Sunday, May 15, 2011

hangover 2009

hangover 2009.

  • mr.steevo
    Apr 20, 09:58 AM
    Ask Josh Harris what he thinks of this and he'll tell you we're right on track with losing all anonymity due to technology.

    Buckle up.

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  • Machead III
    Sep 1, 03:16 AM
    Agreed-UK is next to get TV shows-perhaps BBC will offer its shows.

    It had better do. The British public (those who pay license, which like 99% do) has the legal right to every single piece of footage, news story, radio recording etc. etc. the BBC has ever produced, but we have access to about 1% of it.

    It's a big point of controversy here. Partly it's been due to technology limitations, but pretty soon there'll be no excuse, and the BBC should be right off the bat finding new ways to deliver what belongs to us.

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  • ssdeg7
    May 3, 08:41 PM
    I would choose a Trackpad over a Mouse

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  • edifyingGerbil
    Apr 18, 01:27 PM
    i wonder if this all started because of the damned "green revolution" which increased crop yields dramatically using petroleum based fertilisers and of course caused the population to explode globally?

    it makes sense in a perverse way. job growth can't keep up with population growth...

    now, another awful thing is a lot of western societies have this strange sense of entitlement... that certain jobs are beneath them, so they all strive to be white collar professionals but that's completely unsustainable... this explains, in the UK at least, the gross number of students who go to university and have degrees but the poor employment prospects for graduates.

    so far so bad, right?

    add consumerism to the mix and it's little wonder that people are placated by taking out loans to buy things they can't afford normally. but to have these things the companies which produce them need a cheap source of labour, so they outsource, so areas which were traditionally big on manufacturing decay and shrink, the people moving to already congested mega cities.

    they should teach buddhism in primary schools, it might stem the consumerist tide.

    ugh, it's enough to drive anyone to suicide.

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  • thedbp
    Oct 12, 08:23 PM
    Ultimately: who cares?
    Bono still sucks, U2 has always sucked, and, much as i like a) the color of the new iPod and b) fighting AIDS, Apple's weird extended relationship with Bono makes very little sense to me.

    P.S. Damn, Bono sucks.
    Yes, I'm sure you came to that conclusion after spending countless hours with the man, learning about him, talking with him, and generally getting to know him on a human-to-human level.

    Cuz, if you're just saying that he sucks as a person without having done that, it would mean you're a very sad and judgmental person who should spend much less time worrying about celebrities.

    So its a good thing you got to know him before you said that, otherwise it is you who would suck.

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  • dr Dunkel
    May 4, 01:01 AM
    The amount people who want to use the iMac as a display is a small group?

    We're talking consoles, PCs, Macs, phones, tablets, media players, blue-ray players.

    I think we'd see a large amount of people like this features, plus it would make the iMac a much more attractive purchase, as it would still be a fine display even after the hardware in it is too old. I know it would most likely make me go for the iMac over the Mac mini(although most likely I'm waiting for the mini before any purchases)

    I can't see how those of us wanting to hook things up to our 27" iMac could be a that small group. I'm more inclined to believe this limitation has to do with Apple protectionism. I mean, like I said in a post a few pages up, there are no industry standard input ports (HDMI/DVI...) and the TB port is limited to only a small fraction of a ppm of the input devices on the market.

    Sure hoping for a way to work arond Apple on this one, without going the usual Apple route - with a gazillion adapters.

    hangover 2009.

  • runninmac
    Sep 13, 09:13 PM
    Well, Steve did say he would be seeing us soon :p

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  • Cooper The Hangover (2009)

  • Bengt77
    Sep 5, 10:44 AM
    Read on and be wowed:
    Darn! That article indeed wowed me. Not only what it says, but also (and that is a Good Thing�) the way it says it. The writing style really sucks you in the article. Of course, the products it 'promises' do help to raise the interest meter.

    But, all in all, really good article. :)

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  • dondark
    Sep 14, 12:36 PM
    This can be good...does look like a photo only event....but we can still hope (iPhone with great camrea ?)

    it would be iPhone with Vodaphone.

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  • JoeG4
    Apr 11, 03:52 AM
    Whee let's all drive eco friendly subcompacts! I love cramming 4 people into a tiny hatchback! So fun and friendly! And then they .. yea so fun and friendly. :D

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  • williedigital
    Sep 13, 10:52 PM
    Two things

    1) it seems like people are overexagerating with the "having to slide the clickwheel up to call anyone" thing. Everyone I know uses a contact list almost exclusively, something which could very easily be incorporated into the standard ipod interface (already is sort of). Calling the odd number i'd be fine with sliding it up. Perhaps they could introduce some really innovative contact list stuff software wise to make it even less necessary to "dial" people.

    2) Maybe all the touchscreen stuff we think is for the video ipod is really for the phone and the dialpad and clickwheel both use a touch sensitive thing to work.

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  • the hangover 2009 poster.

  • jaknudsen
    Apr 13, 06:33 AM
    Whether you call it "AirTunes" or "AirPlay audio", MagnusVonMagnum is still right - the thread title is misleading.

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  • doctoree
    Nov 13, 01:04 PM
    Lets see how long they will stay away. There are buckets of DOLLARS waiting to be made in the App Store.

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 29, 12:36 AM
    To get a new design and enclosure is always nice. Apple has been doing amazing designs in the past years. For sure new enclosures will look nice.

    The thing is, at this time after the whole Intel transition, all the current enclosures stayed the same (except few changes on Macbook). So, I would not expect anything different anytime soon. I think the current look is great in all Apple hardware line up.

    I don't know. I think the latest MBP was rushed to market a bit. I think Apple just wanted to get to intel and really ddn't think about design.

    The current PB look has been around since 2001. I think the alumin look is starting to look soooo 2000. Were heading toward time to move on with a new chip and a new look.

    Personally I prefer plastic to metal. Metal shows way too many scratches, finger prints, smudges, etc. The smooth shiny plastic look is much better and it is more durable. The metal enclosures dent, bend and break. They also transmit the heat faster to your lap and interfere with BT and Airport. The plastic enclosures give and spring back like new.

    Gun Metal ABS plastic with rounded smooth corners, new keyboard, quick access ram, HD, and battery, magnetic latch, sound like the future to me.:D

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  • mac.rumors
    May 1, 06:11 AM
    Crap... I just ordered a 27" iMac from Friday morning. It hasn't shipped yet as i did some custom changes. I am going to call in the morning to see if I can hopefully cancel the order. I also purchased a 27" Cinema Display but that has already shipped. And doesn't look like it is in this upgrade round.

    If it has not been 'prepared for shipment', you can still cancel the item online.

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  • GGJstudios
    Mar 18, 11:19 AM
    The biggest reason that we have been Virus and attack free in general is because we have been such an exclusive club for so long. ...

    I mean really when 92% of the world runs on Windows, and mere 5% runs on OSX, who would you target?
    The market share myth is exactly that: a myth. It has little or nothing to do with market share.
    But as that percentage begins to increase
    It already has increased, while the number of viruses that run on current Mac systems has decreased... to zero.
    ... and the typical Mac user has more money that the typical Windows user
    You can't determine a person's wealth by the computer they have. Some are millionaires and spend $500 on a computer because it's not that important to them. Some are struggling to survive and spend every penny they can borrow to buy the latest gear. If you measure a person's financial strength by the type of computer they have, Mac users would rank higher in most cases, since Macs are more expensive than PCs with the same specs.

    Your arguments have no basis in fact.

    The Mac Malware Myth (
    Apple market share tops 10%, Windows share lowest since tracking began (

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  • Spagolli94
    Sep 12, 03:46 PM
    i'm sorry but the 30G iPod has a stupid price. If someone is that tight and has to get an iPod, they would probably buy used.

    I will by the 30GB and am anything but tight. Why? Because I only have 15GB of music and have been adding music at a rate of about 1GB per year. I have no need to watch movies or look at photos on my iPod. If I'm traveling, I have a PowerBook on the plane with me. My iPod is used in the car and the gym, that's it.

    That said, both the 30GB and 80GB have more than enough storage. So, I will make my decision based on physical dimensions - at the gym a smaller iPod is a big plus. The fact that the 30GB is cheaper is just icing on the cake. For my needs, I would have bought the 30GB, even it were the same price... even it the 30GB were more.

    I agree with you though. If you currently have or anticipate needing over 30GB of space, the 80GB is a MUCH better value when it comes to GB per dollar.

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 12:03 AM
    There's no such thing as being safe driving 25 above the limit. I'm not the type of person to slow people down, because that's not my business, but I am the type of person to laugh at someone who whizzes past me, then I pass 5 miles later getting written up. Just wait until your first ticket or accident, you'll reconsider your driving habits.

    Technically I was only 20 over the limit (I'm in Michigan). Also, radar detectors are a great thing:)

    EDIT: @mrsir2009 - no that lady was doing 5mph under the speed limit in the passing lane, while not even passing. Traffic in the right side lane was passing her. She then proceeded to brake check me and travel under 55mph (the posted minimum in Michigan). More like wtf is wrong with her.

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  • Dagless
    Apr 28, 03:22 PM
    Apple "beats" Microsoft?
    But who has the strongest dad? :rolleyes:

    Apr 22, 01:59 AM
    I think it's Eddy Cue not Eddie.

    Sep 10, 08:46 PM
    Ive heard about cloverton coming all along. and have put off buying a Mac pro

    id much rather have 8 cores then 4 for the work i do

    If you are looking for that, the most likely timeframe will be during the release of Leopard as it will release those 4 or 8 cores to do their thing.

    Mar 22, 01:49 PM
    Filled under "No ****, Sherlock"

    Haha, I agree. I always assume that Apple are about to bring their various desktop systems in line with their latest laptops technologically, and that assumption is very rarely wrong. :p

    Seems like a "safe" rumor to me. He may even be making this up to build buzz, and probably still be right...

    Mar 23, 04:14 AM
    So who said OS X is completely secure? Go back and read the statements that have been made.

    That's just a straw man argument concocted to give some posters here an excuse to be argumentative, nothing more.

    La Porta
    Apr 4, 11:44 AM
    Wow, that's awesome! Good example for other criminals.

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