Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • M2M
    Apr 11, 06:55 AM
    Because the 3rd party device could be in your neighbours house so your neighbour can see or hear anything that is played through AirPlay from your devices without you knowing. And you might be playing stuff that you wouldn't want your neighbour to see.

    Only if i set my neighbors device as a speaker in iTunes...which would happen not too often without me knowing.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 24, 01:14 AM
    It seems like if you can't beat them join them.

    But it would kind of make sence for Apple and Creative to make this disappear ASAP with a paltry gesture and "join" forces in the iPod war against Microsoft and the other crappy non-iPod players out there.....

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 02:37 PM
    As Eidorian's link points out, Core Duo (Yonah) performance falls somewhere between the Athlon X2 3800 and the Athlon X2 4200. The 2.40GHz E6600, 2.66GHz E6700, and 2.93GHz X6800 Core 2 Duos in particular are at least 40% faster, which is exactly what Intel promised at the IDF.That's where I gauged it as well. The 1.86 GHz Conroe beats AMD's FX-62 in a few tests.

    Hell the E6400 (2.13 GHz, $224) and the E6500 (2.4 GHz, $316) are more then enough to compete with the FX-62 (2.8 GHz, $999)

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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:34 AM
    Agrhhh... why does Apple have to be so stupid? Do they not know that there are vast areas here in the US where Cingular doesn't support?

    Why the hell can't they just sell an unlocked phone and just let us choose providers that actually have service where we live? I really hope someone finds a way to hack these phones and make them carrier-independant! :mad:

    There are vast areas that Verizon and Sprint don't cover in the US, too. It's that way with every single cell phone company in the US.

    Apple would have to make at least 2 different phones for that to work. There are two primary cellular networks in the US: GSM and CDMA. If Apple makes just a GSM phone, they're also making a phone that can be used in almost every other country in the world. Europe and Asia are the real cell phone markets, not the US.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 28, 03:24 PM
    Well MS has two games to play on:

    1. Tablet/Phone

    The tablet/phone is going to be a big deal. If they do well, they are going to generate good profits.

    2. Operating System/ Office

    Unless and until MS does something new under operating systems, throwing windows 8 is not going to make a big difference. Also, till the time Windows 8 comes out MS's profits are going to decrease.
    Kinect is out/ Windows 7 is out - This side is gonna go down.

    So till the time Windows 8 is ready MS has to count on the mobile business.

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  • iPunish901
    Apr 11, 08:43 AM
    i dont know much about this, but does this mean i can stream to my ps3 now?

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  • fxtech
    Apr 19, 08:36 AM
    One of my friends will not buy a piece of clothing if its cheaper than $50. (except underwear obviously) He could spot a shirt he liked, run over, and see it was $40, and he'd say "It's too cheap"

    I think the technical term for people like that is douche.

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  • techwhiz
    Mar 23, 06:46 PM
    In Ca. the routine is to set up a DUI Checkpoint, then set up cops on streets around the checkpoint. Trying to avoid the checkpoint will also get uyou pulled over.

    Nothing wrong with the app. I use the Android version.

    BTW - My sister was killed by a drunk driver. I believe in freedom of speech and expression. The Constitution is not in place to protect favorable or popular speech, just the opposite. Do I like racist skin heads? No. I'll protect their rights to speak and be idiots though.

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  • gugy
    Aug 31, 12:41 PM
    New Apple Cinema Displays with glossy screens and iSights would be amazing. :)

    No way,
    Glossy screen is the worst thing for professionals that depend on color accuracy.
    As for the Isight, I think they will keep off from the Cinema displays. They will make an smaller format stand alone IMHO.
    I don't think a Special Event will happen for these products.

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  • Bibulous
    Sep 13, 09:04 PM
    I believe it after how they treated Moto, and it makes sense they would announce it after the new ipods. Hope it has 4GB storage at least.

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  • peharri
    Sep 14, 09:27 AM
    Does this option in the iTunes7 intaller hint at the imminent release of the iPhone?

    No, it doesn't. This is for phones like the ROKR and some other recent Motorolas that run a version of iTunes.

    BTW this probably explains the nano firmware "revelation" too, we're probably looking at several applications (iPod, nano, ROKR, and other firmware) built from the same code base.

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Mar 22, 03:31 PM
    Honestly, if it made any sense whatsoever then Apple wouldn't have killed it. Do the math.

    If it didn't make sense Apple wouldn't have sold the 24" in the first place. Do the math.

    You're living in the past, kid.

    I can't believe you're actually sounding snobby about an iMac screen size. Wow.

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  • crackbookpro
    Apr 11, 07:35 AM
    They'll change the key and force a firmware update on any airport express user who wants to update itunes.

    Probably workin' 24/7 on it as we speak... I hope Apple finally stops being Sue Zombie, and realizes the advantages to the consumer for this.

    Apple, go back to the logic that made you what you are - make products for the consumer's hearts & thoughts!

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  • Misplaced Mage
    Sep 27, 07:17 PM
    What I'm hoping for is that Apple uses the metallic finish of its nanos. My Sony Ericsson has a metallic blue finish but is actually made of plastic. It would be sweet to have a real metal phone. I predict Apple will launch in a single metallic color (the nano black or silver), and then within a year or less provide all the nano colors.A partially metal housing is certainly possible, but if a phone has an internal antenna there has to be a plastic "window" in the housing that the antenna can operate through.

    Metal housings are a pain for cell phone RF engineers because they have a nasty tendency to interfere with the radiativity (the "shape" of the radio emissions of the antenna). You generally can't use the housing itself as an antenna because it's difficult to get a uniform impedance match due to all the different ways people hold a phone, variations in skin conduction (not to mention SAR issues...), resting surfaces like metal tabletops, etc. The metal usually can't be left "floating," i.e., electrically isolated from the rest of the phone--though there are exceptions--and usually needs to be connected to the common phone ground to give it fixed RF characteristics, resulting in things like the spring fingers you sometimes see inside a phone that touch off on a point of a metal battery door.

    The RAZR is an excellent example of this. The bulk of the phone housing is metal, but there are numerous internal grounding contacts for the housing, and the area around the antennas is plastic (the "chin" below the keyboard).

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  • Drew n macs
    Mar 23, 10:41 PM
    Dont forget you'll need an SSD too inside the iMac to achieve the Thunderbolt speeds!!

    And it must be a very good and expensive SSD, with more than 700MB/s.

    Thunderbolt not worth it right now because its TOO expensive. I'll wait 2 years, when SSDs are much MUCH more cheaper.

    thats what I have been saying. Wait till they see the price of the new TB drives people will choke... some will have moved on from 2011 model to 2012 models without even owning a Thunderbolt drive.

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  • n-abounds
    Oct 12, 09:09 PM
    I'm gonna have to see it in person first. Although, my birthday is coming up soon.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 22, 03:12 PM
    Now I can rid myself of my 27" i7 2009 iMac.

    Things that I would see/would like to see on the new iMacs:

    - Thunderbolt (2 ports would be nice)
    - Target DisplayPort Mode with HDMI + HDMI audio in, without needing to fully power up the entire computer (and a toggle that doesn't require an Apple keyboard)
    - USB3 (I know Intel isn't natively putting USB3 on their chipsets until Ivy Bridge, but Apple could do the right thing and add this)
    - get rid of the internal speakers as an option for more cooling
    - at least a Radeon 6850 or GeForce GTX 560 Ti (preferably the nVidia card for CUDA/HW accelerated stuff) with at least 1 (2 please) GB of GDDR5 (I'm still boggled why they even offered a 256MB 6490 on the MacBook Pro)
    - easily accessible 2.5" port for an SSD (doubt it)
    - i7-2600 at the high end (Apple won't sell the K version, unless they go nuts and allow overclocking)
    - a side mounted USB port or 2 would be nice, hell, more USB ports period (6-8) would be nice
    - a second Firewire 800 (or 1600 if Apple is feeling frisky) port
    - matte screen option (this, like the 2.5" bay, has a snowballs' chance in hell)
    - Blu-Ray (see my note on the matte screen)

    Wonder if Apple will allow for the full 32GB support that the Sandy Bridge processors can fully take, and the DDR3-1600 speeds, since they are limiting both on the MacBook Pros at the moment.

    Ha ha ha ha! GTX 560 ti! Youre a funny guy! Apple always fails on it's GPU choices. :(

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  • whatever
    Oct 12, 02:21 PM
    I would love to have a red iPod, but I don't know why we would ever give money to help fight AIDS on a continent where the people take NO precautions to prevent themselves from getting AIDS... I mean, sure many children are born with it in Africa, but for soooo many adults, they could prevent the spread if they would just be monogamous.

    So there, I solved AIDS for free, no Oprah, no Bono, no Ipods. Just have sex only within a lifetime committed relationship and AIDS is all but gone in one generation!

    I'll stick to my black aluminum iPod nano, anyhow. I just hope 10% of the proceeds didn't go to research finding cures for the black plague... or frostbite...
    It makes me so happy to know that there are still plenty of stupid people in the world.

    Thank you

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  • aloshka
    Mar 29, 01:02 PM
    Let's ask yourself this.. they are saying that approx 1 in every 17 people now have a Windows based phone?? Do you know ANYONE that does?? Cause I know hundreds of people who have smartphones and not one of them has a Windows based phone.. major statistical failure!

    Completely agree! In fact, everyone I see throughout my daily life is 60% iphone, 40% android. I haven't even seen those foldable phones for a long time now.

    Sep 9, 12:23 PM
    Looks like MacCentral forgot to mention the fact that no matter how few cores an application can use - even if it's only ONE, the fact that more can be run at full speed SIMULTANEOUSLY is the whole reason for wanting-having-needing more cores - not wiether or not what you normally run can use 2, 3 or even all 4 cores at this time. The OS delegates to however many cores are vacant or underused so the user gets immediate benefit from 4 cores they will never get from 2. And I am 100% certain that tthe benefit is radically more than 20-30%.

    It's an old think I always do one thing at a time mentality that overlooks this otherwise obvious reason for going with more cores if you can afford it.Heh, that's pretty funny. I have quite a few applications that'll hit one core at 100%. (Q emulator is the best example) Luckily, even though it's not multi-threaded a have another core free to do my work while Q eats up 100% of one.

    I run Windows 98 in Q for laughs. I liked Windows 98...

    Sep 19, 02:41 PM
    Yeah it already lets you watch while downloading and frankly I think that this is a very important feature that is not often discussed. People bash it saying that it takes 1.5 hours to download a movie. Well if the movie is 1.5 hours long than wait 5 minutes and start watching. It is close to instant. I know that on my computer it only took 70 minutes to download which means I can start watching it right away. With Verizon rolling out their Fios internet with speeds of up to 30mbs even 1080p will soon be no problem. I am not sure just how big a 1080p movie is but I am hoping that within a year it will be do able for more people.

    Apr 14, 03:25 PM
    The above text contains:
    Strawman argument/claiming what I said wasn't true without providing any proof/Insults

    Here's another recap for you:
    Person 1: Thunderbolt = Mac Only
    You: Bingo
    Me: Post to an article showing that it won't be Mac only
    You: Claim you were talking metaphorically to save your ass
    Myself and Econgeek: Explain to you why what you saved your ass with won't be true
    You: Go on a rampage of insults

    Pot, meet kettle.
    I'll respond to you one last time, to try to clarify your confusion.

    Strawman argument/claiming what I said wasn't true without providing any proof/Insults No. You are confusing these with facts. I've pointed out to you each time you have made something up in my reply.

    Person 1: Thunderbolt = Mac Only True. In the same way FW is 'Mac only'. You perhaps don't understand the difference between speaking literally and effectively. Effectively, FW is considered 'Mac only' yet is available to any vendor that wants to implement it. But the lack of interest has resulted in it being considered 'Mac only'. Not literally, but effectively. See the difference?
    You: Bingo True.
    Me: Post to an article showing that it won't be Mac only False. You posted an article that said others could use it. Nowhere in your article did it say others would use it. I explained this to you, but again, you missed the point. Firewire isn't literally Mac only either.
    You: Claim you were talking metaphorically to save your ass False. I don't think you understand what a metaphor is, because you aren't using it right. I claimed, and the OP later explained, it was meant, in context, effectively Mac only. Seriously, this is highschool english.
    Myself and Econgeek: Explain to you why what you saved your ass with won't be trueFalse. Econogeek did well in explaining how the situations differ. You explained nothing.
    You: Go on a rampage of insults False. No insults. Just observations. If you made a lot of spelling errors and I pointed them out, that would be an observation, not an insult. You both misunderstood posts and made up claims of statements that did not exist. I pointed that out. If you felt insulted, you are being overly sensitive.

    Aug 23, 05:13 PM
    Who's Creative? :rolleyes:

    Sep 13, 12:16 AM
    what's with all the video issues that the old 5gen canNOT be compatible with?? and what's with the pixel number?
    dammit i'm totally ignorant when it comes to tech issues.....

    so can any of you please bother to elaborate about the suitable file types for both the old on and the new one?

    :eek:This Handbrake tutorial is pretty complete ( But you need to substitute the H.264 max dimension of 320x240 up to 640x480 the new MAX. Trouble is, as far as I can tell, the Handbrake H.264 encode to those new dimensions yields files that won't load onto Video iPods. So far only a QT Pro no options fixed iPod export works. But those files are about 150% larger than similar non-H.264 files. I have written the author of Handbrake ( about this problem. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next month or so - I hope.

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