Thursday, May 12, 2011

miley cyrus wallpapers 2011 hd

miley cyrus wallpapers 2011 hd. miley-cyrus-multi-photos imdb
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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 17, 07:59 PM
    um.. ok im not sure that is really a response. that just tells me that you can add a phone to your plan for $10.

    Hmmm, link must've been wrong. But Sprint has free incoming plans. They are:

    $49.99/month 300 outgoing add'l min $.45 unlimited night & weekend
    $59.99/month 500 outgoing " " " " " " "
    $79.99/month 800 outgoing " " " " " " "
    $99.99/month 1000 outgoing " " " " " " "

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 10, 12:38 PM
    Gotcha! That would get old quick, at least the old apps would work. It is kind of cool now that a G3 can still run Tiger. Oh well, can't have everything! :)
    I doubt that 10.6 will run on G4. CS4 will probably run very sluggish on a Quad G5.

    miley cyrus wallpapers 2011 hd. Miley+cyrus+hd+photos
  • Miley+cyrus+hd+photos

  • 4God
    Jul 14, 11:06 AM
    iMac = Socket 479 (Yonah)
    Conroe = Socket 775

    So, no.

    I thought the Yonah was Socket 775. It's not? :confused:

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  • Description: Miley Cyrus 49

  • stainlessliquid
    Oct 27, 02:59 PM
    Considering that Apple doesnt make jack inside their computers, maybe they should be going after the other companies that provide Apple parts? I think that would embarass Apple more since I dont think Apple likes people to know that inside every Mac is abunch of PC parts.

    They could blame Apple for going with those companies, that would put pressure on Apple to switch to a greener company and would put pressure on those companies to be greener themselves so they please Apple.

    And yes a computer will never been totally environmentally friendly but people are managing to COMPLETELY miss the point of what they want. Other companies like Dell have stopped using parts that have certain very harmful "ingredients" since there are more than enough substitutes that work just as well and dont harm the environment. The only thing stopping other companies is cost and laziness, and considering the premium people pay on macs its actually rather absurd that Apple refuses to use environmentally friendly parts. They arent asking for the impossible and if it looks like they are singling out Apple then its because Apple is literally one of the last major companies to adopt a policy of not buying parts or recycle the things that contain these things. If Dell and pretty much every other major PC maker can use these parts and recycle then I would love to see someone try to explain why Apple is somehow incapable of doing the same. Its like if people bitched about cars polluting less but getting the same performance and having virtually the same price, do some people just like to screw the environemnt?

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  • CmdrLaForge
    Apr 23, 12:10 AM
    you're probably the guy that's mad that apple tv is not 1080p even though content isn't available. lol

    have you used airplay? it works awesome.

    That the content isn't available is purely Apples fault and btw - as I would like to use the Apple TV mainly for slideshows - the content is available.

    And yes, I want the Apple TV to support 1080p60. I have high hopes for the a5.

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  • cheunghy
    Sep 5, 08:44 AM
    Apple Store Hong Kong is still up...

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  • Proud Liberal
    Sep 12, 02:16 PM
    I just called 2 of my local (Northern Virginia) Apple retail stores, and the 80GB iPods aren't in stock as of yet. Looks like it will be a few days until they show up. Apple's online store shows shipping times of "1-3 days". :(

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 12:20 PM
    Might want to do a little research:,2817,2380954,00.asp

    Why? All that article says is manufacturers can add TB, not that the will.

    Everyone was free to add Firewire too. Look how well that went over.

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  • mojohojo
    Apr 19, 10:10 PM
    i'd probably be called an apple-fanboy from friends because having now own a macbook pro, macbook, ipods, iphones and ipads but this kind of **** apple does is probably what will make me hate apple and boycott their products if there were any other good alternatives currently on par with apple.

    what i see is Samsung being a major distributor or hardware to apple, apple first finds alternatives companies for their hardware (sony, LG) and once they have find all the hardware replacements they go and sue [backstab] them?

    Apple should know their products are far superior and better currently on the market, if other competitors are coming with close products, they should just improve on them rather than trying to shut everyone down and be some monopoly. everyone knows competition is what drives our development.
    i can see this thought surely must have come straight from Steve Jobs from his big ego and dickhead personality; he 'would' be the type of guy to have a 2 face - pretending to be nice to Samsung for all their parts and backstabbing once he finds out they're producing similar products thats gaining market behind the iphones.

    you know what, **** apple and steve jobs. no more pity for jobs and whatever illness he's suffering from, probably deserves it, karma. samsung is one of the fatest developing tech companies that will soon beat Sony and i do hope they beat Apple and job's ass.

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  • Drag'nGT
    Apr 30, 01:58 PM
    I swear, this guy never seems happy about anything. I seem to recall him saying this for other product releases... $10 says he'll say it again once the MBA is released.

    I have a friend who swears Apple is gonna turn the MBP into a big MBA. He's pissed and moaned about the 15" loosing the express slot and "forced" him to get the new Sandy Bridge 17" MBP... He doesn't use the slot. He says he simply wants the comfort of knowing he has it if he ever wanted to use it. :rolleyes:

    His latest rage is that the next MBP won't have a DVD slot. I forgot my Macs even had a DVD slot but I guess that's the difference between us.

    USB3 is dead tech. You'll never see it on a Mac. Would be VERY surprised to see eSATA, as well.

    Huh? Where are you getting the idea it's "dead tech"? We just started to see USB 3 thumb drives and HDDs.

    I obviously see Thunderbolt's (I hate that new name) superiority. But that doesn't mean consumers do. They eat what they are fed. That's why I said Apple and Intel have to force Thunderbolt into the light and into their computers. If Apple does it first and is noted for having the fastest stuff because they went the extra step people/companies will follow.

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  • aurichie
    Apr 22, 05:44 AM
    Useless to me if it is just for iTunes purchases. Please focus on more important things, Apple.

    Given iTunes is the world's biggest music store, I think their new service will be quite useful to a lot of people. It's not difficult to imagine the kinds of people who would benefit from having their iTunes purchases backed up to the cloud automatically.

    I just hope Steve Jobs doesn't wake up this morning and realise his new idea is useless to caspersoong and kill the project. :(

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  • z4n3
    Apr 20, 01:06 PM
    Is your backup encrypted???

    yep! and takes the Pwnage Tool vitamin :D

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  • jp102235
    Mar 29, 12:23 PM
    Apple still doesn't have upload to a cloud or wireless syncing, and Windows Phone does. 25 GB free sky drive, as well as a beautiful hub where you choose what to access at a glance.

    mobile me does this, and I suspect, it will become free soon (or at least parts of it).

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  • sam10685
    Sep 10, 08:58 AM
    My nano is already on eBay awaiting a nice metal clad 8GB version, I hope they do an andonised black one though to match my other gadgets.

    wow. your rather optimistic. hope everything works out for you.

    miley cyrus wallpapers 2011 hd. rare miley cyrus pictures
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  • anubis
    Sep 12, 02:33 PM
    We waited 334 days for this? That is how long we went without an iPod update, by far the longest gap in updates, and all we get is larger storage capacity and a few new games?

    In the past 2 quarters, for the first time since Apple introduced the iPod, iPod sales have declined. Last quarter, Apple sold just over 8 million iPods, down from a peak of over 14 million 2 quarters ago. The reason is because people bought new iPods, and there was no reason to replace them because it took Apple so long to update the models. Now, after all of the wait (nearly a year) and speculation about 16x9 video iPods, touch-screen controls, wireless capabilities, etc., I think this update will go mostly unnoticed to consumers and iPod sales will continue to fall. Apple needs to drastically change and improve iPod offerings if it wants to maintain its market advantage and keep the iPod fashionable.

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  • jrober
    Apr 20, 01:42 PM
    From what I'm reading only GSM devices do this - so if you have the WiFi it is probably not doing it.

    My iPad2 is a 3G one so should track wherever.

    miley cyrus wallpapers 2011 hd. myothant; 22-02-2011, 08:13; 0
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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 14, 09:07 AM
    May be Apple will give a silent upgrade to MBP before the special event just like they did with Mini and iMac before "Its Showtime"!
    What say?
    Perhaps, but the big question is:
    What is Apple releasing at Photokina?
    Aperture 2.0 - too little
    ACD - recently updated
    MBP/MB - at a Photo conference??? hardly.
    iPhone - again at photo conference??
    I dont have clue...

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  • g4tom
    Sep 26, 09:54 AM
    Check out the October issue of PC Magazine. This phone is on the cover as "what's hot now". It is made by LG. It is described just as the iPhone is being described. So the iPhone can't look like this or they will get sued. Or this is it and LG is making it for Apple???

    miley cyrus wallpapers 2011 hd. myothant; 22-02-2011, 08:13; 0
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  • felgatec
    Mar 29, 11:10 AM
    no one uses windows phones....and for a good reason sucks, it sucks, oh and it sucks....

    Sep 13, 08:57 PM
    Woah. That's pretty interesting.

    Sep 15, 05:51 PM
    If, for example, someone is using Verizon Wireless, would the Apple Phone work for them? In other words, how "universal" would this phone truly be? Would it be able to compete in international markets?

    (edited: clarification)

    Apr 4, 12:16 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    That security guard shoots better than the LA police. Lol

    Jul 17, 08:16 AM
    I wouldn't give you good odds for WWDC, but you should have your update within less than a month from it.

    Merom isn't out at the time of WWDC- it won't be until later in August. It is possible they may let apple take pre-orders if steve wants to really make it a massive attack at WWDC on all parts of the line charging ahead into the next generation, but you never know with him.

    Of course the way things are going, for all we know there may really be PB G5s at WWDC, who knows nowadays :rolleyes:Unless Apple gets some special early treatment from Intel, I agree with preorders.

    Sep 9, 11:23 AM
    Is one of the 512MB RAM on the iMac soldered on?? :confused:
    It was on a previous version of the iMac, not the current one.

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