Wednesday, May 11, 2011

roasted corn salad and farewells

OFFICIALLY had my final class last night which ended in potluck & presentations. I will truly miss all the peers in my class, but mostly the professor who showed me a glimpse of the type of art teacher I want to be. I prepared P.W.'s Katie's Roasted Corn Salad for the "dip party"

1. 1 medium tomato (calls for 2, but I think one is plentiful)
2. 1 red onion
3. 2 yellow squash
4. 2 bags of frozen corn (called for 8 ears of corn, but also skipped due to time and making this solo) 
5. olive oil (you will use lots!)
6. 1 red pepper
7. salt (asks for kosher, are you getting the pattern that I am a college student who doesn't have every ingredient?)
8. basil juice (store didn't have basil, I bought something else)
9. 2 cloves of garlic
10. also had in there balsamic vinegar (once again, not in)

1. As shown in pictures, some of the steps have already happened. So basically oil up the corn with lots of olive oil and let that go for 8-10 minutes. (in the big skillet on the left I left on low to let things cool down while I cooked the other vegetables)

2. Do the same for the red onion (quarter cut), red bell pepper and yellow squash. (letting them go 8-10 minutes & turn veggies on other side) Use olive oil each time with the veggies, you want to hear that sizzle sound! I on the other hand become paranoid about the fire alarm going off (just ask my roommate)

3. Let it all cool dooooown (once again its on low, but you could even turn it off at this point)

Just want you to see the close-up of it all!
4. But when your done admiring the colors and smell your going to want to cut it all up. Grab a partner if you can, it will speed up the process.

5. Once your down, mix it all up, grab some chips and diiiiiip!

(its a good day when I set aside time to cook in the kitchen)

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