Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • MurphyM
    Apr 30, 02:36 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Chicken or the egg e-coli. Something has to come first. When considering the purchase of a machine you'll have around for 3-4 years why wouldn't you be eager to have the forward-looking port instead of not having it?

    I taught a 5-day class to Microsoft employees when Windows 98 was close to release, for people who'd be supporting it. It was the first time many people had heard of USB, and there were almost no devices to show people. In fact the only one I remember was the Cherry keyboard.

    Anyway, I can see why people who've been able to delay their purchase time-frame long enough are "excited" - because by waiting a few weeks or months they'll be more current and better equipped for years.

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  • mcmlxix
    Apr 20, 11:37 AM
    This is a huge concern because of the use by law enforcement ( of the Cellebrite device to download and scrutinize the data in cell phones. Apparently, police departments in Michigan are using this device when pulling drivers on traffic violations. Here ( is another article on the use in Michigan.

    Cellebrite's widget is apparently able to download and scrutinize ( the data from a vast variety of mobile devices, including Blackberry phones and the iPhone.

    Isn't this illegal search and seizure?

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  • The Phazer
    Apr 20, 11:17 AM
    Sigh. While the risk is very slight (I don't care about government access - they already have access to the carrier's records with a court order, but in theory this information is useful to a thief - say to identify the home address of a user to flag the home of someone who owned an iPhone and hence is probably worth breaking into their house or even identifying good times to do so given they're out most of the time at work etc), it's far from good that it's there.

    Not least because writing a huge log of this data is silly and pointless and is using up system requirements by doing so. I would assume that the the file has been left in due to nothing more than incompetence (Android doesn't seem to do this sort of tracking, it's not mandatory on the device itself), but if so it is very odd that nobody has noticed this while trying to optimise the code.

    So Apple either left in a bad privacy risk on purpose or audited the code badly for both security and performance. Neither of those options is very palatable.

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  • 840quadra
    Sep 13, 10:01 PM
    2. Is it just me, or did the "pre-announcement" of a product that has an "internal" name of iTV, which may or may not be the products real name, strike anyone else as very un-Apple like.

    Your first point is intriguing and has me thinking too, however your 2nd is not too far from being "Apple". Apple has used code names for years. It is a known fact and something that is well documented throughout the web at credible sites like and the likes run by former Apple employees.

    Unless you were actually commenting on the "pre-announcement�" itself and not the codename


    AKA Cyclone

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 19, 08:01 PM
    Unable to be a good corporate citizen, unable to satisfy their greed as they rake in more profits than the competition, Apples looking rather desperate. Nothing will ever be enough.

    After having seen the actual claims, I don't think so. Apple was forced to do this. Notice there are quite a few trademark claims in there, relating to icon design, and trade dress claims.

    The problem with Trademarks is that if Apple doesn't enforce them, they will lose them. As such, their hand is forced in this. However, just the trademark claims would make for one small suit and would make it so some of them might get thrown out. Enter the design patent claims to "pad" the lawsuit and to use as bargaining chips.

    In the end, Apple may just drop the patent claims during settlement negotations and get awards for all their trademarks, which is probably what they are seeking.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 09:23 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The best thing about listening to music on my iPod is I can listen to it wherever I am, such as in the car. Can't get wifi in the car, and no way am I tethering to my phone just to listen to music.

    why would you tether to ur phone if u have an iphone?

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  • Joe-Diver
    Mar 29, 11:08 AM
    Don't believe it!

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 25, 02:42 AM
    I volunteered only to further my college applications. I really couldn't give a crap about the people my work supposedly helped. All I care about is that it helped me.

    I don't view myself as cold hearted, I view myself as being a realist. This "let's be nice to everyone" crap has turned 95% of society into blithering retarded bleeding hearts. I only care about people who I can use to further myself, or those who have genuinely done something caring for me (family); otherwise you are completely expendable to me (take note anyone who works under me in a decade). I do not feel that society's rules apply to me, because I simply know that I am better than many of the people in society; the rules (including speed limits) are there for lesser folk. Look at our pop culture, it shows how stupid most are. What you call morally and ethically bankrupt, I call opportunistic and motivated.

    For proclaiming yourself as a realist, you live in quite the imaginary land if you think you can disregard laws and then think you won't have to face some very real consequences.

    Lesser folk...who do you think you are? Thank god my 16 year old brother does not have this mindset as I would have to smack some sense into him

    Then again, it must be nice being born into a fortunistic household (harvard parents, judges in family, etc) in terms of monetary means only with no doing of your own. But of course, that mere act of being born earned you that right to be better than everyone else. Got it.

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  • zep1977
    Apr 28, 03:38 PM
    I bet ballmers goal is $5.99 billion profit next quarter.

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  • Half Glass
    Sep 14, 10:09 AM
    Co-branding is a better idea because yes, unless they make a camera that would take Canon or Nikon lenses on their own it would be a failure as a pro tool.


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  • gnasher729
    Mar 29, 12:10 PM
    IDC seems to assume that anyone who would have walked into a store and bought a Nokia smartphone (with Symbian) will now walk into the store and still buy a Nokia smartphone (with WP7 this time).

    "Smartphones" covers a huge range of different phones. iOS and Android cover the higher end, Symbian covered the lower end. In the future, building the hardware for a "smartphone" instead of a dumb phone will become cheaper; as a result, many people not interested in the capabilities of a smartphone at all will buy one by default; that will make the smartphone market grow. That is also what makes Apple's iPhone market share shrink: Apple's sales are growing, the market share among _all_ phones is growing, but because the percentage of smart phones among all phones is growing from say 20% to 90%, the market share among smart phones is going down.

    But why would a former Nokia customer buy WP7? IDC assumes this will happen by default; they bought Nokia before, they bought Nokia again. But Nokia doesn't have the same product anymore. If the customer can't get something similar to what they had before, they are free to look _anywhere_. And WP7 can't beat Android on price (because of the license fees fees Nokia has to pay to Microsoft), and WP7 can't beat iOS on quality. I can't see any former Nokia customer deciding that a Nokia WP7 phone will be the best they can get for their money.

    Seems believable...all those people that bought Nokia phones obviously did not care that Symbian was outdated. Why will they not buy Nokia with a much modern OS under the hood?

    At some point Nokia had the best phones; then they messed it all up. People kept buying Nokia phones in shrinking numbers because they remembered Nokia's good reputation. That reputation is now gone. And there is still a bit of desert ahead of Nokia until they have WP7 phones for sale; that isn't going to help.

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  • mdriftmeyer
    Apr 19, 06:52 AM
    Strongly? I mean, ``We're talkin' fierce! Here us Roarrrr!''

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  • gnasher729
    Oct 28, 01:07 PM
    This has NOTHING to do with environmentalism, president Bush, or freedom of speech. It has to do with a the organizers of a privately held event kicking out an attendee for violating the terms it had set.

    Not quite. This is one attendee that proved to be troublemaker in the past, who made the mistake of not following the terms to the tiniest detail, thereby giving the organisers an excuse for kicking them out. If lets say NVidia or ATI were showing graphics cards that are of interest to Macintosh users, and they were violating the terms of the organizers in the same way, nothing would happen at all.

    That said, I wouldn't have let them in in the first place. It seems that their attack against Apple was mostly caused by Apple not making any actual promises about environmental issues - Greenpeace measured companies mostly by the amount of promises they made, and Apple is more into action.

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  • cube
    May 3, 12:11 PM
    I understand that Eyefinity offers a single display per connector. The best example being the 5/6 Mini DisplayPort video cards on the market.

    What I have not seen are daisy chaining multiple displays from a single DisplayPort connector (via proper cabling) or from a passthrough based on a display to an additional monitor.

    You can see the multiple monitor setups for those cards in the usual hardware sites.

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  • Jamesbot
    Mar 23, 04:47 PM
    Miles you make a great point... You also confirm that Apple better pull them, its a pointless app because if your so drunk then you can't operate a phone let alone an app.

    Whatever. Just because you're over the legal limit doesn't mean you're so completely smashed that you can't operate a touch screen device. Using an iphone is much, much easier than driving a car while intoxicated.

    That said, I don't want to make this about whether or not drunk driving is OK. We all know it's wrong. At least I hope we all know it.

    The way I see it, a group of politicians get together to conceive some non-issue, complain about something that is completely legal, in order to score points with their constituents and look like they're being tough on drunk driving. I guarantee you that these guys have driven home drunk just as much as the average person. Maybe I'm being cynical, but come on! Don't we have enough on our plate already with all the actual work we need to get done. Enough with the goddamned showmanship already!

    Ask apple to take the apps down, who are you kidding?

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 17, 04:29 PM
    Are they any good? I've never seen a phone with a good camera, 10MP phone sounds like 10MP of grainy nasty pictures to me.

    I agree. There's no way I would ever want a 10mp camera. I think 5 or 6 tops for me, and that might be pushing it for a normal camera. I like to send a lot of the pictures I take through phone mail, and it just seems a 10mp photo would take a long time to send due the large size of the file. A 1.5mp camera on my cell phone works good for me right now.

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  • bbplayer5
    Mar 23, 04:22 PM
    No one likes drunk drivers. No one. Period. That being said, Apple should not pull the App. Speed trap apps will be next (Trapster)... Keep the app store open to everything thats legal. This is no different than a friend calling you telling you to avoid a check point. Neither is illegal.

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  • yellowballoon
    Mar 29, 12:11 PM
    Apple still doesn't have upload to a cloud or wireless syncing, and Windows Phone does. 25 GB free sky drive, as well as a beautiful hub where you choose what to access at a glance. In iOS, you have to flick and flick, especially if you have many apps. The wireless syncing is slick. Facebook integration flawless. WP7 also now has cut, copy, and paste and HTML5 before the end of the year. I'm sorry, but hooking up with the largest mobile phone manufacture is a no brainer.

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  • Sodner
    Mar 29, 02:26 PM
    April fools!

    Next it's IDC predicts........

    "The iPhone 5 will run the next iteration of the popular Android OS code named "Butter Ball" and is scheduled to be released this Friday. Long lines are expect as it's only carrier in the US will be Sprint."

    Sep 14, 07:05 AM
    the iPhone is going to be a useless product unless they release it in big enough sizes to replace my iPod. It's like carrying two ipods around. I already have a 60 gig...why would I spend the extra money to buy an expensive phone that only holds 5 gigs or something? It's just a dumb idea, unless they release major sizes that can replace the big ipods. I don't know why everyone is drooling over this thing.

    Apr 14, 12:39 PM
    Some PC ship with FW, but not many. It is considered a Mac only interface.

    That's because intel and the peecee vendors crippled it. Mac's all have normal firewire ports. Every peecee and windows laptop I've ever seen has the micro-firewire ports that are normally only for portable end devices like video cameras and camcorders. The micro ports do not provide bus power either!

    Imagine if they did that with USB, instead of putting the normal USB ports on your Dell or HP laptop, they put the micro USB ports like you find on a cell phone, and also took away the bus-power, so thumb drives wouldn't work, and any USB device would require an external A/C adapter. That would have completely destroyed USB as a technology and nobody would have used it. Well, that's *exactly* what they did to Firewire.

    Sep 10, 04:47 PM
    I am not worried at all. Yes the next event will be all about the Movie store and next gen iPod.

    Some love it some not. For the lather ones, the one more thing, the MBP update, "by public demand".

    Everybody is happy. Well almost.

    Amazing Iceman
    Mar 30, 12:00 PM
    Examples of uses (Dvorak in his references to "killer app"):


    What I understood is that the word "App" by itself is not the reason for the lawsuit, but the term "App Store" is; both words used together.

    Apr 11, 03:57 PM
    Lottery and Gambling winnings are tax exempt. I wish the Canadians would annex Vegas.;) All my card counting skills is lining Uncle Sam's pockets.:mad: And if I get caught, the medical bills for fixing my thumbs won't come out of my pockets.;)

    Bob, it that you?? :p

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