Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • longofest
    Apr 4, 11:51 AM
    The first article indicates that the robbers were armed. Important information to note when taking into account the security officer's actions.

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  • rstansby
    Apr 22, 02:22 AM
    Actually, Amazon gives you 5 gigs of space on your cloud drive for your own MP3s. When/if you buy songs from them, you get additional space for the songs you've purchased.

    A lot of people have more than 5GB in their music collection, so for these people the Amazon service doesn't work.

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  • Gamdoan
    Sep 14, 09:32 AM
    Photokina is a photo convention. Not a computer convention.

    Unless my memory serves me incorrectly, wasn't the 17" MacBook Pro released in conjunction with NAB? NAB is certainly not a computer event either, but there are people of the press with notepads and cameras at these events. That's why Apple uses these events to their advantage.

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  • KeriJane
    Mar 19, 11:24 AM
    Hi munkery

    Thank you for the helpful link. It explained a lot.

    I was wondering why Linux and OSX are virus-resistant and the page you linked to explains it well.

    The old "market share" argument didn't make sense to me because:

    1- the fame associated with writing the first major Mac (or Linux) virus would be immense.

    2- there's at least some hatred of Apple out there amongst the technically proficient. (geeks). I've met such a person..... Very smart, very pro-Linux and if you mention you like Macs or own one.... BOOM! :eek:
    That guy and probably lots of others really, really hates Macs. If he could he'd take down Apple in an instant.

    3- if the conspiracy theories are true, the AV companies and/or Microsoft would love to shatter Apple's image of invulnerability to viruses. Even if they aren't actively trying to develop one, they wouldn't mind it if someone else did.

    Thanks to all for the insights,

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 12:32 PM
    What? You said the word Merom but didn't include a link to the guide? :p

    Well anyways, if Apple could get Conroes into iMacs it would be great. A challenge I know (and I still personally think it is more likely to be a Merom iMac) but it would help to be that little bit more competitive. The rest is pretty much predictable, Merom for MBPs and eventually MacBooks and Mac Minis. Woodcrest for Mac Pro and MacServe (Macs in everything right ;) ). iMac's future is a big ?.

    If you notice. Nowhere on the Apple store does it say "Yonah". It says Core Duo.

    So all Apple has to do is say Core 2 Duo. There will be no "Merom" or "Conroe" differentation.

    Besides I would rather have a Merom. It requires less power, which makes it run cooler, which makes it more effecient. Heat kills performance.

    It is very likely that in the same box (iMac), that the the Merom will beat out the Conroe. Why? Because of heat.

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  • muncyweb
    Mar 23, 06:34 PM
    in the us you are a criminal by default

    Agreed. Most people don't even know that as U.S. citizens they are not a party to the Bill of Rights. The only right of a U.S. citizen is the right to live here. They took care of that over 140 years ago.

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  • juicedropsdeuce
    Apr 25, 01:29 PM
    ...and you think most people who buy a MBP won't swap out the drive for a 7200RPM drive or an SSD and max out their memory? genius level thinking!

    Great. Since Apple puts that crap hard drive in there, instead of simply using the computer someone has to go through all that trouble to get what they paid for (i7 processor)? Are you for real? That sounds great. I'm sure all those random people who buy from the Apple Store also buy the Apple torx screwdriver kit and get to work when they get home. :rolleyes:

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  • BornAgainMac
    Oct 12, 12:33 PM
    Why is U2 so big with iPods anyways? The only group to have their own iPod. :confused:

    (I don't mean to be disrespectful to the U2 fanboys out there)

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  • twoff
    Sep 19, 09:33 PM
    For iTV, you need a computer with a large HD, a home network, a TV with HDMI or component video input and an iTV.

    Not so fast!!!!!

    Are you sure you will need all of that?

    Home network? Perhaps, but iTV may connect directly to your cable/DSL modem.
    TV with HDMI/Component inputs? Probably.
    A computer with a large HD? Assuming the intent is to stream purchased movies from your computer, sure.

    But what if that isn't the real purpose? Imagine an iTV directly connected to the internet, offering access via your TV to:

    Internet radio
    Internet television
    Audio/Video Podcasts
    Internet games
    Pay per view

    ... and if you do happen to have that home network, access to your own media content.

    No 'productivity' applications, pure entertainment. No worries about backups. No worries about anti-virus.

    An entertainment appliance.

    Better yet, an entertainment appliance that plays well in a world where more and more people, not just the professionals, are providing content.

    The internet today is full of wonderful, bizarre, informative, dull, sick, funny, sad and entertaining things, that require some effort to find. It's a constant battle to stay on top of the latest sites, find the coolest links, etc.

    What if iTV is really about taking the work out of that?

    Not about making it easier to bring Hollywood into your home, but the world?

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  • vincebio
    Sep 26, 07:28 AM
    i REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY hope its orange...

    as the choice of mobile phones they have at the moment is the poorest i have ever seen in the UK.

    ive been waiting on a p990i since march.....still dont have it on orange, was told yesterday it could be end of october now.

    i am gauranteed a free upgrade on any handset, so come one apple!!

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  • mwayne85
    Apr 22, 12:54 PM
    So I'm guessing the chances of them putting AMD graphics in one of these models is practically zero?

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  • Unspeaked
    Sep 14, 09:56 AM
    If Apple DOES introduce C2D MacBook Pros at this, it will have to totally redesign the case to make it "invite event" worthy.

    If all that's being changed is the processor, or minor cae changes (like the addition of FW800 across the line), it will simply be done in silent, overnight fashion as was the case with the iMac update.

    That being said, I don't see such a radical case design this soon. That seems more like something where they'd like to focus on the computer itself, which wouldn't happen as part of a photo show.

    Why do people seem convinced Apple won't release something like an SLR or video camera?

    Also, there's always a chance that in addition to an Aperture update, we'll get TOTALLY NEW photo software; remember what happened with Final Cut Pro - first came it and then came a slew of other video products from Apple.

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  • Consultant
    Apr 25, 02:49 AM
    Doesn't sound like Dmac would really care. After all, the other guy is at fault because they didn't have the common courtesy to move the car.

    Exactly. Some states have prominent signs that vehicles can only be in the left lane only for passing.

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  • fetchmebeers
    Sep 12, 03:07 PM
    Looks like the iPods are still at 5G with some tweaks, which is weird considering they had a whole year. I feel no urge to upgrade my current model no major difference for me. Search functions would be pretty sweet though. Wonder why they didnt just give the current 5G iPods that feature with a software update.

    The new nanos look really tempting. a 4GB silver would go nicely with my PB.

    my thoughts exactly... there aren't that much of a difference, right??

    anyway, hey, are the search functions gonna be attainable for the last 5gen ipod as well ? with the software update??? i wish that's the case......please

    i've been desperately looking for the reasons as to stick to the old 5gen which i bought just yesterday

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  • iProd
    Sep 13, 11:18 PM
    I am holding out on getting a new phone in hopes this will be a universal service phone so I can get it for free from Verizon :)

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  • duervo
    Mar 23, 06:08 PM
    136 negatives to this story ... nice. :rolleyes:

    Any perceived hit towards censorship obviously trumps the value of human life. :rolleyes:

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  • kiljoy616
    May 3, 01:05 PM
    Does anything use Thunderbolt yet? Will anything ever?

    Yes and anyway first you have to put it out there for other companies to make stuff for it. Business class 101 :rolleyes:

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  • milo
    Aug 29, 08:06 AM
    This logic is flawed because just as they did with the MacPro, they will add the new laptops to the iPod promotion if they are released.

    Or more likely they would exempt them to clear out old stock, as they have in previous years. The mac pro was released well before the end of the promotion, and was replacing a machine that was way overdue and likely barely selling. The macbook and mbp are still selling well and the promo is almost over, I'd say chances of adding it to the promo are slim to none.

    Completely agree that the rebate tells us nothing about release dates.

    This was one of the things I was afraid would happen with the Intel switch--a new processor every eight minutes. At least with the PPCs, there were predictable, manageable gaps between bumps.

    What hasn't been predictable about this? People have known about this for months, no real surprises here. I'm ecstatic that upgrades are happening this quickly, it's something all mac users should be excited about.

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  • Vantage Point
    Apr 25, 06:43 PM
    Fearing a design change to something like 16:9 ratio for the 2011 refresh, I bought my 2010 in late November. I really hope they remain the only computer company to not go with the 16:9 ratio. I even keep my dock parked on the side, not the bottom to get the maximum vertical space.

    Other than that the current design is simple and elegant and I love it. Having a snap in slot for a second hard drive which could quickly swap to a DVD drive would be great.

    Apr 14, 12:58 PM
    The MBPs could have DisplayPort 1.2 if it were not for the damned connector merge.

    The mini-display port connector is part of the DisplayPort 1.2 standard and is seemingly seeing wide adoption from PC laptop and display makers.

    The DisplayPort 1.2 specification requires support for DisplayPort 1.1a on mini-display ports, but I don't see anything that precludes it supporting 1.2 signalling.

    Can you point to an article that details how Thunderbolt is a problem for this? The Thunderbolt controller, when connected to a DisplayPort 1.2 (only) display, could fall back to DisplayPort mode like it does now, could it not?

    Intel should have stood their ground on Thunderbolt... Would have pushed component manufacturers to make more Thunderbolt devices, now we're going to have a mish mash, and those of us with Macs are getting the shaft because we won't get USB 3.0 from Apple...

    I wish they had announced that IvyBridge was USB 2.0 only, but this delays USB 3.0 adoption by a year.

    There's been strong support for Thunderbolt, so that year might be enough to kill USB 3.0, which hasn't exactly taken off.

    Mar 29, 11:12 AM
    It would be more interesting to see their PROFIT SHARE predictions.

    Apr 19, 09:23 AM
    Samsung is a blatantly copycat right now, whereas Apple has managed to piece together promising parts from other companies to create what they call the iPhone. Makes it hard to root for any side, oh well... ;)

    Sep 18, 12:01 AM
    If your reason why CDMA is terrible is due to limited use, then, that's at best poor reasoning.

    ok. how many times do i have to say this. BAD FOR CONSUMERS. the average joe is locked to whatever phone the carrier offers, or whatever carriers offer the phone. you dont go looking for a car saying "i hope they have this for Shell (ie: petrol -its NOT gas. it is a liquid - company)!", do you?

    Sep 5, 01:00 PM
    $10 !!??? :eek: It's already at $70. It won't go up much more. But good luck, and I hope it does.
    I bought at $50 and it went up to $80+ in only a few months. It could happen....

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