Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • adi787
    08-30 09:18 PM
    hey guys..

    I heard uscis is introducing new procedure for LC. any one knows any details.

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  • psychman
    11-12 01:33 AM
    Scratch that last post. I found what I needed. I removed the line of code:

    doc.DocumentElement.FirstChild.NextSibling.AppendC hild(docFrag);

    and replaced it with:

    foreach (XmlNode node in doc.DocumentElement.ChildNodes)

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  • devikas81
    09-09 07:08 PM
    Pls. update ur case once you receive any action from USCIS,
    I have similar case like you, pls. email me at,
    Thanking You,

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  • blondhenge
    08-31 09:15 AM
    I had asked this question to the immigration lawyer at IV. She said that if you are working for the same company at their offices aboard & go for Consular Processing ( it is the only option as you can not go 485 route) it should be just fine. However, if the company that you are working for when you are abroad and the company that did your GC are not the same thenit is almost impossible to prove that the job exists when you arrive in USA after CP.

    That is why you need a new employment letter from your US employer to bring to the consular interview. The letter is the proof that the job exists for when you arrive in the US.

    However, if the individual has no intention of working at the US company upon arrivial, or if they do not want to hire him back (and thus not give him the letter), he will not be approved at the consulate.


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  • bskrishna
    02-11 10:54 AM
    The 800K pending 485s include people who have filed multiple 485s.
    Cases like
    1) Spouses filing thier own as well as dependant.
    2) More then one primary filing.

    So i guess there are about 100K duplicate and invalid applications.

    In a way our community contributes to our own downfall...

    Processing will also be delayed by people filing unnecessary Service requests for FP & AP etc., even when there is no use in near term just to be on par with everyone else.

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  • Alabaman
    07-11 05:03 PM
    I am not making fun of anybody... I didnt write that. I dont even know the rep in question. Thats from Immigrations lawyers or something like that. This is more like a press article I am bringing to your attention.


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  • diptam
    07-01 03:21 PM
    The expenses are definitely required - i probably did more renewals and visas than you but that was borne by my H sponsor employers in all cases. Why did you pay on your own ?? Generally peoples who gets paid in Bill rate and make very good money they pay on their own and they don't care 20-25K given the enormous money that they made in 6+ years of H clock.

    Regarding GC - my employer paid LC fees, 140 fees and i picked up the fees for 485/EAD/AP because i wanted control on the AOS. I dont want RFE letters to go my employer or their pet lawyer when i've ported off to somewhere else.

    Push your employer - why they are called sponsors in H1 based immigration system ?

    20K = Using an attorney for H1B Visa, 4 H4, Renewal of H1B Visa + 4 H4, Sponsorship Company got bought and change name = Re-Issuing H1B Visa, PERM Process....

    But still.... people ask why illegals just don't come here legally?????? :mad:

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  • nixstor
    11-17 09:38 AM
    Guys.. It has to pass through the house still..


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  • bsbawa10
    05-31 08:04 PM
    Thanks so much .

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  • gparr
    July 18th, 2004, 06:12 AM
    Welcome to dphoto. Nice images for your first posts. dphoto is a place where there are lots of great people who are more than willing to help you create better images. Keep posting photos and feel free to ask questions.


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  • vmetla
    07-31 12:41 AM
    I guess both options are good but I would suggest option 1. Btw you should kick you lawyer's a** so hard so that he would not make this mistake again in his life. Sorry for my language. Why do these lawyers screw up our lives? I have had enough with these so called idiots who cannot do a simple job without making any mistakes. My lawyer screwed up my life with just a single mistake and I have been suffering for the past 5 years now, otherwise I would have got my GC in 2005.
    Anyways, dont worry you should be just fine. Please contact Murthy or some other good laywers to work on your RFE and do not go with your current lawyer please.

    Yes thats right. I never thought i would face this issue with a single line on the ETA form.
    I have taken this issue with my HR, and they are changing the immigration lawyers.

    As a contingency measure, my HR is applying for 1 H1 extension, just in case the I-140 is denied. I hope the USCIS adjudicator is a cool guy and get satisfied with the evidence i submit.

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  • yestogc
    05-05 04:24 PM
    yes 100% true, more salary is no concern. Designation and job roles is the key.

    For marriage, attach
    Marriage certificate, any joint accounts that you may have, marriage photos


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  • masterji
    01-20 05:34 PM
    How can withdraw my H1B visa application from New Delhi embassy? I came back to US with AP and my application is pending in Delhi.

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  • vnsriv
    08-14 04:30 PM
    I am planning to do that early next year when I go up there for a six week vacation. Thanks for that feedback.

    Count me in the R2I for good. My target is next Jun. all the best


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  • gc_seeker_2001
    02-04 12:39 AM
    I did a bit more reasearch and found out that, I won't loose the EB3 priority date after the EB2 I-140 approval. I will have both options (EB3 & EB2) open. I will be able to use either of them depending upon what is current at that time.

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  • Saralayar
    07-27 10:58 AM
    Since I did not know how to write my name in my native alphabet, I askd my wife to write it for me. Is this an issue? Is there any requirement that one must write the name in native alphabet in one's own handwriting?
    Who is going to verify that it is your handwriting???:p Don't think and worry too much...;)


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  • ivgclive
    04-23 06:09 PM
    I completely agree. Members like ivgclive should to be banned. This is a public forum. If you know the answer, speak up, if not "SHUT UP".
    Lately I feel instead of finding useful information, there are pages & pages of useless remarks, name calling. I hate to contribute to this but its important this does not spoil the image of IV. Nobody likes to be part of a forum for the frustrated.

    You are most welcome.

    Telling people "create thread only if you have the RFE information" becomes a "wrong" in public forums.

    It is like "I filed I-485 last week, anybody on the same boat".

    Wait for few days, get the letter, read it, understand and ask questions.

    Oh, I am sorry, only people aks 'questions' are entitled to ask anything, I should not answer or correct them if they are wrong.

    Go ahead.

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  • VSS2007
    06-25 10:10 PM

    I am also in the same boat. Looking forward to here some reply.


    I have posted the same issue in another thread but i did not get any response So I'm changing the title and reposting.

    I have been working for my current employer from last 4 years.I have good relations with my employer.I have 140 approved and my 485 is pending for more than 180 days.Now I want to join any new employer using my EAD.But I don't want to invoke AC 21.If my dates are current again and if i get any RFE I will submit the offer letter from my old employer.

    My case is I'm using EAD after 140 is approved and 485 is pending more than 180 days and joining a new employer.As GC is future employment I can always say that I will join my old employer when ever i get a GC.This way I can avoid AC 21. Also If my employer doesn't give me the offer letter I can still manage to get it from any Consulting firm with same job title and same salary.

    Can any one suggest me on this?


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  • zulo1715
    10-20 04:34 PM

    I got my I-485 approval today, but my situation is a little complicated. I'm gonna explain that to you, and I appreciate your comments and thoughts.

    My I-140 got approved two months ago, but the sad part is that I lost my job the day after I got my I-140 approval. My employer told me that it was because of the lack of projects, and I'd be back as soon as they got a new project (I don't think that happens soon; actually, I'm not counting on that). I was also told that they would not cancel my GC application (i.e. they won't revoke my I-140), and they would help me even if an RFE was raised to ask for an employment letter. Fortunately enough looks like I've not been out of status since I lost my job (I already filed my I-485 and got the approval for I-140 when I lost my job).

    OK! here's what I'm worried about. My lawyer told me that as soon as I get my green card, I'm all set. He told me so when I asked him what would happen if I just wait for my GC approval and not to work for any other employer before then. I even have my EAD, but I decided not to go for another employer to make sure that I'm not raising a flag before getting my GC (that would be fine if I passed more than 180 days after my I-485 approval with an approved I-140). I know that some guys here say it's better (or even it's needed) to work for the company who sponsored your GC 6 months to one year after getting green card in order not to have an issue when applying for citizenship, but the thing is that my company doesn't have any project right now.

    - Is there anything I can do to make sure that I'll be safe and sound in the future? What do I need to do now to make sure that my citizenship process in futute is OK?

    - Is there anything that the sponsoring company can do regarding this; I mean help me out?

    - Can I work for another employer now that I have my GC in hand?

    Thank you,

    07-12 11:25 PM
    Please sign your petition and give support to Congresswoman Lofgren's requests from her letter dated July 9th, 2007. Doing so is the only way we can begin to restore fairness to this process.

    so far only 2037 signatures..needs 5000 or more signatures

    Update: The site says the number is 6379..Thanks for all those who signed the petition.If you haven't signed please sign..

    01-14 09:40 AM
    I had applied for an extension for my parents, just a month before their I-94 was about to end. According to the law (as per my attorney, forums, Internet), they could stay here legally until a decision is made, which may be past the I-94 expiration.

    So, in your case, if the decision is Positive, then they can stay until the new I-94 date that USCIS gives them. However, if the decision is Negative, then they have 30 days from the date of the decision to leave the country without being deported.

    Hope this helps...

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