us on the edge, because we just don't know how they will announce their new products...

    Apr 22, 04:22 AM
    Well I can already listen to my music on my MacBook, iPad and iPhone so why would I want it?

    Maybe you wouldn't. I could see a use for it myself - I have a library of music so big you couldn't fit it all on any existing iPhone, and it's annoying to be out someplace and wanting to listen to a song, but you can't because you had to exclude it from your last sync. It would be preferable then for me to be able to link my iPhone to my music library and just have Apple deliver everything to me on demand... be it from the hard drive at home or from a central location.

    Of course, how this is all implemented will play a big role in whether the service is useful to me or not. If I can't listen to the CDs I bought and imported into iTunes for example... that's a dealbreaker as far as I'm concerned.

    Young Spade
    Apr 23, 09:39 PM
    Normally, I would say I could go either way with the optical drive. But lately, I have been having to burn a lot of CD's and DVD's for people. I would be willing to give up the optical drive for a second hard drive in a MBP. I would want a thunderbolt quad core with 4gb ram. I need a min of 750gb in hard drive space.

    If the price of SSD was not so high, I would look into an AIR. A 13-inch quad core air with 4gb ram would be sweet. I just priced out what I would need in an AIR (but drive still too small) and it comes to the price of just getting a MBP.

    If I had the money for that I would have jumped on that the second it came out. I seriously thought about getting the MBA a month ago but didn't have the funds for it at that time. I could have waited until this summer but I found a good deal on a blackbook and ended up getting that.

    In the future I'll definitely see how they hold up compared to other computers.

    Oct 12, 01:43 PM
    there is no such thing as charity in america, it always comes through commerce. why not just donate the $200 bux? does a lot more than the 10 bux you are donating now, so you can justify getting a new ipod. hell i would buy a red ipod just cos of the color i don't see why the cos has to be associated with it, if they're gonna do this they might as well just donate 10% of all ipod sales. at least it does something more than haveing a "show off" recipet for your so called act of charity.

    "Hi i'm bono, there's a huge aids problem in africa and people don't pay attention, heres a new ipod"


    Last I checked, Bono was Irish.

    Apr 30, 02:02 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    You bring a good point... I thought there were thunderbolt drives...

    Sep 11, 03:46 PM
    Close, Manic Mouse. I dont understand people's belief that every Intel chip made has to go into an Apple machine. I doubt the Conroe will be used in any Mac nor the Kentsfield. The range is covered, and I'm sick of these silly rumors of Mac mid towers.

    There wont be a mid tower, not now, not "Next Tuesday".

    Conroe is intels best bang for the buck. It would be stupid for apple not to use it, and go with chips that are slower and more expensive instead. But apple still does some things that are stupid.

    I still think we'll see a mid tower, or at least some mac with conroe. Tommorow? Probably not, but who knows?

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