Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • musiclover137
    Sep 13, 09:23 PM
    Go away- just go away.

    Can we all just agree not to talk about this thing until it is actually out? There is so much BS about this thing, maybe it does not deserve anything until two weeks after it is out... if ever.

    So, we have gone from some prankster photoshopping his Apple wet dreams to official macrumors photoshoping up rumors (shakes head)...

    You might be on the wrong site if you don't enjoy endless speculation and um.....RUMORS.

    Welcome to MacRumors. I forgot to look if you were a newbie, but you might want to get used to this kind of thing.

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  • applerocks
    Aug 23, 05:11 PM
    Too bad Apple had to pay when, IMO, they didn't really infringe on a patent.

    But, it's good that the lawsuits are done with.

    We'll see what Creative's next moves are. More accessories and less hardware?


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  • alust2013
    Apr 25, 12:00 AM
    Because I am going to. I'm a completely safe driver (even when doing 90 or above) until I run into some dunderhead who has to enforce the speed limit themselves. Had that woman just moved like everyone else did, I would have never had to cut her off in order to punish her. And yes I did have to punish her, because she needed to be taught her dang place on the road.


    There's no such thing as being safe driving 25 above the limit. I'm not the type of person to slow people down, because that's not my business, but I am the type of person to laugh at someone who whizzes past me, then I pass 5 miles later getting written up. Just wait until your first ticket or accident, you'll reconsider your driving habits.

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  • homsar
    May 3, 10:21 AM
    Who has room for two external displays on a desk that already has a 27" iMac?! Dual outs on the MBP would make much more sense, although achieving it may be more of a technical challenge in terms of GPU power.

    ETA: Of course, having an external display connected directly and using the other ThunderBolt port for non-display ThunderBolt devices makes much sense, especially seeing as ThunderBolt devices can't be daisy-chained after a display. So I'm not saying the two ports don't make sense.

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  • InuNacho
    Apr 25, 12:55 PM
    The only thing I can think of is the removal of the optical drive.

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  • cube
    Apr 22, 12:53 PM
    Uhh, no, it won't. As long as the logic board is at the thickest point then they will be able to house the same power components as the current Pro.

    Making the Pro thinner and removing the optical drive does not make a big MBA. Not in the slightest.

    Even the 15" Zacates have optical drives. An MBP without optical drive would look bad.

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  • lkrupp
    Apr 4, 12:07 PM
    I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often. Applestores must be filled with cash. I would think one would be a bit easier to rob than a bank.

    I would bet there is actually very little cash in the typical Apple store. I personally have never observed a single customer pay with cash for anything at the two stores in my area. Everybody pays with credit or debit cards.

    These guys were after the products, probably iPhones and iPads, which would bring in some hefty cash on the black market.

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 9, 10:12 AM
    I don't think that there's any data yet on failure rates and problems with the new Core 2 iMacs...

    He is talking about reliability data from at least the last 10 years, you must have no clue about, of course...after all, Macs just started doing Windows, right? :rolleyes:

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  • ehoui
    Apr 28, 04:14 PM
    Long on Apple, Microsoft and Google. These are the class leaders. Microsoft is entrenched and executes well in the enterprise space. Their consumer products are good, but not great. While they suffer from too much breadth and not enough deep focus, they have the will to invest for the long term and that is important. Google can be a game changer when they go after a space. Apple executes incredibly well in the consumer space. All good here.

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  • Howardchief
    Mar 23, 05:53 PM
    You counter point is just as silly.

    His counter point is supposed to be just as silly. That's his point.

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  • Compile 'em all
    Nov 14, 10:29 AM
    I'm just a regular iPhone user...not a developer. I just want my phone work. And I want the apps to be fully vetted and tested before they are available for download. RA's action doesn't make me dislike the iPhone, Mac computers, or Apple. In fact, quite the opposite. It makes RA look childish. I say...good riddance.


    Did you even bother reading the goddamn article? Apple rejected the app because RA implemented the displaying of the remote device in the exact same way Apple does in their remote App!

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  • MacRumors
    Sep 15, 05:27 PM (

    ThinkSecret claims ( that Apple will finally be releasing the long awaited Apple Phone in early 2007.

    The rumor site claims that after scrapping a ground-up design, they've decided to go with "several off-the-shelf parts for what will be the first of at least two or three different phones" in the first part of 2007.

    The phones are said to include high-end features such as a 3-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display and complete iTunes/iPod integration. As well, the phone will not be limited to 100 songs as current iTunes phones are.

    Earlier this week we posted an artist rendition ( of one of Apple's phone prototypes.

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 9, 04:03 AM
    i would think that the imac 24" 2.33 is looking mighty nice about now.

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  • generik
    Sep 10, 05:35 AM
    The iMacs will NEVER see Kentsfields. Apple would have to have put Conroe in the new iMacs for that even to be a remote possibility. Even if they had I would still say it would never get Kentsfields.

    I mean people are saying that Conroe is too hot for the iMac as it is (I don't think they are) but Kentsfield is two Conroe dies on one package. Meaning almost double the power consumption and heat generation.

    The iMac is huge (relatively speaking), are you telling me such a huge enclosure won't be able to dissipitate an extra 30W or so? It is only around 30W more!

    Like it or not Apple will have to somehow fit the Kentsfield into their lineup, cos their advertising campaigns are going to look very lame when Dell simply cops their "switch" campaign style and come out with a "PC" with 4 heads and a "Mac" with only 2.

    When Kentfield replaces Conroes and every $999 Dell ships with quad core, it is quite hard to justify buying a dual (in Apple's case, a $2000+ quad)

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  • damienvfx
    Sep 12, 05:18 PM
    Kind of a huge gap, don'cha think? For an extra $100 I can nearly TRIPLE the capacity? Why would I even consider a 30 GB model?

    I imagine the 80 is about the same size. I'd go with the 30 if I was in the market for a regular iPod. Honsestly though, I can't stand feeling the hard drive move in my hand with the regular iPods.

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  • Frisco
    Oct 12, 01:34 PM
    Check out DeaPeaJay's mockup at AppleInsider. Me want.

    That's Hot! I love the deep red.

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 9, 01:38 AM
    Is 20% speed improvement a lot for a core 2 designation?

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  • Eidorian
    May 3, 10:25 AM
    Still USB 2.0
    Meh.Time for a break out box! :D

    Which goes against the stark minimalism Apple was going for. Wait, what?

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  • boncellis
    Jul 14, 12:36 PM
    From what I can tell Merom is just a Conroe that can operate at a lower TDP. They're all just fabricated off the same piece of silicon. (Someone posted an image on this.)

    That's right. Even Woodcrest is part of the same family. They're just designed and engineered for different purposes (mobile, desktop, server).

    What's missing to me is the uniform marketing scheme to help sell potential customers. Intel has Centrino Duo currently, presumably Centrino 2 Duo (terrible name, in my opinion) for Merom, Core 2 Duo/Extreme (equally terrible) for Conroe, but I haven't heard anything for Woodcrest. Xeon Duo? Xeon Core 2? I have no idea.

    The point is that they all have a lot in common, but it's easy to get confused, and Intel isn't really helping at this point. Where are the marketing people to get it right? At least Apple's scheme is somewhat better--Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro--more clearly defined segmentation in my opinion.

    Sep 9, 12:08 PM
    What is to be skeptical about? Seriously Intel continuously improves its hardware, they have to or end up getting trounced on by the competition. In fact recent history with respect to AMD demonstrates what happens when they don't take a serious look at their hardware.

    The issue with Merom and this iterations backward computability is that it gets INTEL 64 bit hardware to market fast as frankly they weren't even competing in that realm. For Intel 64 bit is serious issue as they are behind the eight ball or this one. It is an example of Intel being asleep at the wheel as they focused on who needs 64 bit instructions when a good part of the market demand was for addressable ram.I'm skeptical that Napa64 is a different chipset then the standard Intel 945 mobile series. Core 2 Duo works in the same socket as Yonah but somehow you need a Napa64 chipset to get full 64-bit addressing? They haven't changed a thing with the 945. Napa64 is just the 945 chipset with a Merom instead of a Yonah. We won't see any real change until we hit Santa Rosa.

    Frankly I haven't followed Kentsfield that much, more of an AMD man, but what is interesting to me with respect to this thread, is that MEROM the platform has a long way to go yet.

    DaveKentsfield is two Conroes on a single die. They don't share cache like the previous Pentium D chips. So they'll each have 4 MB of cache and then communicate over the front side bus.

    Oct 12, 12:51 PM
    They might as well add a Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro too.

    Hehe...this topic goes everywhere! ;)

    Apr 25, 01:39 PM
    Could just be me, but I think the design is perfect. Apple is still way ahead of the competition with the unibody design. How much better can it get?

    I think the design is perfect too - although Apple always seems to take a seemingly perfect design and add to it. I'm excited at the thought of a new design, mainly because I can't imagine what they could possibly improve.

    Mar 23, 08:26 AM
    All I want is a quad core Mac mini. ;)

    Apr 25, 06:52 PM
    awesome... maybe they'll update the Mac Mini's too I'm thinking of doing "" and a nicer mini would fit the ticket.

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