Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • vouder17
    Sep 15, 05:34 PM
    3MP iPod camera phone?!?!? i'll be the first one in line to have it:p

    there are a number of phones out in Europe already that have 3MP cameras, Nokia N73 and the sony ericsson w800i to name a few.

    Edit: its the Sony ericsson K800, not the w800

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 19, 07:28 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; en-gb; Nexus S Build/GRI40) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    Samsung running Android look very very similar to Apple's, to the point where it causes confusion in the marketplace for consumers. I've seen several people mistake one of these things for an iPhone because they look that similar. It's a combination of Google's Android and Samsung's hardware.

    This confusion is no accident, that was the intent all along. There is no reason why they could not create their own look and feel... change it up enough so it's not an obvious copy. Other handset makers have been able to do that.

    The Nexus S looks different to the Galaxy S in software and physical looks but is included in the suit. As that is a Google experience device I do wonder why Apple don't target Google directly.

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  • ckodonnell
    Sep 14, 10:37 AM
    Dell currently quotes 9-22. Or did yesterday when I placed an order.

    If nothing else, 9-24 is extremely close to 9-27 - the date on which Dell claims to be shipping their (Merom) Core 2's.

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  • levitynyc
    Sep 9, 11:43 AM
    Sorry, but that's a ridiculous comparison. The only Mac you can reasonably compare the XPS 700 to is the Mac Pro, which has a lot more computing power for that kind of money.

    My point is that with the new processors and RAM upgrades, the iMac is headed towards more powerful use that could potentially switch over a PC gamer. If you wanted to do some serious gaming on the 24" iMac you could....if not for the poor video card options.

    Throw a dog a bone here and at least give us a 512MB option.

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  • cdallen
    Mar 29, 11:25 AM
    I'm surprised they even opened this up for conversation in a mac forum

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  • tuna
    Apr 4, 11:45 AM
    Rent-a-cops have guns? And shoot people IN THE HEAD? I'm amazed.

    That said, this is pretty ******. Sure, the guy was a criminal lowlife, and he certainly deserved punishment, but I don't think he deserved to get killed. Oh well.

    I have wondered about this issue too. I think it depends on the state, when it is legal to use deadly force varies widely. Some states you are allowed to shoot someone to stop any "forcible felony". Other states you're only allowed to shoot someone if they have you cornered and you have substantial reason to fear for your life.

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  • damienvfx
    Sep 14, 12:12 PM
    Here we go again,
    High expectations for another event.
    Just take the event this week as a lesson.
    Showtime, we got:
    Movie Store
    Update ipods

    All related to Itunes and audio video experience. That's why was called "Showtime"

    Now we have a new event coming up at a Photokina, photographers event.
    What should we expect?
    Aperture update and maybe something else relate to Photographers needs.
    That's all folks!

    Stop dreaming about Iphone, Mac Book Pro etc. it won't happen.
    MPB's will be update on a Tuesday just like the Imac was couple weeks back. No special event for that.

    Iphone if happens will be either have their own event or at MWSF.

    Then later people get upset with Apple and don't understand why. Reality check guys.

    You need to stop capitalizing that "i". Seriously.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Apr 28, 03:33 PM
    I'd be rather concerned about Apple's margins considering we're comparing a hardware company to a software company (free duplication of your product, once you've gotten past the millions in R&D to develop it) that has a captive market as large as Microsoft's (guaranteed sales to pay for your R&D easy, and a very large price point at $200-$300 a pop for Windows and Office).

    However, maybe it's Microsoft that should be concerned; either Apple has disgusting margins, or Microsoft's other divisions are simply squandering their revenue so bad that they are essentially subsidizing the entire company with Windows/Office.

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  • Kedest
    Apr 25, 02:34 PM
    Steve Jobs described the Air as "All notebooks will be like this someday" and
    "the future of the MacBook"
    So SSD fully replacing HDD is probably what we'll see in the next refresh I think.
    But a new update needs more than that. So I think Apple will also wait for Intel's Ivy Bridge.

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  • Erasmus
    Sep 9, 02:27 AM
    Ah, less money for 4" more screen, a ~20% faster C2D CPU, a much much faster GPU, etc? Thankyou mister Jobs! Can't wait to see what Tuesday's iPods will be like! Not that I intend to get one, or maybe I do? Who knows? And here's to some sort of Mac with Kentsfield and R600 (More likely G80 :( ) at Macworld or maybe even earlier with a bit of luck!

    It's good to know that one can get a 24" screen, 2.33 Core 2 Duo goodness with the Geforce 7600 256Mb and 2 gig RAM from 5 grand with enough cash spare to buy a new Macbook. (Well at least in edu pricing)

    BTW, this is a bit irrelevant, but can anyone explain to me how one gets Xgrid, and what one needs to make it work? ie. Does it cost money, or can it be downloaded from the net, and do u need a FiberChannel card to make it work? Would be cool to have a Macbook Xgridded to a 24" iMac. Preferrably Merom Macbook and Conroe iMac. But might take a while to get that :o

    Never mind. : (
    Need 10.4 Server apparently, and at least 3 computers to make it worthwhile, it looks like.

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  • DriveByPoster
    Apr 22, 07:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    My prediction: Apple will come out with a service that streams music from ITunes based on your music library using Genius playlists (music genome project) a la Pandora. It will be available for the MobileMe plus subscribers.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 09:20 AM
    That is the problem I'm seeing too....the bandwidth. Everyone is screaming about HDDs. Hello, storage is cheap. I just see the carriers salivating at the idea of Apple wanting people to stream. I do see and understand that some people can find this new setup useful. However, a LOT of us see a major problem in terms of data charges. If Apple still gives the storage capacity in its devices as it does now, then I personally will NOT have a problem with this. I would prefer to have it stored locally. Cellular data connectivity is no where where it needs to be for me to happy with it as a replacement for local storage. Nah way. With my music, video and pictures, I have 3 running copies at any given time and this has worked out for me for many years. Why fix something that isn't broke?

    when you are at home turn on your WIFI...

    why is this concept so hard to grasp?

    you are a different kind of user. 3 running copies at once?? you rely way too much on physical obviously this won't be for you.

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  • BoyBach
    Oct 12, 01:38 PM
    You think Mac fanboys are intense, Oprah fangirls are radically intense and a couple of orders of magnitude more numerous. The demographics of the audience tells the story of the "heartstrings" decision to support a charity targeted to women and children.

    As for why release it on TV and "risk" a leak (which has happened obviously)? It's simple. The TV audience is vast. The Orpah watchers are MOTIVATED and spenders.

    I agree. Oprah is an industry all by herself and if this rumour is true and she tells her audience to go and buy the new RED iPod to help in the fight against AIDS, I'd be fairly confident in predicting that it would be best-selling iPod ever.

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  • dondark
    Sep 13, 11:22 PM
    I dont like touchscreen, we will make it dirty very easily.

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  • stracky
    Sep 12, 07:50 PM
    I love apple - will still buy apple but i got caught up in all the iphone banter. Im jsut sick of carrying half a dozen bricks in my pocket. I like that patent about the multifucntion device, thats when i will finally relent and buy an ipod. I do have a shuffle though.

    I have a PDA with touchscreen, phone, bluetooth, wireless, IR, bigger than Ipod screen, full pocket PC capabilities, camera, motion camera, games. and the thing is SMALLER than an iPod. other people can do it, its time apple stepped up, the next step for iPods is phone capabilities, cause so many phones now can play music.

    also id be pretty disapointed if i was looking at the new ipod nano range. the minis were ugly and it seems that cause of the problems with the nano screens that have gone back a year and said "well lets go with somethign easy"

    on a good note, that new shuffle is awesome, really suits its purpose.

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 03:28 PM
    But FW isn't mac only by choice or need. Abit, Asus, Gigabyte and others all offers boards with FW. It was a common feature for motherboard manufacturers for some time. Will TB be included in their low end boards? More then likely not but from mid tier to high end boards will have it.

    Very true, but in the end, USB2 won out.

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  • MacFever
    Mar 23, 08:14 PM
    would be nice to see.....macbook air refresh with sandybridge and thunderbolt. :D:D

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  • miyamoto
    Nov 9, 02:37 PM
    Some time back there was a post of someone swapping out a cpu in an Imac. Does anyone know if someone has managed to swap out the core 2 duo cpu yet? I assume they still arent soldered?

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  • weg
    Aug 29, 02:25 AM
    all the people who said it's only marginal at best can stick it where the sun don't shine!

    The only place where I can use my PB 12"...

    Sep 9, 02:34 AM
    Cant wait to see what the mbp can do with that chip. If only we could upgrade our core duo chips to the new core 2 duo easily.

    Aug 31, 06:52 PM
    Look forward to an OS update around the corner as well. There were rumblings about 10.4.8 being seeded recently--I think updated machines are likely to correspond with software and OS updates as well.

    We'll see soon enough--if there is a "special event" my guess would be that it's for something completely new, not a new processor and certainly not a speed bump.

    Aug 31, 07:00 PM
    Yes i think i will sell my smelly PSP :) This post has been edited over 24 times due to smelling pistakes
    **Spelling mistakes

    Apr 30, 07:24 PM
    thought about doing that. or maybe a trade + cash for and "old" macbook. something that would hold be back to do bare necessities, save enough money for .....:eek:....
    maybe a high end imac. oh joy.

    ..nah screw it. i'll just stick with my mid-2010

    I got a 21' iMac recently at work, it does everything I need flawlessly. While it's nice to have upgrades, I don't actually need this one.

    Apr 28, 03:49 PM
    Microsoft is still doing very well. They're making the best products they ever have done and as a customer I am very pleased with all of my Microsoft purchases.

    - Zune desktop software
    - Zune hardware and mobile software
    - Windows Phone 7
    - Windows 7
    - Office 2010
    - Office 2011 for Mac
    - Xbox 360
    - Xbox Live

    All great products and deserve to be class leaders if they are not already. I can't think of another company (including Apple) that has put out such a fantastic range of very good products.

    "Non-mac fan in Macrumors comment shocker"

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