Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • dsnort
    Sep 19, 01:43 PM
    So, new movies this week? or do we have to wait until next?

    Probably at the same time as the Merom MBP. :eek:

    I bought one, just to test. Wasn't bad, would buy more if they add a title I want.

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  • emaja
    Mar 29, 12:48 PM
    Apple has one phone while the other manufacturers have dozens each. Would this really a surprise if it came about?

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  • MattDell
    Sep 3, 07:22 PM
    This may be a really dumb question, but when the new MBP comes out, do y'all think it'll stay aroudn the same price range or increase?:confused:
    Typically you get an upgrade and no price change. Sometimes the price even goes down.


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  • MrWinters
    Apr 28, 03:46 PM
    Microsoft is DEAD. And so is Google.


    Microsoft just posted a record quarter.

    "Microsoft reported strong third-quarter sales and earnings, as the software giant weathered slowing PC sales with strong performances from its Office and Xbox businesses.

    Net income in the company's fiscal third quarter climbed 31 percent to $5.23 billion on sales of $16.43 billion, a 13 percent gain.

    "We delivered strong financial results despite a mixed PC environment, which demonstrates the strength and breadth of our businesses," Microsoft's chief financial officer, Peter Klein, said in a statement. "Consumers are purchasing Office Xbox, and Kinect at tremendous rates, and businesses of all sizes are purchasing Microsoft platforms and applications."

    Read more:"

    Just because Apple's profit was higher doesn't dispel the end for Microsoft or Google. Every company in American except one made less profit that Apple, and trust me, they aren't all "doomed or Dead"....

    Grow up Mr. Lawyer!

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  • berkleeboy210
    Sep 13, 11:16 PM
    I'm calling for another invite to go out w/ in the next 2 weeks saying "One More Thing" and we'll get the phone and the true vPod

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  • sushi
    Sep 20, 03:24 AM
    I would be exstatic to get a 720p movie, and like you, I would certainly have no problem waiting the time it would take to download it. I just want HD downloadable content from iTMS, which is why the iTV has me so excited. I may hold off on getting that HD-DVD player until I learn more about it.
    And the download, would be platform independent with regards to BluRay or HD-DVD. Cool.

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  • milo
    Sep 19, 03:59 PM
    I cannot sell it or give it away as a gift.

    You give used DVD's as gifts? :confused: Your friends must love you.

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  • Maestro64
    Oct 27, 12:43 PM
    I am in favor of Greenpeace's "Green My Apple" campaign. For all of Steve Jobs' zen-attitude, vegetarianism, often-proclaimed "do the right thing" stance, and Apple's financial liquidity, there's no reason why other manufacturers can make the change and Apple isn't willing to move in the right direction with their products.

    First and fore most, no other company is making an 100% recyclable product. The thing that greenpeace are holding up as the right thing is that Dell and others agree to bring the product back and keep it out of a land fill as a PC not to say it does not end up there anyway. This is only true if a consumer wishes to send it back. But if they put it in the trash it still goes to the land fill and contaminated the ground.

    If the consumer sends it back, all Dell and others do is sales or turns it over to a recycular who takes out what can be recycled and sells it for what they can and those items which can not be recycle are places in US land fills or burned to ashes and put in a land fill with all the toxic chemical.

    Like I said before, no one has figures out how to make products which we all are willing to buy without toxic chemicals at price you all are willing to pay.

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  • Chimera
    Sep 14, 11:15 AM
    Prior to the date being given out for the press event I was fully expecting a new MBP at Photokina.

    However now given that it is on a Sunday I see no hope of an update. They wouldn't take down the store on a Sunday whereas the Apeture update will either be a free download or a preview of a 2.0 App therefore needing no major store changes.

    PS Is there any precedence of hardware updates on a Sunday?

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  • aristotle
    Nov 13, 05:45 PM
    You're missing the point. Yes, Apple, as the copyright holder, can define the extent of its license (assuming they haven't already waived the right to do so, which they may have, and assuming it isn't fair use, which it almost certainly is), and, yes, they can decide what goes into the app store, making the extent of the copyright license moot.

    But it doesn't make sense for them to do so! Integration between iphone and mac would only sell more of each. They don't lose money on this sort of use of the icons - it's not like they offer a paid license for those images.

    There is no duty to police copyrights to avoid losing them.

    And, there is no rational alternative to using those icons (despite your repeated "all they had to do is create their own icons" argument) because Apple is likely to turn around and assert trademark/trade dress.

    So all you can do is use words, or images unrelated to the appearance of the machines being represented. If the words say "Macbook Pro," e.g., APple can turn around and say you can't do THAT, either, because that's a trademark. If your handmade image looks too much like a mac, that's trademark infringement too (according to Apple). So you have to make it NOT look like the thing it represents. That totally defeats the POINT of the images in this use.

    It's like having to write an article in a newspaper reviewing a concert without mentioning the name of the band or the names of any of the band members.

    And Apple is doing it for absolutely no good reason.
    I'm not missing the point. You are. They have a right to determine how their trademarks are to be used and if they did not vigourously defend them, you would see MSFT stealing even icons from OS X.

    Apple is a company with a responsibility to shareholders. They are not your friends. Google is not your friend either.

    The purpose of the image use is on a mac. You are also not looking at it from Apple's point of view that Apple wants to have the iPhone be a success regardless of whether the server used in a client server environment is running OS X, linux, some other unix or windows. If they were to allow some of their third party developer running OS X based services use their icons, the real client server developers running in the cloud would complain about favouritism. They have to keep third party developers under the same rules regardless of whether the app uses a mac based service or not.

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  • Stevamundo
    Apr 28, 06:02 PM
    Microsoft is still doing very well. They're making the best products they ever have done and as a customer I am very pleased with all of my Microsoft purchases.

    - Zune desktop software
    - Zune hardware and mobile software
    - Windows Phone 7
    - Windows 7
    - Office 2010
    - Office 2011 for Mac
    - Xbox 360
    - Xbox Live

    All great products and deserve to be class leaders if they are not already. I can't think of another company (including Apple) that has put out such a fantastic range of very good products.

    Really? I mean really? Zune? You forgot to write down Vista too kid. LOL!

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  • Tike1994
    Mar 22, 01:48 PM
    Finally some Mac news. I've been waiting since Christmas to get my first Mac desktop. All my iOS devices will finally have a Mac to connect to!!

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  • psionic001
    Sep 14, 09:30 AM
    Why wait for the iPhone when you can have this iPodesque phone!

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 02:04 AM
    Uh no I didn't. I just interpreted the law. As someone implied earlier, this could all be a ruse. I might not have done anything I said in this thread. No one here can know 100% for sure, because you did not witness the event I claim occurred. That simple fact, in addition to any record searching anyone did without a warrant would be an invasion of privacy would get anything I say in this thread thrown out of court faster than you could blink.


    guess what.
    This thread could be enough to get a warrant to prove your who you are.
    Also Arn could easily hand over you IP tracing you down even father along with your email address which is all legal and could be submitted to court as he freely handed over his privates data to the cops.

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  • Senbei
    Sep 10, 05:48 AM
    Clovertown (~November 2006) might be a build to order high end option for Mac Pro as opposed to taking the entire line to 8 cores since there are limitations with that approach including higher power consumption and higher heat output.

    Tigerton (Q3 2007 ~summer 2007) is slated to be a true multi-core (quad cores in a single multi-chip module) followup to Woodcrest/Clovertown. It will also use a new platform (Caneland platform comprised of Tigerton/Dunnington and the Clarksboro chipset) which includes a higher performance dedicated high-speed interconnect that gives each processor a direct pathway to the chipset and is supposed to be much faster than the current front-side bus technology. The timing (WWDC 2007) sounds more likely for a major Mac Pro refresh where it does 8 core across the line (and Leopard will probably have a lot more optimization for that many cores).

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 4, 11:58 AM
    I've never seen a mall security guard carrying a gun.

    I have. And it said that it was BEFORE the mall opened. So if it was night security.. it's different.

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  • acslater017
    Sep 5, 04:06 PM
    I expect upgrades to the laptops, iMac, and Mini. Also, there is a good chance of introducing either a iPhone or a iHome.
    iTunes Movie Store is certain, although it would be interesting to note how apple goes about selling movies (like the resolution, download times, pricing etc.)

    haha wasn't the iHome that supposed elevator photo thing?

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  • 7on
    Sep 13, 08:24 AM
    This is the first time I've thought about getting an iPod since the 4G.

    First time I've thought about getting an iPod since the 2G

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  • splintah
    Sep 10, 08:33 AM
    quad core macbook pro anyone ?

    Apr 30, 01:44 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Thunderbolt drives will be out this summer.

    Sep 15, 06:17 PM
    the ipod wasn't a ground up design either.

    portal player had the software, pixo designed the UI, toshiba had the new 1.8" hard drives and tony fadell who came up with the whole idea was an outside vendor who pitched the ipod to real networds first (who turned them down, genius).

    now admittedly, it was apple, jobs and ives' that took a good idea and refined it to being the great product introduced in '03, but the ipod was an interesting break from apple's NIH syndrome. so much so that i question the TS report about apple going for a ground up design.

    I still have and use my original 5gb ipod. Came out before christmas, but after 9/11. I remember thinking how expensive it seemed & the state of the country at that point and wondered if anyone would buy it, I got mine in the spring of '02.

    Sep 14, 12:26 PM
    A Digital Image Suite esque bundle of a pro iPhoto and Aperture.
    :confused: Aperture is a pro iPhoto.

    Sep 5, 11:48 PM
    i know, but in that case apple has to port front row to windows. Or they have to implement front row into itunes or something like that, so that it will work exactly the same way on windows as on mac. as long as they have itunes installed. but that way, all media files (movie store movies, avi, divx, video_ts folders and even photo's) should be stored inside itunes.

    Apple will probably just update ITMS to be a better venue for movies. M$ probably doesn't want a new "media center" to conflict with theirs.

    Mar 22, 01:02 PM
    The theory that OS X is completely secure is equally nonsense.
    So who said OS X is completely secure? Go back and read the statements that have been made.

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