Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • thadgarrison
    Sep 19, 03:33 PM
    So much so, it is Wal-Mart who is pressuring studios to shun iTS, and to a large degree it is actually working.

    Not for long.

    Wal-Mart is God in the retail sector. They have far more power over the success of CDs and DVDs than Apple could dream of. I doubt that is going to change anytime soon, especially not as a result of Apple movie sales.

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  • Jswoosh
    May 1, 03:53 AM
    Well here it is Sunday, still no official word from Apple or any other credible source confirming tuesdays launch. I just hope that this is NOT going to be a huge let down.
    And hopefully when we do see this launch tuesday most people say Wow.

    I hear ya. I really hope it comes out tuesday

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  • holycat
    Sep 14, 08:21 AM
    New version of Aperture!.. Saweeet

    or more likely a new Apple iSLR

    16 Megapixels
    full frame sensor
    Adaptive lens mount supports all Canon and Nikon Lenses
    60gb removeable 1.8" hard drive
    3" OLED screen
    Shoots in a new Apple RAW format
    eye tracking for focus
    Spot metering
    1/8000 shutter with 150,000 shutter life
    Full weather sealing
    Magnesium body
    6fps (up to 25 raw frames)
    Depth of Field Preview
    Pop up flash
    802.11 Wifi
    GPS built in
    Optional Battery Grip
    Scrollwheel navigation for menu system
    Apple iScreen Digital Image processor
    64 Segment Metering and Spot Metering
    Supports Compact Flash

    if this is the case...i would rob the buy that new iCamera!:D :D :D :D :D :D

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  • Tymmz
    Sep 16, 01:28 AM
    the first time i voted "negative", because i'm tired of those phone rumors.

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  • world cup cricket final 2011

  • balamw
    Sep 5, 03:25 PM
    Why would they do commercials? Commercials only make sense if they give you content for free. Has anyone done home viewing of movies for a fee and still included commercials (other than movie trailers)?
    As damienvfx suggestes there are plenty of commercials beyond trailers when you go out to the movies these days, which can easily be a $50+ affair, so why expect to be ad-free...

    There have also been some ads (albeit more like trailers) tacked on th the end of some shows I have bought on iTMS.


    cricket world cup final pics 2011. 2011 Cricket World Cup Final
  • 2011 Cricket World Cup Final

  • macfan881
    Sep 5, 05:26 PM
    my predictions for the 12

    Video airport express with 8021n
    Aiport Basestation 8021n
    6 and 10 gig nanos
    23 inch imac
    maybe 120 gig ipod video
    Disney movies for download with all of pixar movies being availble at launch and special preorder for cars

    one more thing.... new mac core 2 duo versions of both macbooks and mac mini

    cricket world cup final pics 2011. Cricket World Cup Final 2011
  • Cricket World Cup Final 2011

  • SFStateStudent
    Apr 4, 12:33 PM
    Over (40) rounds were EXCHANGED between the robbers and the security guard. Deadly force by self-defense is authorized. I don't care what the situation, I'd rather face a jury of (12) than (12) pall bearers...I'm just sayin' :eek:

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 25, 03:01 PM
    I wonder if they'll go SSD and maintain the price-point by saying bye-bye to the superdrive? I hope so, i'd prefer SSD speed over a disc drive which i hardly use anymore.

    Also, i'm thinking the black bezel might go. In my opinion, the black hinge doesn't look too good when the rest is metal.

    Bigger trackpad, for Lion's gestures?

    I hope they don't go sloped, like the air. But then again, when it comes to design, Apple always make it sexy, so i don't mind really.

    Can't wait anyway, i was recently thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, glad i didn't jump in too soon :)

    Sorry, but the cost of an 80GB SSD is about $500 NZD, while an optical drive costs $30 NZD. Don't think it'll quite cover the cost ;) Oh, and if you want something like a 500GB+ SSD your looking at $1000+

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  • whateverandever
    Mar 23, 05:20 PM
    I'm simultaneously amused and saddened by the number of people who believe that drunk driving is a constitutionally protected right.
    Hope you never have to see the results of the 'patriots' who would have a use for this and then kill innocent people.
    This app enables murder. Rationalize all you want.

    Nobody said that drunk driving was a constitutionally protected right. The ability to tell someone how to drive drunk is a protected right. It may not be one that you agree with but taking away that right would be a slippery slope of banning speech that people could find potentially dangerous.

    And guess what -- Safari enables you to learn how to do all sorts of things that can lead to murder. You know what, I suggest you stop using your web browser right now -- you're in danger of becoming a murderer!

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  • jakemikey
    Sep 10, 09:16 AM
    It is expected to be a Conroe "drop-in" and should work with the same motherboards as Conroe.

    This won't be the case:

    just because it's LGA 775 doesn't mean it's a Conroe 'drop-in'. It'll need at least a 975x or p965 chipset and modified motherboard circuitry to handle it. And please, people, stop with the 'pin compatible' crap. Just because a proc is 'pin compatible' with another proc doesn't mean you can mix and match as you like. You have to think about the chipset, and about voltage regulators, and the motherboard circuitry in general. I have a board with a Pentium D in it right now - both the socket and the chipset support Conroe, but the board itself doesn't simply because of the voltage regulator. By the 'pin compatible' theory, I should be able to shove a Kentsfield into just about any late-model P4 board and have it work just fine -- won't happen!

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  • deputy_doofy
    Sep 14, 08:41 AM
    September 24th is a Sunday? If they release a new MBP, that'll definitely throw everybody off the "normal" release schedule (usually Tuesdays, but sometimes Monday or Wednesday).

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Apr 30, 04:12 PM
    I couldn't possibly be happier to hear this news. Bring on May 3rd. I've got cash in hand.

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  • 2011 cricket world cup final

  • bdj21ya
    Sep 15, 07:01 PM
    The biggest reason phones suck today is because the interfaces are horrible (SE's being the best of them all). Motorola's phones are nice but their UI's are awful. What I am expecting from Apple is an easy to use phone that looks great and has, nothing less than, an excellent UI. Of course it'll work with iSync ... that's just obvious.

    Hear hear! It bugs me no end that every time I use my Motorola phone's user interface I see obvious ways it could have been better, if anyone had bothered to put 5 minutes of thought into it. For example, menus should be able to be controlled by numbers. That way you can memorize a code to get to functions you use frequently, and you don't have to look at the screen or click up and down arrows all day long. (This is how my Samsung phone was)

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  • eazyway
    Oct 27, 07:32 PM
    They do build in obsolescence into the ipod as you can't replace the battery (easily). It does become a disposable item, although a pricey one at that. I do love the ipod (even though I don't own one) but this puts me off to the point where I just can't go through with actually buying one. My experience with rechargeable batteries in mobile phones and lap top isn't good.

    Actually replacing the battery is a piece of cake with the tool. My kids all have a 3g version and I replaced all the batteries(4) Cost $26 each.

    or send it in for replacement.

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  • xenotaku
    Sep 12, 03:09 PM

    although...secretly I'm happy, because I don't want to see my 5G be outdated so quick...I just bought it!

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  • MrFirework
    Oct 27, 03:37 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks this is a non-story? You want to raise my eyebrows?... show me a time that Greenpeace, PITA or any of those other wack-o groups behaves like a bunch of grown-ups and doesn't get thrown out. Here's a headline:

    Greenpeace Attends Apple Expo, Spreads Message of Environmental Responsablility Through Logical Debate and Sound Logic

    Now, THAT's a headline...

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  • icc world cup final 2011

  • goosnarrggh
    Apr 11, 12:24 PM
    That would break all properly licensed third party hardware.

    Unless, as mentioned earlier in this thread, that 3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware. In that case, all customers will be required to install a mandatory "security" bug fix which installs support for a new private key, and everything proceeds as normal.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from, and also preprogrammed support for all of those keys into every properly licensed accessory. Maybe they just planned to use the first key up until it was compromised, and then move on to another.

    Now, they might just push a new iTunes upgrade that blacklists the compromised key and moves on to another one -- and at the same time, instruct all licensed equipment to also add that key to their own blacklist (while continuing to maintain seamless support for all the remainder of the preprogrammed keys) the next time the licensed equipment connects to an authorized audio source.

    (Unless, maybe the reverse engineer in this case already anticipated such an eventuality, and actually extracted all of the keys -- assuming, of course, that there really are multiple keys. If that were the case, then the reverse engineer hypothetically might have defeated the entire benefit that Apple might have derived from hypothetically having multiple keys to choose from in the first place...)

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  • MacSA
    Sep 4, 05:00 AM

    Apple will take advantage of a September 12 media event to introduce the second-generation iPod nano, an updated 5G iPod, and upgraded iMacs, sources report. Additional members of the media are slated to received invitations to the event this week..

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 20, 11:43 PM
    I'd have to say most people care almost nothing about a case or liner notes for DVDs since there really isn't anything of substance. Usually a synopsis and a chapter listing. With DVDs the good stuff is actually on the DVD, and hopefully the download is the same, with menus and different audio tracks, etc. If not, there is no point to downloading movies.

    But geez, ditch the jewel cases and liner notes and grow up already. Unless you're not grown up, in which case I envy you. Enjoy!

    I don't think being "grown up" has anything to do with it, which is a bit of a patronizing way to put it. For those who do enjoy having the physical disc plus case, instert, etc. in their hands, great. There's absolutely nothing wrong what-so-ever in wanting that. Why would it? It's a matter of personal preference.

    I would wager easily that most people do want and enjoy having that tactile experience of holding the case, reading the insert (if it comes with one), and placing the disc in the DVD player. The people who generally don't care about that sort of thing are the few who are ready for a service like this, or people who have been downloading TV shows and movies already, whether legal or otherwise.

    I'm looking forward to downloading HD content for my iTV, but I'm going to miss having that case, and I'm an old man--again, being "grown up" has nothing to do with it.

    IJ Reilly
    Aug 23, 04:40 PM
    $100 million? Yikes. :eek:

    Sep 5, 04:06 PM
    I expect upgrades to the laptops, iMac, and Mini. Also, there is a good chance of introducing either a iPhone or a iHome.
    iTunes Movie Store is certain, although it would be interesting to note how apple goes about selling movies (like the resolution, download times, pricing etc.)

    haha wasn't the iHome that supposed elevator photo thing?

    Aug 23, 07:38 PM
    There's more to this than anyone here as realised I believe.

    A hundred with 6 zero's is an awful lot of cash, even for Apple, but what gets me is just how quickly this has been settled.

    Before going down that road though, lets understand that fighting this case could have cost Apple between, let's say half as much and maybe 3 times as much, so it's a fair gamble. Additionally it seems that Apple have endorsed the creative patent, which may pave the way to creative receiving further license fees of which it seems Apple will receive a share.

    The deal also lets creative move into the accessory market with made for ipod and out of the mp3 player market. I don't know if this is usual but I have an ipod which cost � 270, but I have around � 400 of made for ipod accessories. Perhaps creative will earn more from accessories than their zen. creative have struggled against the ipod, the zune may not have a significant impact on ipod sales but it would destroy the zen.

    In many ways it is all the accessories for the ipod that make it so irresistible. creative may not only join the made for ipod market, but enhance it and ultimately benefit Apple. Also whilst not clear here whether the tag is free or not, I believe the made for ipod tag earns apple 10% of sales, which if not free is likely to recover all if not more than the $100 m paid to creative.

    Now to the issue of how quickly Apple settled. I have to wonder why Apple could not have hung on for 6 months, offered creative half or 3/4 as much and had their hand snapped off because of creative's declining situation. Put simply I believe the deal had to be done quickly because Apple are about to announce something big, something that may have made the $ 100m look miniscule.

    I was thinking the same thing. Creative was asking for a cease order to stop deliveries from Asia. There must be something on that super transport leaving Shanghai harbor last week.

    Apr 18, 12:07 PM
    That's incredible! How can that be the case? Here it is 28 days paid days off if you work a normal 5 day week.

    Welcome to America. Any regulation is called "socialism" here and painted as "Anti American". :(

    Aug 28, 12:11 PM
    This Tuesday! This Tuesday!
    x2! Danm it! if they annouce it tomorrow, im gonna be in school (first day) from untill like 3:00PM. Unless they are annouced by 10AM Eastern.

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