Sunday, May 15, 2011

dinner on thursday

I think because its summer now, we are starting a new tradition every thursday night at our apartment where one of us cooks dinner and brings friends. I love this for so many reasons: food, community, laughter and dessert. I'm up for this week and I haven't decided what I should prepare, any ideas would be great.

Here's what Chelsea cooked up last Thursday though, so delicious!

cook for the night

stuffed green bell peppers with taco meat, cheese, rice and sauce

i looove mashed po-tat-toes!

cream corn

hi roomies! (other friends were added in here later)

oh yea..and there was yummy bread but I don't remember what was in it and then she ALSO had dessert that consisted of graham crackers, chocolate chips, I added some ice cream with sprinkles!

Hope this inspires you to go cook with friends!
Happy rest of the weekend and happy summer to my college friends!

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