Wednesday, May 11, 2011

call of duty modern warfare 3

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  • Unorthodox
    Aug 31, 02:57 PM
    While I would normally agree, look at the MBP, iMac, Mac Mini, iPod 5G, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iSight. These products have not been updated for a while and the product line is starting to get stale.
    Thats true but... but....
    When was the last time Apple released 7 new hardware products on the same day?
    The iPod shuffle has one earbud sticking out of it's grave; so six, maybe....

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  • D4F
    Apr 19, 07:01 AM
    Apple is pathetic.

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  • Trench
    Aug 23, 06:24 PM
    Creative is only worth $500 million, how come Apple didn't just buy them?

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 15, 07:51 PM
    I think the iPhone is going to beat out G5 powerbooks for the most annoying front page rumor.

    You are sooo right!!

    of course if apple keeps us going with the merom laptops or holds out too long on blu-ray. those will come up close also.

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  • jasper77
    Sep 5, 06:12 PM
    By using the BOX with the HARD DRIVE next to the TV!!


    Lets just agree to disagree and see what happens next Tuesday ok ? :)

    why don't you just buy a Mac Mini and put it next to your tv? that will do everything you need, i guess :)

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 16, 10:38 PM
    Paying higher taxes in Canada is well worth the benefits here IMO.

    So I guess when/if you return to the states you'll be a liberal?

    Good for you for finally seeing the light! :D

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  • yg17
    Apr 25, 06:31 AM
    I'm not saying that my speed was legal, but after she brakechecked me, she dropped her speed to under 55mph which is illegal at least in portions of Michigan; there's a thing called a minimum speed limit.

    2 wrongs don't make a right.

    EDIT: @ Rodimus - Had she hit me when I slammed on the brakes, she would have been at fault. All I have to do is tell the cop that I thought I saw an animal run across the road. She is supposed to keep enough distance to be able to stop if I slam on the brakes. Doesn't matter than I cut her off, she has to prove that I did, and she also has to prove that I slammed on the breaks with malice.
    Lying to the cops. Wonderful idea.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 29, 12:50 PM
    Have I just done the impossible? :D ( (

    I think he was referring to the older versions of Office that had weird MDI interfaces for Word and Excel, so that it only displayed one document at a time, unless you explicitly forced two separate instances of the application to run at the same time.

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  • Pravius
    Apr 22, 07:52 AM
    Yeah, my sentiments exactly. This seems pretty useless, at least for me. I can't get too excited about it.

    Hard Drives are mechanical, they die. I would personally use this as a backup and to listen when I am at work. I can have access to my entire music library from multiple devices. I have a 16gb iPhone, my entire library will not come close to fitting on that.

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  • feddy84
    Mar 29, 01:15 PM
    i wouldnt be suprised, apple is heading for the same thing they did with mac vs pc battle. they are 1 company, that means they can be VERY succesfull with introducing new products but in the end they cant keep up when the other companys throw in their overdrive. just watch not with duelcore android phones. coming halv a year before "iphone 5" if thats even gonne get released. android or wp7 is going to be the dominant mobile operating system withing a few years cause they arent closed systems.

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  • 0815
    Apr 25, 01:17 PM
    The current design is still beautiful and didn't get old over time - still one of the best designs for Laptops ever ... but hey, they might come up with something even more 'magical'.

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  • DrFrankTM
    Sep 9, 10:53 AM
    He is talking about reliability data from at least the last 10 years, you must have no clue about, of course...after all, Macs just started doing Windows, right? :rolleyes:

    Am I the only one who's starting to find this petty crusade of yours annoying? Seriously, just drop it. The iMac is a great machine. I loved my G5 and I might well buy another iMac when I upgrade from the Mini I have now. A Mac Pro would be nice too, but we'll see. Anyways, the iMac is not the "most powerful desktop" in the world and no one gives a damn: it's an awesome machine regardless. So please, honestly, just drop it. What you said was false and still is. It's ok. Everyone makes mistakes. But drop it. It's starting to annoy me very seriously and I'd be surprised if I was the only one.

    And I don't see what your personal attacks on some fine folks here are adding to the discussion. Along with opinions, AidenShaw - among others - brings a lot of technical expertise and hard facts to the table. I, for one, value that greatly, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Indeed, the reason MacRumors is so awesome is that a fair share of the posters bring more than opinions to the forums: they also bring hard facts and educated guesses. I think that people can discuss respectfully, that people can argue respectfully, and that people can disagree respectfully. Most folks here do, and I'm sure you can do it too if you try even just a little. Thanks.

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  • lmalave
    Sep 26, 04:41 PM
    Wouldn't it be nice to have a phone that was able to switch to VOIP in areas with free 802.11 service if you choose to? It could be a part of .Mac Moblie that was discussed earlier. At home it would be on your existing wireless network and could sync with iTunes and all the other Apple Apps and serve as a remote. Away from a 802.11 network it could pick up the cell carrier towers. Would something like this be worth developing?

    This is not so far-fetched - I briefly owned the T-Mobile SDA phone that was Wi-Fi enabled. If that phone could have Wi-Fi, why not the iPhone? But I don't know how realistic it is to expect fast iTunes synching though through Wi-Fi. It may be possible, but it would be at least 10 times slower than just hooking it up with a USB cable.

    Also, if Apple does make the deal with Cingular there is NO way the phone would seamlessly switch to VOIP, even if it were Wi-Fi enabled. Cingular is in the business of selling you voice minutes, remember? That being said, if it's Wi-Fi enabled I could see someone writing a 3rd Party app (like a Java-based Skype client, for example).

    But still, maybe this Cingular rumor is wrong and Apple will launch the phone unlocked for $500 the way Sony did with its initial Walkman Phone release. If so, then that phone had *better* have every conceivable bell and whistle to get people to plunk down that kind of cash. That means Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth, Quad-Band, maybe UTMS/HSDPA enabled (2.5G and 3.5G, respectively, and maybe the deal is just that Cingular will have the phone be officially supported on their network even though it'll only be sold through the Apple store).

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  • aafuss1
    Sep 4, 07:09 PM
    Disney and Viacom movies could be the first movies offered.

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  • Lollypop
    Aug 24, 01:11 AM
    100 mil might be a lot, but I think apple got its moneys worth, the got Creative of their back, they got a new accessory vendor, and they get to hold the pattent against other companies. I personally hope that more creative stuff becomes available for the mac, everyone seems to hate them but they make very good speakers, and their sound cards are very popular in the PC world amongst the gamers and even a few pro audio people. With so many products apple shouldnt leave a opportunity overlooked. :D

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  • DavPeanut
    Aug 28, 01:23 PM
    Yeah, Apple would NEVER do THAT. :rolleyes:

    These are products that are now competing directly with the products or the PC industry. I have been using macs since I was about 4, but now that Apple is using Intel Processors, all they really have going for them are their ability to run OS X and their design, which are huge for most of Apple's current market. The ability to run Windows though has helped recently to increase Apple's sales, but it means that apples are now directly competing with Dell, HP and the like. It used to be that apple boasted about their benchmarks versus PCs, but with the Mac Pro, they have been boasting about their price. The innards of a high-end Dell workstation are almost identical to those of the Mac Pro, and likewise, the MacBook and MacBook Pros are very similar to the offerings of the rest of the computer industry. If apple wants to be able to market their products based solely on their products special features they won't sell. It has been the comparible performance along with the things that make Apples Apples that have caused MacBooks to become backordered.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 08:43 AM
    This is exciting, since my music library already tops 16 GB and isn't shrinking any time soon. Now, I saw a little bit about it in the article, but does anyone else know if the general consensus is that ALL of ones music could be stored? As opposed to just iTunes-purchased songs. That's crucial.

    knowing how apple is.....probably itunes purchases only.

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  • boncellis
    Jul 14, 12:36 PM
    From what I can tell Merom is just a Conroe that can operate at a lower TDP. They're all just fabricated off the same piece of silicon. (Someone posted an image on this.)

    That's right. Even Woodcrest is part of the same family. They're just designed and engineered for different purposes (mobile, desktop, server).

    What's missing to me is the uniform marketing scheme to help sell potential customers. Intel has Centrino Duo currently, presumably Centrino 2 Duo (terrible name, in my opinion) for Merom, Core 2 Duo/Extreme (equally terrible) for Conroe, but I haven't heard anything for Woodcrest. Xeon Duo? Xeon Core 2? I have no idea.

    The point is that they all have a lot in common, but it's easy to get confused, and Intel isn't really helping at this point. Where are the marketing people to get it right? At least Apple's scheme is somewhat better--Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro--more clearly defined segmentation in my opinion.

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  • nemaslov
    Sep 12, 02:39 PM
    I've waited a year and a half or more for a larger iPod. My mac has almost 70GB of music and I hate manually changing out songs. I never went to the video 5G since the only difference was video with no larger drive... music only for me. If I was to upload album art for all of my imported music 17 thousand plus songs does that take up alot of storage room? Anyone know how much art adds to storage??:p

    Sep 1, 10:54 AM
    Not sure if it's a typo or not but MacNN is saying Apple has confirmed a special event for Sept. 14th.

    May 4, 12:21 PM
    Wow, the dual screen output is what could some day push me over the edge. A 27" display + 2 27" Apple screens either side sounds pretty nice. Still not enough to make me part with my 30" ACD right now though.

    You do realize you can do almost the same thing (not sure about resolutions) with USB2 displaylink adapters?

    My lowly 2007 Santa Rosa MBP can handle this fine with one 22" monitor using the old EVGA UVPlus... I even run it over a hub that also does keyboard, mouse and iphone cradle. Slight delay, no stutter, nothing. videos play fine (never tried full screen, but it's my work computer, so no need for that).

    Sep 13, 09:57 PM
    Ok Guys,

    I know I've never posted before and I have 0 credibility in the apple rumors field but I've been sitting on something for about a month now that I wasn't sure when to let out.

    I have a friend who was at a mobile conference on computing about a month ago who let me in on a demo of the apple iPhone that he saw. It had a covered company logo which he caught a glimpse of (it was a Samsung system.) The kicker on the whole system is the method of display built on the phone.

    It has a built in projector that puts the display of the screen on any local area (such as a wall.) That is the secret to the apple iPhone. I'll understand if I'm bashed on here and have no support but I'm just reporting the information that I've been given (admittedly second hand but hopefully I'm on the right track.)


    Sep 9, 12:23 PM
    Looks like MacCentral forgot to mention the fact that no matter how few cores an application can use - even if it's only ONE, the fact that more can be run at full speed SIMULTANEOUSLY is the whole reason for wanting-having-needing more cores - not wiether or not what you normally run can use 2, 3 or even all 4 cores at this time. The OS delegates to however many cores are vacant or underused so the user gets immediate benefit from 4 cores they will never get from 2. And I am 100% certain that tthe benefit is radically more than 20-30%.

    It's an old think I always do one thing at a time mentality that overlooks this otherwise obvious reason for going with more cores if you can afford it.Heh, that's pretty funny. I have quite a few applications that'll hit one core at 100%. (Q emulator is the best example) Luckily, even though it's not multi-threaded a have another core free to do my work while Q eats up 100% of one.

    I run Windows 98 in Q for laughs. I liked Windows 98...

    Jul 14, 09:18 AM
    This is good to see. High performance chips from Intel and a great design from Apple, this will be fun to see what is announced at WWDC.

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