Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • cadillac1234
    Apr 22, 11:46 AM
    Every time I get ready to pull the trigger on the 11' something holds me back :D

    I don't really need one but I sure want one

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  • MOFS
    Mar 30, 11:35 AM
    The thing to remember is that there are two words for "application". Apple use "application" (with the suffix .app) on OS X. Microsoft uses "Programs" (suffix .exe). Application is linked with Apple, so when they call it the "App Store" it is based on their previous use. "Prog Store" would also not be generic.

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  • Benjamins
    Mar 29, 12:49 PM
    Ask Nokia customers how important profit is.

    lol better yet, ask Lehman Brothers' customers :rolleyes:

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  • diamond.g
    Apr 14, 02:14 PM
    So is TB actually included in the chipset or does it still need a separate controller? Sandy Bridge and Intel 6-series chipsets already support Thunderbolt "capability". In my ears this sounds like TB will not be included in the chipset which makes this piece of news more or less useless. USB 3.0 support has been known for months now.

    I am pretty sure the current Intel boards require a separate Thunderbolt controller chip. Ivy Bridge seems to be pulling that chip into the ICH. Same for USB3.

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  • ely
    Oct 27, 01:29 PM
    I mentioned it in the other thread, but Apple is sponsoring a tech recycling event for schools and the public throughout Hawaii this week.

    Also, thanks for the Apple environment link. Didn't know about the 10% discount on iPods when turning in an old one. With no educational discounts on iPods anymore, that's a pretty decent deal.

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  • RealaT
    Apr 28, 04:00 PM
    Microsoft is still doing very well. They're making the best products they ever have done and as a customer I am very pleased with all of my Microsoft purchases.

    - Zune desktop software
    - Zune hardware and mobile software
    - Windows Phone 7
    - Windows 7
    - Office 2010
    - Office 2011 for Mac
    - Xbox 360
    - Xbox Live

    All great products and deserve to be class leaders if they are not already. I can't think of another company (including Apple) that has put out such a fantastic range of very good products.

    Where did you buy Zune hardware in the UK? And since we didn't even get the Zune subscription service until September 2010 it can't have been much use to you!

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 20, 04:44 PM
    For all the bleeding heart liberals I've spoken with over the years, who want crazy amounts taxed in order to support social uplift programs, I never see any of them giving away 50+% of their income to charity. It's a lot easier to ask the government to give other peoples money to charity.

    Sure is. A hypothetical I like to propose:

    Considering that the discrepancies between "rich" and "poor" as far as voting goes are far over blown ( (Rich DO vote liberal and poor DO vote conservative) with the top third of white income earners STILL voting liberal, despite their high incomes and the ever-pervasive myth that rich people vote republican.

    If this top third of income earners, instead of trying to legislate their charities through democratic votes and the force of law, simply put 50%, 60%, 70%, hell, 90% of their incomes towards charity rather than owning a home, owning multiple vehicles, owning boats, "traveling", shopping at Lunds or Kowalskis, etc, the poverty problem would be fixed, or at the very least, helped significantly without forcing ANYBODY to do ANYTHING.

    But then again, these people would rather force everyone to pony up the dough rather than take a hit to their lifestyles.

    Charity is a beautiful thing, but forced charity?

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  • rtdunham
    Mar 23, 05:58 PM
    I actually agree. Pull 'em. It may be censorship, but it's dangerous not to.

    Seems to me if it's NOT censorship to prohibit yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre, it shouldn't be censorship to ban yelling "DUI stop" on the crowded highways we stage our lives on daily (see what I did there?). ;)

    I say pull the apps.

    Doesn't matter what party a senator is from , they are all liars and cheats.

    Gosh, maybe we should ban stereotyping, too. :)

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  • balamw
    Sep 1, 12:55 AM
    Please explain to me how a computer company would benefit from aquiring a camera company because I just don't see it.
    Canon is far more than just a camera company, even tough that is their core business.

    In the consumer area, their scanners and printers are usually quite decent.

    However, I too just don't see the synergy.


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  • ThunderSkunk
    Apr 25, 03:37 PM
    No keyboard, no trackpad. iPad built-in as horiz touch-surface for configurable keyboard & trackpad area, and instant-access to data on the mac thru iOS + apps. BAM! Crazytime.

    Man o man would the typists be pissed.

    ...just like they were when the iPhone came out.

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  • berkleeboy210
    Sep 13, 11:16 PM
    I'm calling for another invite to go out w/ in the next 2 weeks saying "One More Thing" and we'll get the phone and the true vPod

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  • Shivetya
    Mar 24, 08:43 AM
    Even bigger screens? They're getting closer to replacing bedroom TV's now..

    I don't believe they will get larger screens, they are almost too large for most cars when boxed as it is.

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  • swingerofbirch
    Oct 12, 09:52 PM
    I have to pay an extra $10 and that goes where?

    The extra $10 comes out of the $50/month wages of the iPod oompa loompa workers in China and goes to African AIDS relief.

    It makes it so much more convenient for the Chinese to donate directly in this way.

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  • balamw
    Aug 23, 11:05 PM
    1. Apple infringed on the patent
    2. Apple paid license for use of the patent
    3. Go watch TV.. show over folks.
    You forgot:

    0. Once issued, even the most bogus patent has the presumption of validity.

    I look forward to the recent IBM proposals to create a Wiki for reviewing patents before they issue.


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  • rdrr
    Sep 15, 05:52 PM
    I thought 10 Mega Pixels were possible with some tech that is suppose to arrive at the end of this year for phones.

    I wonder if the new phone was like the original iPod Shuffle. You wear it around your neck. That would be funny. I would like the Star Trek Next Generation phone were you tap it on your chest to call people and it automatically goes into speaker phone. That was sort of like the shuffle concept with simple controls and no screen. Even works with iTunes.

    Hmmm that is an intresting thought. I saw a demo, over a year ago, of a wireles VoIP phone at Dartmouth University that did just that. They wear them around their neck or use a clip, but it was voice activated, and they actually called them their "Star Trek badges".

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 01:44 AM
    You're also the guy that will wreck his car because I force you to, and you're also the guy that I will then sue to pay for my deductible and any applicable medical costs. And I'm the guy that will laugh in your face and say "gonna move for me next time?" as I walk out of court and you cut me a check.

    I'm sorry, but if you're the guy that goes 70mph in the fast lane and refuses to move, you are at fault for what ever I chose to dish out to you, for not having the common courtesy to move your car.


    And your ethics take an even worse.
    The system is clearly broken and you are living proof of it.
    Heck if something like that you did that me i would use this thread as poof your actions and laugh my ass off when end up in jail.

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  • DJMastaWes
    Jul 17, 04:18 PM
    Alternative temporary plan is buy the refurb 1.83 GHz MacBook for $949 now then sell it for about the same when the 2.33 GHz Merom MacBook Pros ships. I would think any almost new MacBook will sell for the same price as refurb or worst case $50 less until the Merom MacBooks ship - which could be at the same time as the MBP but more likely by November. :)

    I don't want to buy and sell for a month use.

    If the chip is comeing out on staurday (23rd) doesnt that mean that they MBPs will chip the 7th? seeing as how the chip would already be out...

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  • freddiecable
    Sep 16, 02:44 AM
    They will probably base their design from Ericsson or another platform. LG does not develop the mobile plattform for their mobile phones - they buy them from Ericsson - then they design around it. It's faaaar to expensive to build mobile technology from ground up...

    But - Apple has to innovate when it comes to integration and interaction with the phone AND of cource the design.

    I'm buying one the second it's out.

    A shame about scrapping the idea of a ground up design - I hope that doesn't lead to a lack of innovation. That's what really leads Apple along! Although if they just make a killer phone (I'm sure they will at some point...) it's bound to sell buckets loads!


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  • Bear
    Sep 26, 09:26 AM
    Oh man. Verizon early termination fee, here I come.I wouldn't pick a cellular service company based on just the available phone models.

    Does the company have service where you need it?

    Do they have a service plan that fits your calling needs?


    Oh and if you do decide you want to switch, see if the new company will give you some crefit towards the early termination fee.

    Oct 12, 04:02 PM
    This site is so wierd - 10 people actually clicked on the negative rating to this story like there is anything negative about it.

    Apr 25, 12:03 AM
    There's no such thing as being safe driving 25 above the limit. I'm not the type of person to slow people down, because that's not my business, but I am the type of person to laugh at someone who whizzes past me, then I pass 5 miles later getting written up. Just wait until your first ticket or accident, you'll reconsider your driving habits.

    Technically I was only 20 over the limit (I'm in Michigan). Also, radar detectors are a great thing:)

    EDIT: @mrsir2009 - no that lady was doing 5mph under the speed limit in the passing lane, while not even passing. Traffic in the right side lane was passing her. She then proceeded to brake check me and travel under 55mph (the posted minimum in Michigan). More like wtf is wrong with her.

    Apr 22, 12:00 PM
    Awesome. I want a current MBA, but they're a tad too much right now. This will lower those prices.

    I don't see why this will it make cheaper. Beside MBA price lowered drastically from the previous iteration and had good sales recently because of it - so, don't hope too much about it.

    I'm happy for newcomers if they will get a SB MBA. I'm still set for an Ivy MBA :)

    Sep 9, 02:34 AM
    Cant wait to see what the mbp can do with that chip. If only we could upgrade our core duo chips to the new core 2 duo easily.

    Apple OC
    Jan 2, 03:32 PM
    The McAfee free trial versions for Mac should be out any day now. :cool:

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