Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Fashionable Mr. Meow Meow

To start, I choose to be an animal.
Hate to say but it feels so good.
Now I have no fear to my senses and smell.
Yes I'm smells good!

Shirt Zara

Nightmares and animal.
It doesn't compare at all.
I feel energetic and erotic
to this kind of vibe.

Why cute is not my type?
Well fierce is my type of coffee.
I don't give a damn to be like
a person, or something that is unnatural.
It's like a disease. Unhealthy but I am fashion's

Shirt Topman
Underwear Hush Puppies

Let it all free,
your mind, body and soul.
Give them a wine of 'immense',
a wide range of sensibility.

Hat Goorin Brothers

I'm writing my own drama.
That is why I'm here.

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